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  1. It is a move in the right direction for fishing nations around the Pacific Islands to meet and agree to treat fishing workers better. and to think about the tuna before it gets too hard to find and the fishery collapses. They are thinking about improving long-lining which will save on the by-catch of birds presumably.
    This from RadioNZ.
    “Our member/s [Forum Fisheries Agency] countries themselves have set a deadline that by 1 January 2020 they will make best endeavours to incorporate these minimum conditions into their national laws, their license conditions, their access agreements and that they will report back through our governing structures on how exactly they have incorporated these.”

    The region’s fisheries ministers also endorsed a new strategy for the Pacific tuna fishery at the meeting.
    They spoke of mitigating and adapting to climate change and improving management of the longline fishery and they decided to adopt a new Strategic Action Plan for the region.

    • Finally, some news. That’s a pretty good outcome. Think we need more cooperation and deals like these, just to save all the headaches about national rivalry.

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