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  1. NZ has flooded itself with giving so many people NZ permanent residency and citizenship post 200, that has led to Australia tightening up the benefits for Kiwis on OZ. So now there is the Special Category Visas to stop NZ passport holders (and there have been hundreds of thousands of new NZ passport holders in that time) being able to claim benefits and vote in OZ and influence their elections.

    OZ rules…

    New Zealanders who arrived before February 2001 are classified as permanent residents but those who arrived after get Special Category Visas.

    Meanwhile in NZ, OZ citizens can just come to NZ automatically get residency with free health care and disability straight away (like Tarrent) and can get permanent residency in 2 years (so get same rights as Kiwis and voting) and citizenship a few years later but not NZer’s coming to OZ.

    It is about time that NZ updated it’s rules to the OZ rules. Overseas nationals from OZ should NOT automatically be able to get free health care and disability here or become a permanent resident within 2 years and be able to vote here and get welfare! In particular with the rise of terrorism around the world. (from muslims to white supremacists).

    Voting and citizenship should take 10 years at least and involve extensive checks of tax paying and ethical behaviour to qualify, permanent residency/citizenship needs to be tightened up to over 5 years and with the same checks of tax paying and ethical behaviour to qualify.

    Marriages should NOT qualify people for permanent residency in NZ but just get them the special category visa. It should take 10 years for permanent residency on marriage, because people are using it as an easy way to find people online, then marry them within days to get them into NZ and the officials seem powerless to stop it, even when they want to and it is not in NZ interests! Often the marriages are then divorced after 2 years to marry someone else from overseas to get them into NZ and the Ponzi continues or exploit vulnerable Kiwis desperate for love like the intellectually handicapped women with mental age of 11 being targeted…

    Aged parents should only qualify for special category visa, not be able to vote and be self supported or their adult children unless the parents have spent more than 50% of their life living and working in NZ. They should meet a criteria to make sure they have enough money to support themselves in NZ not rely on the NZ taxpayers to pay for their lifestyle here. Often there are companies involved with the family that then are involved in criminal activity with multiple family members involve in the companies, Sroubek, (drugs) Jason Lee (secretly adding synthetic substances to its mānuka honey products).

    and those who arrive need to go to the OZ system of Special Category Visa, so people can’t just get free health and education and welfare here!

    Pensions should only be available to those who spent more than 50% of their life living and working in NZ.

    Recent NZ passport holders who commit any criminal act in NZ should be ineligible and have their citizenship or permanent residency stripped!

    • +100 to that SAVENZ !….so why isnt this Coalition government doing this?!

      …is it the globalist Green Party wokeys ?

      ( in the meantime our elderly, who have paid taxes all their lives for a good health system , get short- changed and ‘euthanised’ in the public health system because there is not enough money and resources to give them minor operations or attend to their needs

      • That’s throwing words around Red Buzzard – set slogans that come from the list written on the wall – graffiti-like.
        I’ve got some graffiti of my own – NZ is under the Oz thumb, they have run rings around us for a long time and we sold them all our banks which we could run as well as they. We aren’t brave enough, determined enough, and thought-full enough to change the rules for Oz incomers in case the Oz government turns nasty on us. And they do that on the spin of a coin. (They might send another bunch of Kiwis to Manus Island perhaps, just to show they can.) The Greens have to put up with the situation as they haven’t the power in the Coalition to do anything about this.

        And don’t throw euthanasia into a mix of dissatisfaction about ‘our’ elderly (who have paid taxes all their lives, sing a bit from Les Miserables here). If they can’t get ops when needed it might be that they have stretched the budget so much with living longer because of the good care they get, that they have exponentially used all the money available. Living longer and frailer – needing more care in their last decade than ever before. Every silver lining has a cloud.

        Meantime the next generation is being born on the roadside, there is no room in the inn or a local birthing unit. It’s not an absolute picnic for those parents either.

  2. Ye, Gods! Is it possible that Tauranga had a CEO that was not computer literate and sounds unable to send an email or dial a phone without an assistant in 2018 but was paid $6994 a week?

    Auckland City has now recorded over 8 billion of debt for the first time in our history …
    Tauranga Council is also struggling with record debt ( $301 million net- 2017) …

    Time to rid the councils of the CEO structure, and go back to the councillors and mayor structure to run the cities without more overheads and lack of transparency!

    Maybe we will not have all the failed developments from poor management and ideology as well as councils riddled with debts that eventually like the Kaipara council with the combination of failed developments, secrecy and stupidity of councils, bovine auditing that misses all crisis in the modern business, and creates council bankruptcy and rates rises of 25% a year in rates for locals living there! (and if you rent, probably approx $50 p/w in rent probably goes to your local council in rates off the rent). (of which government gets 15% GST).

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