How Stuart Nash wins National the 2020 election


Labour and New Zealand needs the Nashy – where is he?

So 18 months out, what are predictions for the 2020 election?

I think the reality is that Jacinda Ardern is a unique political phenomena and her charm, personality, strength, intelligence and conviction will earn her a second term.

There are I think two events which might throw that win up in the air.

The first is Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr’s war on the banks. As the upper echelons of the political economic hegemonic structure start contemplating how the Australian Banks will react to the next global economic crash, they realise the Australian big 4 will kneecap their NZ franchises without hesitation. The condescending contempt Australians view NZ is testament to their incredible ability to be so racist, they are even racist against other white people.

That level of racism is  Trumpian in its audacity.

The second reason links to the first via that special contempt Australians have towards NZ.

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How Police Minister Stuart Nash wins National the 2020 election is by dropping the ball on the explosion of Australian Organised Crime Gangs being deported back to NZ.

The Australian contempt towards us as a culture that justifies their forced rendition of NZ citizens living in Australia and who have been convicted of a crime, back to NZ, (a country those prisoners barely know and have no connection with) has set in motion a unique criminal cultural event which threatens to erupt into all out gang war with such a violence that the National Party will be able to politically maximise it into a win at the ballot box.

The forced importation of hardened Australian Organised Crime into a crime culture like NZ that has a far less violent nature has led to an explosion of gang related killings and assaults as the imported Crime Gangs immediately set to dominate the local versions.

This is an imported pest that is far more dangerous than anything attacking our wild life and the lack of clear strategy and funding to be able to cope with sophisticated violence of this scale is lacking and that risks an eruption for gang war and an explosion of cheap higher grade Mexican cartel shipped meth into every corner of NZs lower socio economic bedrock.

In May a shooting in Ellerslie was a Australian Gang related warning to the Auckland syndicates. Various Gang club rooms around Auckland have been reinforced with steal panels since that attack. The fear of open warfare by a class of criminal far more violent and well connected meth wise than the local syndicates Chinese supply chains is real and the possibility of an all out guns blazing in the streets public break down of law and order will terrify the average Kiwi voter.

The impact of roid pumped up criminals posing with expensive motorbikes and bedazzled in gold chains are a recruitment tool on social media is as savvy as ISIS propaganda. Combine this with the meth explosion in Pacifica communities and we have serious instability within the communities that can least cope with addiction stresses and trauma.

The Police have the powers to move against organised crime, what we are seeing imported to NZ is unlike any other event previous to it within the criminal culture and there needs to be a rapid upgrade of Police capacity to actively police Australian Organised Crime Gangs in a very unique counter intelligence manner.

This Gang War is not being anticipated and the uniqueness of the imported criminal element hasn’t been appreciated.

Stuart Nash needs to lead on this now before it erupts on the streets and costs Jacinda 2020.




  1. Australian gangs and Australia ‘organised crime’ only?
    No worries with home grown organised crime in black power and mongrel mob then, those are really just Maori social clubs and a brotherhood uniting Maori men in a family like scenario and don’t really harm anyone, especially their partners and kids ….awww fluffy kittens and playful puppies Martyn, but Australian criminals are all bad Sheesh!

    • That’s nice and all but who comes out on top is going to be one big huge mass. I don’t even think mass is the right word for complex criminal organisationz who’s main strengths for committing crime isn’t in the numbers or even ruthlessness, but hiding in it.

      It world isn’t fair, it is in the contacts and intelligence services police are in control off (What??? does Syndicates have intelligence assets, you bet your ass they have, the big biker gangs even have people elected for solely that Job).

      Just be aware that that intelligence organisationz are very important to the security of a nation, less organised gangs like ISIS or even once upon a time the IRA from seek to find foot holds in New Zealand. Y’know, some times the evil you know is better than the evil you don’t know so just be aware.

    • There is a technique in mathematics called proof by counterexample whereby only one instance of a result is needed to show that an entire framework of a mathematical construct is invalid. I am a Maori man who is not and will never be involved with these wretched gangs and all they stand for. I am the counterexample to your general assertion about Maori men.

      • Just picking up on another theme which appears in the news cycle from time to time, that of half of the prison population being Maori. In a previous post I suggested that someone can be blind drunk, speeding and distracted and be involved in a car crash but if they have any level of cannabis in their system then this is usually trotted out as causal in some way. This has strong parallels to ethnicity and prison population. I’m pretty certain that more than 90% of ‘Maori’ in prison have European ancestry (likely English) but we don’t hear politicians or commentariat suggesting we look into why so many white people are in prison, whether people with English ancestry are the source of sorrow and perpetuated misery. The statistics don’t lie, who of the prison population does have ancestral ties to the mother land? Is the great Britain really the origin of bad species, the heart of darkness?

  2. Meth has been in NZ for 20 years. It has exploded here not because of the OZ gangs but because the conditions have been growing and nothing successful done about it by successive governments on drugs here and using Meth as a slogan not as an action, or to aid things like selling off state housing.

    With all the spy agencies around in NZ with nothing to do but spy on Greenpeace and Dotcom for big industry maybe they could be diverted to stopping and apprehending the Meth and drugs gangs who seem to be doing a lot of social as well as economic harm here?

    With OZ, countries should be able to send serious criminals back to their country of birth, just like someone can ask an unwanted visitor to leave.

    Otherwise we are getting an overrun of criminals all over the world expanding their empires and criminals activitity and getting citizenships all over the world.

    Therefore NZ should do the same as OZ and send OZ criminals back, starting with Tarrent and make people with OZ criminal convictions unable to reside in NZ.

    Same with all the other criminals coming to reside in NZ. We have enough of our own, we don’t need the world’s fraudsters and crims making NZ home too.

  3. I get tired of NZ obsession with everything incorrectly be labeled as racism… aka statement

    “The condescending contempt Australians view NZ is testament to their incredible ability to be so racist, they are even racist against other white people… ”

    that’s not racism… that is just power interests protecting their own interests because they don’t care about race or probably their own race’s citizens interests either, but their own political individualism and survival …

    Modern politicians seem to prioritise not what is fair or right, but want appeases the highest power which ain’t NZ.. and the Kiwi politicians and businesses here do the same aka will sell out to the highest bigger on policy (or do what their neoliberal lawyers tell them,) and human rights are out the window.

    Even link below, while a wonderful interview from Jacinda, (she really comes across well) industry seems to be a political focus more than world peace or human rights!

    (The reason people love Jacinda is that she does not come across as a hardened smarmy politician, but as a decent, nice person, however being a nice person is not going to stop the continuing neoliberal establishment in NZ or go in a different direction either with escallating Meth here or with our 30 year obsession to make NZ someone else’s country.)

    Internationally, people love Kiwi and our culture – see link below, it is our own media and politicians who seem to hate us the most and creating this vision of some racist, mean, lazy, drugged out lessor people as the kiwi culture.

    Not what I see (most people I know are very generous, modest, gentle and polite both Maori and Pakeha, but that seems to be changing as Kiwis are forced into competition, individualism and survival mode from our own politicians policies and hate from our own elite that seek to create a competition model here or self hatred!

    In short to destroy social democracy in NZ over 30 years of a extremely high standard of living, and decent employment and standards to create the climate and continuance of Rogernomics, our culture had to be destroyed and recreated into another image that is negative and therefore needs changing…

    aka the NZ culture has been a victim of brainwashing and rebranding within NZ to allow for our country to be privatised and cheaper workers bought in, while still keeping the ‘nice’ brand of Kiwis for tourism.

  4. Also the new rebranding on top of drugged out and lazy Kiwis, is that we are all racist and this is coming from the left as well as the right.

    Seriously people need to get out into the world more, if they think NZ is much more racist and full of white supremacists at every corner than the rest of the world where there is wars and genocide happening!

    I’m not saying that racism doesn’t exist in NZ because it is everywhere, but I’d say it is mild compared to world standards and allowing more and more racists or people that support racist governments back in their country of birth, into NZ to live is not going to help us create a racist free state and more like creating an exploitative way of life here becoming the norm.

    According to most rankings, India is most racist country in the world.

    Have yet to see any article that ranks NZ worldwide as a racist country at the top! In fact the article below shows NZ is one of the most tolerant nations in the world.

    Weird the wokies want to replace the nationals of low racism to nationals here of high racism to combat racism! Typical wokie logic!

    Possibly the is why our news is full of some cafe worker that wrote, Asian for some ladies at lunch, which is SO racist it will make headlines for 2 days or telling someone to go back to their own country is worse than labour fraud or killing 29 workers at Pike River here with nobody in Jail.

  5. Rest easy.
    The left knows how do deal with violent gang crime.
    You take away the property of the public so the gangs can’t steal their stuff because then there isn’t any to steal!
    This allows piss weak sentencing to continue and also allows police to do fuck all about gangs, theft and P, plus we can carry on our open border criminal imports at full speed.
    Look! Over there! Law abiding citizens with guns!
    Or, in an alternative universe, the police crack down on (gun)theft -eg actually show up occasionally-, raid gangs as often as they have started with gun license holders(none of whom ended up being charged BTW) and shut violent drug peddlers and gun thieves away for a very long time.
    Start deporting any immigrant here with a criminal record that involves a prison sentence.

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