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  1. Ever get the feeling housing commentators and economists are totally out of touch with what is really going on with housing and what is being built and why?

    Fictional wanking from economists…

    Goodbye ‘McMansions’, hello compact living: What life in New Zealand could be like in 2039


    The have not’s

    Old bingo hall housing migrant workers in cabins labelled dangerous

    Social housing complex tenants feel bullied by operator

    The haves…

    How did ANZ lose money on a house in the hottest housing market in memory?

    And what is being built for the middle classes…

    Property expert Joe Wilkes as he explores more of the new developments around Auckland

    So essentially instead of wankfests about property and renting, very difficult when you are a Wellington wankfester, look around at what is being built or rented out, for whom it is being built and rented out, and why the poor seem to now need expensive social housing managers for much worst housing outside of the tenancy tribunal at great costs to the taxpayers that they used to get in their state house… while recruitments agencies are converting bingo halls with individual cabins at earning $200 p/w for the 60 people living there aka $12,000 per week or $624,000 per year.. if all the people living there we paying the amount alleged.

    Immigration is now worth more than drugs for the many making shit loads of cash out of it around the world … although does drive out the decent operators… modern capitalism!

    Apparently migration is actually more lucrative than drugs now in Italy for the drug lords, and they combine the four, aka cheap labour, forced living expenses and drugs together, with government grants to house them on top of that! (Starting to see why social housing operators are springing up everywhere and why apparently that state house needs demolishing, it’s lucrative to get into the growing ‘social’ housing market!)

    “The Roman mafioso, Salvatore Buzzi, whose consortium repeatedly won contracts to arrange housing for migrants, was heard in a 2014 police wiretap boasting: “Have you got any idea how much I earn through immigrants? I make more from immigrants than I do from drugs.” His consortium enjoyed annual revenues of €55m.”

    Goodbye farmers, hello criminal cartels (in NZ we call them successful multinationals) but seem to be operating the Italian model of bringing in workers for cheap labour, owning the contracts for the labour, making the labourers pay for the visas, getting bigger and bigger, driving others out, and buying up more businesses from hotels, to liquor stores to farms and construction contracts!

  2. John Key in hindsight wishes he had been more authoritarian, (ie more like Trump), and permanently left his personal tramp stamp on us, whether we liked it or not.

    National flag: Former PM John Key would now bypass referendum and just choose new ensign

    Changing the National flag?

    We dodged a bullet on that one.

    Changing the flag was not a progressive Left movement but a Right Wing one.

    Changing the flag was a Right Wing initiative springing from the business community, the Auckland Chamber Of Commerce, the Business Round Table, and the ACT Party alongside all the other right wing neo-liberal free trade supporters wanting to suck up to Chinese and other big trading powers who might be suspicious that we harboured some secret hidden links to that old defunct trading monopoly known as the British Empire.

    A historic reminder of a history the Right want to hide

    Against John Key and business community’s wishes we chose to retain the current flag, along with its symbol of the British Empire on it.

    One of the reasons for keeping this historic reminder of our colonial past, at least for Maori, was that the Treaty of Waitangi had been signed with the political representatives of the British Crown, Maori were uneasy that removing that historic symbolism would weaken that constitutional link. (Every depiction of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi the Union Jack is highly visible.) Antipathy to the Treaty signed between the British Empire and Maori as equals, which white supremacists like Hobson’s Pledge take as a personal affront may well have been another motivating factor for the Right’s move to abolish the current flag
    So despite living in what we like to think is an independent modern republic we still carry the symbol of our historical colonial servitude.

    Long may it remain so. As a reminder that the money men who wanted to change our flag, were motivated by a venal desire to sell us into new subservient relationship to big foreign trading and commercial interests.

    From Imperial Ensign to National Flag

    The current New Zealand flag, as well as the Australian national flag, were first designed as a naval ensigns to distinguish colonial vessels in maneuvers with the British navy. (The reason they look so alike is that for practical purposes the British navy did not need to know exactly what colony these ships were from, just that they were from the colonies.) 
    In all major land and naval engagements in the First and Second Word Wars New Zealand fought under the Union Jack. The one exception was in the battle of the River Plate, where before the commencement of battle junior officers on the Achilles retrieved the New Zealand Ensign from the signals cupboard and flew it from the ship’s mast.

    The Rebel Flag

    The New Zealand ensign, despite all its colonial and imperial baggage is a rebel flag. For most of the 20th Century the official flag of New Zealand was the Union Jack just as the official anthem was God Save The Queen. It was only when Britain entered the European Union and abandoned New Zealand as a favoured trading partner our passive aggressive response was to (finally), officially drop the Union Jack as our nation’s flag and replace it with New Zealand Ensign.

    We already have another flag

    It was notable that during the flag debate the business community were able to get their, (unofficial and unloved), flag flown from the Auckland Harbour Bridge for a full month. Where as the officially recognised indigenous flag the Tino Rangatiratanga flag is only allowed to b flown there for one day a year.

    I can’t wait for the day when we proudly fly both flags from the Auckland Habour Bridge all year.

    It’s the right thing to do.

    We should be like Bolivia, which has two flags of equal rank, the indigenous Wiphala flag, and the flag of the republic of Bolivia.

  3. However the difference between Italy and NZ is that it is our government giving out the visa’s to bring the migrants into NZ with the promise of residency if they get a job, so are the instigators of the scam and our government’s laughable response is to open up the work permits even further so migrants don’t even need a job or employer to work here, aka in NZ we our plan is to bring all the world’s unemployed here to ‘find work’?

    Unlike other countries who seem to care who enters their country by choice, NZ seems to be attracting well over it’s share of criminals and scumbags who are now new or aspiring residents here, keeping the Ponzi going. They then go on to exploit others and the Ponzi continues. Instead of attracting well qualified migrants of good character to come here, we are doing the opposite!

    Even when convicted, jailed and deported NZ lets criminals from overseas back into NZ, aka this rapist and Joanne Harrison all seem to be able to return to NZ after their deportation and lengthy prison stays and rehabilitation on the NZ taxpayer!

    Weird, we allow hundreds of thousands of really poor unskilled people into NZ with fake qualifications, cheating on exams and paper work and they end up being of unsavoury character and exploit other’s once they get permanent residency! What a surprise!

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