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  1. Another day, another tale of bizarre bankruptcy/multiple residencies granted/in process to NZ in the mix/millions of property and mob members who have friends in China in the mix…

    the marriage Ponzi continues…

    “In May, finance company Cressida Capital One Ltd appointed receivers to all of Xia’s present and future property under a “General Security Agreement”. Cressida provided finance for two of Xia’s Summerfield properties.

    Xia came to New Zealand in 2003 as a student to study English. In 2009 she was granted permanent residency as the partner of a New Zealand resident she has since separated from.

    Hao has applied for residency as Xia’s husband but he said he currently has a student visa.”

    Meanwhile another rental bites the dust with more bad developments and climate change and scary Collins sueing everybody.

    Anyone who has been to Neslon can see the fate that awaits this and many other scary towns now in NZ, with gungho developments the council is approving on the top of steep hills/cliffs with lots of houses at the bottom….

    One house built, one house lost… another 50,000 new residents and hundreds of thousands of foreign students and temporary workers, ‘hooking up’ and giving themselves permanent residency with multiple properties, go on to divorce and then hook up again with another foreign student to create another permanent residency story, to house in NZ…

  2. More houses being destroyed by climate change and NZ inability to plan for it… just as disturbing is that the families claim for flooding damage was declined by insurance…. you have to wonder how it can be declined when you see the damage and emergency services were all over it!

    Maybe the socio economic status has something to do with declined claims, aka because the insurance industry can get away with not paying out!

  3. Maire Leadbeater is an indefatigable campaigner in solidarity with the struggle for freedom by oppressed peoples in the Pacific.

    Her new book, ‘See No Evil’, is on the struggle in West Papua and really should be read by anyone/everyone in this country concerned with human rights and freedom.

    I recently interviewed her for Redline:

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