By not attacking Iran, has Trump just committed the cardinal sin of Amerika?


Trump says he stopped Iran strike with just 10 minutes to spare because he was concerned about casualties

President Donald Trump on Friday reacted on Twitter to reports that he ordered a military strike on Iran for shooting down an American drone, but then reversed his decision after the plan was underway, saying he called off the attack with just 10 minutes to spare because he was concerned about potential casualties.

I think a lot of the time, we forget what America actually is and because we forget what it actually is, we always read their values in a muddled way.

America is a corporate war machine, the Industrial Military Complex speech that Eisenhower gave in 1961 has only become more true with every passing year.

Corporate warfare is where the real money is, and the soft power of Corporate Hollywood is there to mask the venal nature of the war machine America Inc truly represents.

Look at the money America spends on its Military-Industrial Complex…

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…and look how that Military-Industrial Complex stacks up against the rest of the world…

…so in a consumer culture of military worship and fetishised violence we will mistake ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ for the Disney channel versions that turn teenage pop sensations into tomorrows porn sex kitten. The reality is those cries of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ actually look like this…

…Trump’s nationalism means he wants to withdraw from the world, not invade it. He see’s needless dollar signs for every  bomb dropped, he doesn’t see the promotion of Amerikan Democracy and as such he wants less engagement behind his wall, not more.

His decision to not go ahead with the strike against Iran because he didn’t want the 150 casualties amounts to committing the worst cardinal sin for a Military-Industrial Complex, squeamishness at death.

The great Corporate War machine of Amerika drinks deeply and with gusto from the ocean of blood it generates and a President who doesn’t wear his blood stains with pride is quickly accused of heresy.

The manner in which this Iran strike is already being spun as cowardice on the part of Trump is the beginning of a narrative change that the Complex will be demanding.

Can we all just universally agree, as New Zealanders, that if Trump gets tricked into a military conflict with Iran – we point blank refuse to get dragged into it.

Iran isn’t our enemy. American foreign policy is.


  1. America IS the terrorists, they have been in perpetual war for decades, new president, new war somewhere else in the world.
    And they drag every country in the world to there side based on a bunch of lies conjured up by their ‘intelligence’ network.
    Nobody will speak against them however, they dont want to become the yanks next target!

  2. The world could of ended this week and all the woke middle class were worried about was climate change! ffs!

  3. I wonder if Melania said ” FFS Donny, Don’t start a war to end the world just because Mr Pence wants Armageddon !”
    I think he (or she) should be given credit for this. It might be very significant . Donald hasn’t started a war yet though he has threatened half the countries in the world. He might not be going to.
    D J S

  4. If you hire psychopathic warmongers like John Bolton & Mick “end-timer” Pompeyo to advise and staff your foreign affairs – plotting a dirty war with Iran and Venesula is what you get. It’s time the media stopped their complicity and told the full story when reporting these things.

    • The forlorn hope that media will tell you what is really happening or even expose you to information from all sides of an event: is just plain dangerous.

      When has media ever done this sort of fair minded stuff.

      Dreamers expecting sudden unprecedented media reform have little chance or learning while they hold that view.

    • Thats precisely right. You hire these psychopaths and surround yourself with same then death and carnage is really all you can expect. To then attribute any empathy or concern for the wellbeing of nonAmericans by Trump is a little bit much. All Trump cares about is his reelection because he knows that a one term president is not viewed favourably eg Carter as the last one term president. Once reelected even this restraint will be gone and the wrecking crew let loose. Until Bolton and Pompeo and Pence and any other rapture nutters are gone and gone because nutters Trump is just another in a long line of enablers for the billionaire overlords to acqire ever more resources and to deal mercilessly with the tiny problem of the people that live there. Started with the invasion of North and South America and genocide on the Indian populations and has now gone global.

  5. “Trump’s nationalism means he wants to withdraw from the world, not invade it.”

    I would take everything Trump says with a grain of salt. We will never know if Trump actually stopped the attack. It is just as likely that he just said he did to keep his followers believing that somehow he not part of the establishment/war machine. After all, he is the guy who employed Bolton and Pompeo in the first place. Any genuine streak of independence Trump might once have had, which is debatable in itself, he sold out a long long time ago.

  6. Bolton and Pompeo wanted a military action, and in fact manufactured a scenario for one.

    Trump’s focus is

    1. economic subjugation, weakening the hand of the opponent – in this case using military restraint to justify further economic actions to third parties (the earlier sanctions applied to them if parties who did not enforce them and were resented) as better than any military alternative.

    2. maintaining the crisis for political purposes, domestically in USA and Israel (re-election of Likud in the Sept election).

  7. The Trump averted crisis story actually runs Trump tried to save face but was rejected. Using third parties, Trump approached Iran for permission to bomb something empty but was rejected by Iran who do not wish to reduce the tension in his administration. As long as the sanctions remain, Iran remains on a war footing since that is exactly what these sanctions are about. Toppling Iran.

    Sanctions are an act of war

  8. Iran also views sanctions as an act of war. They are united in their resistence to the cruel siege being laid by Trump.

    Today Iran is much stronger, enjoying the support of the population and harmony between the political and military leadership. We shall not submit and no negotiation with Trump can be expected as long as sanctions are hovering over our heads. The world should expect more surprises in the coming days because Iranians refuse to starve. Therefore, we are no longer afraid of any war, even more significant against a superpower country”.

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