Dear Gun owners of NZ – you don’t like the buy back plan? We are honestly more than happy for you to be arrested and the guns seized from you


I don’t think our gun nut community have appreciated how the rest of us have tolerated their fetish and that after the white supremacist atrocity in Christchurch, we aren’t  tolerating it any longer.

Look, I grew up on a  farm, I see guns as a necessary tool. Farmers, hunters, AOS and Soldiers need guns.

Everyone else doesn’t.

Sadly after the Christchurch atrocity all my fucks are used up and I now have zero fucks to give for gun fetishists, so take the buy back deal or ask for technical changes for your niche sport/pest control & let’s move onto climate crisis because honestly gun nuts, the rest of us don’t give a flying fuck about your ‘right’ to a machine gun, and if your only contribution is to correct me with the technicality that these aren’t machine guns, you need to pause and reflect how brain washed you are if that is all you have to add.

If it looks like a machine gun,  sounds like a machine gun and kills human beings like a machine gun. It’s a fucking machine gun.

Civilians don’t need fucking machine guns.

If you are a gun nut who is threatening not to hand in their gun because the buy back won’t pay you a profit margin – please keep stating this online so Police can visit you and arrest you while picking up the gun.

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I repeat for those at the back, Civilians don’t need fucking machine guns.


  1. Various gun lovers are not happy, and their belligerent attitudes online illustrate why some people should not possess a ‘super soaker’ let alone fire arms!

    A number have fake profiles, and use Americanisms, few even mention the Mosque Massacre apart from pointing out “it wasn’t meee…”. With Nats, Fed Farmers and various rural associations on board, the gun nuts are snookered to some extent for political support. They do have ACT though…

    And as for the “technicality” response from the gun nuts try to make out non gun owners do not understand the intricacies of why they are so hard done by–well that is just pathetic. There are exemptions for collectables and heirlooms, that have to be applied for and authenticated though.

    The Police guideline is clear what weapons are prohibited.

    No, they do not all look like AR15s and other typical Military semi autos, because they are other types that have been FUCKING MODIFIED to become multiple round holding, multiple fire capable weapons–potential killing machines in any reckoning.

    Macho fantasies are NOT a justifiable reason for owning a semi auto any longer.

    • The Police guidelines are NOT clear.

      The recent law change excluded firearms including shotguns with a magazine capacity of 5 shells or less. The prohibited list includes many such shotguns. When asked for clarification, the Police responded…

      ‘if your semi-automatic shotgun has an internal non-detachable magazine capacity of five or fewer cartridges, commensurate to what it is chambered for, then it is not prohibited regardless of whether the name of the firearm features on the price list.’

      So a shotgun with a magazine capacity of 5 or fewer cartridges is legal, but still on the prohibited list. What the…?

      If the Police can’t get a simple list of prohibited firearms correct, what chance is there they will successfully implement a gun register when such registers have been a failure overseas?

      • The thing is – pro-gun owners don’t have to behave in bad faith. The only groups to have behaved in true bad-faith are th pro-gun extremists. The public mood for machine guns is exactly fuck all. The pro-gun extremists had plenty of opportunity to single out Brenton for 2 years. Exept Brenton and his sickening attitudes was given safety and comfort in kiwi gun clubs. It’s impossible to believe pro-gun extremists who deny, deny, deny and try to be big time lawyers experts of legislation like they’ve been doing it all along. Its our way or the highway.

        • At least one person in NZ has claimed Tarrant was reported to police but not followed up on by them.
          Fact: NZ Police licensed a foreign national with well documented extremist views, to own firearms in our country who then went on a rampage.

          Fact: all details of this police licensing failure are outside the royal commission of enquiry and have not been given to the public, while police are removing personal freedoms from the population.

          Fact: kiwi gun owners with one of the lowest gun crime rates in the world, and equal low gun homicide rate to Australia with their draconian gun laws, now have their legal property confiscated “to make us safer”.

          Fact: Jacindas government was in the process of making more of the licensing process online – Tarrants referees were some randoms he knew online.

          Fact : gun owners are (were) actually vetted for firearm suitability unlike random bigmouths on Internet forums who call for anyone they disagree with to lose their guns.
          There’s a good chance many anti firearms ranters could not hold a gun license-Mike Bush police commissioner has a drink driving conviction which could prevent him holding a firearm license.

          What comes next as the police have control over civilians firearms, is arming of the police and increasing intimidation.
          My sympathy for the left as you go further under the jackboot (including certain bloggers and their secret court cases), is zero. You are willful participants in destroying democracy.
          Good luck

          • It has happened on multiple occasions through out this Great War across social media. The pro-gun crowd did not develop their paranoia in a vacuum. They developed it out of the anti-gun side having good reason to forge ahead with gun controls. Think of it as practice for price controls.

  2. I listened to talkback on the subject yesterday, and it was clear that it was, for most gun owners, the inadequacy of the compensation being offered, and the cost and one sidedness of the process of appealing the compensation offered that was motivating debate, (not that there was much debate) rather than the requirement to modify the weapons or hand them in.
    Grant Robison’s fiscal responsibility priorities have entered into the issue far too much. In a situation like this the government needed to be generous , not mean and grasping. A bad mistake which will seriously reduce the effectiveness of the bye back and cost at the next election.
    D J S

    • True DS.
      Most of the guns being confiscated are the likes of older .22 rim fires with 15 round internal mags.
      Zero machine guns, yeah the difference kind of matters at least we can see the ignorance of issues underpinning the lefts view eh.

    • No impact on the election whatsoever.

      “it was clear that it was, for most gun owners, the inadequacy of the compensation being offered,”

      And what compensation to the people affected by the guns that killed their relatives.

      I can positively say my heart DOES NOT go out to gun owners of this weapon type.

  3. Disagree, citizens should have the right to defend themselves against the police. If that means they need machine guns and rocket launchers so be it.

    If u arm police with semi-automatic weapons and freely let them commit home invasions while wearing military vests, it’s only fair the public have the ability to meaningfully fight back.

    I don’t own a gun or have children, but believe it should be a human right for parents to brandish machine guns to defend their children from the state.

    • Straight for the lawlessness. That was fast.

      I don’t respect or disrespect police.

      I respect or don’t respect police.

      I shouldn’t generalise to much here. Armed militias is not odds on favourite for winning a revolution. Y’know it is always the industrial might that wins out in the end.

      This is why a shake my head at armchairs generals. Yes tactics and guns are important concept. But extreme paranoia isn’t something machine guns can control.

    • Yes, Zack. Hmm. What about citizens defending themselves against intruders, burglars, rapists, cattle thieves, druggies, lions, tigers, snakes and door-to-door salesman?

      Should citizens have the ability have the ability to use machine guns and rocket launchers against all of them too ?

      It’s a bit of a shame if you anticipate the state attacking your children, but try not to worry about it at this stage. Most children, even the most revolting children, do turn out to be okay.

      However. Before you start acquiring weapons, maybe practise making scones and pikelets ? Both the cops and the clergy are susceptible to them, especially to the latter, which supermarkets
      sell as hotcakes – but don’t read too much into that either.

      If you were an officer of the law, would you rather have a cheese scone or a brandish ?

      • I’m recovering from influenza so you’ll have to take my hyperbolic, Jules Verne fever rant .. well, in the light of that.

        I don’t really believe people need machine guns and rocket launchers. Nor should we be mowing public servants down.

        A gun in every Kiwi’s hand could work, but let us aspire for a better society than that.

        • I am sorry you’ve been unwell Zack. I’d send you some of my famous barley broth, but it’s very messy stuff to post, and in any case they took away our post shop.

          So keep up your fluids – plenty of warm drinks, vitamin C, and as much garlic as you can stand – which could stand you in good stead against other nasties too.

          (An ex- PSA delegate said that onions are as good as garlic, so it’s up to you.)

          • Thank you so much, the people on here are actually very kind hearted.

            Liquids, including liquid paracetamol have been my only option tbh. I’ve been in bed since Monday evening ..

            I’m limiting contact with people, I’ve already taken my mate who’s staying here down.

            I’m hearing anecdotally that a lot of people here in ChCh have been taken time off. Up to two thirds in office jobs.

            • Funny you should say that Zack. I went to return a faulty appliance to The Warehouse, and they said that 50% of their staff were absent
              with a cold/’flu which takes two days to hatch. I didn’t hatch.

              Hope you have plenty of reading material – and concentration.

  4. If I sold my near new TV on trademe I wouldn’t expect to get more than 80% back on it, so not sure why they are whining about the generous 95% offer for a near new gun. For older guns, the sunken costs on ammunition, repairs and maintenance are of course irrelevant. It doesn’t matter how many thousands of dollars you’ve spent keeping your old Toyota on the road, you’re still not getting more than 2K for it.

    • It’s not a willing buyer / willing seller situation though is it! It would be quite reasonable for the state under the circumstances to replace the gun with a new one that conforms to the new law. The law change is for the benefit of the whole population, so the whole population should pay the cost. Not just the target group.
      D J S

      • David Stone: “It would be quite reasonable for the state under the circumstances to replace the gun with a new one that conforms to the new law. The law change is for the benefit of the whole population, so the whole population should pay the cost. Not just the target group.”

        Indeed. As so often, I agree with you.

        I’m not and have never been a gun-owner. But to my astonishment, I’m coming down on the side of those who are legal owners. Such people own weapons that – almost between one day and the next – went from being legal to illegal. They have done nothing wrong, yet now we hear that some are being raided by the police.

        I’m guessing that it’ll be a cold day in hell before the gangs hand over all of their weapons; many of them stolen, of course. And – a fortiori – it’ll be a cold day in hell before the police raid the various gang headquarters in NZ.

        Lest we forget: the fellow who carried out the ChCh shootings was AUSTRALIAN, radicalised outside NZ. Possibly even outside Australia. To be sure, he acquired his weapons here; but no NZ gun-owner has to date carried out a massacre of that magnitude, though there have been small-scale events. However, those that I recall involved mental health issues, not radical politics.

  5. 1.That’s hate speech.
    2.Your posts are becoming more extreme and irrational.
    3.Owning a gun is legal and is one of my many fetishes-hunting, target shooting etc
    4.Full compensation needs to be made to gun owners.
    5.Demonising law abiding enthusiasts in such a way is not helpful.
    6. Get out and talk to some gun owners before writing a whole load of dribble.

    • 1. That the gun legislation was passed with only 1 decanting vote (ACT) would be a strong indication that public opinion does not consider this hate speech.

      2. Again, 119 to 1 in the other direction.

      3. Correction. Because gun laws was recently amended it is now illegal to own recreational machine guns.

      4. Tax payer funds come with government oversight. Compensating individuals for recreational machine guns is not typically high on government or opposition agendas.

      5. Machine guns have been illegal to own for a wee while now. Police have a zero tolerance mandate. I would advice you to proceed as if it were illegal.

      6. I use to own guns. Even went to Las Vegas and fired a whole bunch of automatic rifles. My first ever day in America some cops pulled up across the street and drew there guns. You don’t want that. You haven’t got a clue.

  6. Martyn – Please take the time to understand the gun law changes, there are thousands of us who have totally normal non-semi automatic firearms, completely normal looking hunting rifles that are now banned as a result of the law changes.

    Understand that many thousands of your tax dollars that will be paid to me, so that the govt can confiscate and destroy my otherwise totally bland rifle, so that I can then go out and buy another one which is legal and functionally identical to the one they destroyed.

  7. Tokugawa Period Gun Decrees (Japan)

    The use of guns for the control of pests was permitted upon submission of a written declaration that the gun would be used properly.

    The use of guns in Edo (Tokyo) was prohibited except by gun officials.

    The possession of guns other than by hunters was prohibited. Hunters were registered and prohibited from renting out guns to others.

    Crackdowns on illegal gun possessors would be conducted

    Persons who turned in or reported shooters of illegal guns would be rewarded.

    Villages without hunters were allowed to rent guns.

    Even hunters were prohibited from possessing guns in Edo and its outskirts. Guns could be rented for pest control for limited periods.

    The rental conditions imposed in 1717 were tightened: the gun rental period would be for one year, a rental document would have to be submitted annually, and the number of boars and deer taken in the previous year had to be reported.

  8. Aw c’mon? Guns are great! I know a guy with hundreds of guns and he’s never shot a living thing. I used to own a gun and I did shoot living things with it. The difference is, he just collects guns in the same way that some others collect ornaments etc while I have a stain on my conscience and if I let my memory serve me, I’ll start crying.
    And banning guns while others with guns are about is profoundly naive. I’d not let my conscience get in the way of my common sense @ BB. I wish I’d thought of that before I got rid of my rifle, come to think of it.
    I wish I could remember who it was who said ” No one fucks with an armed population.” Was it Charlton Heston of NRA infamy? It was some American, naturally. Anyone else seen ” The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” BTW? No? OMG! GET! SEE!
    If guns are a problem within a society? Then it’s the internals of that society which has the problems. Their guns are simply a means to an ends.
    By the way…? Anyone else get a shiver up their spine when Jamie Shaw says ‘ Everything’s fiiiiiiiiiiine about Stats NZ knowing our every movement via our cell phones, refreshed hourly for ‘ research and data collection’ purposes? It’s said that one day the census will no longer be required…? Given how fucked up we all are, doesn’t that make you want to reach for your shootin’ irons?

  9. For me banning the most appropriate means to control masses of goats eating native forest will simply mean I inevitably wound some that then escape to die painfully instead of humanely culling them. The alternative would be to just give in and let them destroy the regeneration, but I can’t live with that option after 25 years of re-establishing it. All the emotive ‘guns only meant to kill people’ bs just leaves me feeling a bit depressed by the ignorance of the general population, and the massively increasing rural/urban divide in this country. As a farmer, if I really wanted to kill masses of people with maximum shock value impact my 5′ blade forestry chainsaw would do the trick…. guns are NOT essential to kill people, but they are to kill feral goat/deer pests from a distance.

  10. Martyn, this is Not about dodgy weapons. It IS about creating fear. You want to go along with the prevailing BS that has been non-stop since the Christchurch shootings. Stop playing into their hands.

  11. 100’s of millions spent to get a small proportion of guns back. To get more then more millions will be needed. Not one of the guns handed in will ever be used to harm anyone, the guns people use to kill will not be handed in.

    Meanwhile for just a small fraction of that cost many women wouldn’t have to suffer and/or die from breast cancer, to pick just one far bigger far more immediate issue we have.

    Knee jerk rush rush rush is leading to poor results in more places than one.

  12. Martyn: “I don’t think our gun nut community have appreciated how the rest of us have tolerated their fetish…”

    I recall reportage that, some time prior to the shootings, sundry gun club members had contacted police with concerns about Tarrant’s views.

    So: if that reportage is accurate, it suggests that it isn’t the case that all so-called “gun nuts” were or are oblivious to what the rest of us think. In fact, many may well share our views.

  13. That’s the most disgusting article I’ve ever read. The writer is completely out of touch with history and natural laws of self defense. Martyn can use his free speech to say such things, but the sad thing is so many ordinary people are brainwashed into believing such forms of propaganda and gaslighting.

    Anyone who things mass gun control is a good idea needs to see this…

  14. At one point during the Mau Mau emergency in Kenya I worked in the Central Firearms Bureau in Nairobi. Before the emergency firearms control was in the hands of the civil administration and was in chaos.

    After the declaration of emergency civilian firearms control fell to the Kenya Police. Systems and protocols were established and licence holders were entitled to one heavy calibre rifle, a light rifle, a shot gun and a pistol. No automatic weapons were permitted. Many licence holders owned scores of rifles which were displayed on racks in the house, racks in vehicles and left lying around. These were taken and held in the secure police arms store at Gilgil.

    Strict controls meant that licence holders and applicants were meticulously assessed and only those with a genuine need gained, or retained, a license. Purchases of ammunition were also controlled and the amount used in any one year declared.

    In addition to the licence holder, the details of each firearms licenced were recorded – make, calibre and serial number.

    Back then, we had no computers and all records were held on paper files in ordinary four draw filing cabinets.

    At one point, a temporary firearms loan scheme was introduced using temporary permits for individuals needing to travel in a declared emergency area.

    When Kenya became independent in December 1963 all firearms in the police on store at Gilgil were loaded onto a ship in Mombasa and dumped in the Indian Ocean. No compensation. Among these were hand made and personally measured valuable double-barreled big-game rifles and shotguns from gun makers in London and elsewhere.

  15. The author of this thread is so childish as to be biased, anti gun, naive, simplistic and narrow/shallow minded. I believe that MSSA fierarms should have been restricted but I strongly believe in the rights of decent honest law abiding New Zealanders to own firearms.
    It would appear that the government do NOT want anyone to have firearms at all for reasons their own.
    They already had the new firearm legislation written up. So why didnt they introduce it? Do you think that the new legislation was so draconian and unfair that they NEEDED public support? Do you think that in order to get public support they would need a crisis? In order to achieve that crisis someone would have to suffer wouldnt they? they got their crisis didnt they? They also got the support they wanted from the gullible and naive emotively driven public and look at the cost! 51 lives lost and many families destroyed forever! Does that mean that those politicians and Police who were privy to the new legislation and were waiting for a crisis to introduce it are complicit in that crime?
    Get the MSSAs and destroy them by allmeans but leave honest, law abiding firearm owners; – hunters, collectors and target shooters alone!
    If that is not enoght WHY didnt the government take notice suggestion some time ago in letters I wrote to three politicians including the PM? My suggestion was to introduce draconian penalties to anyone who uses a firearm in a crime. An example is should a person rob a bank by bluff and get ten thousand dollars then they might get a year in prison BUT if they use a firearm to rob the same amount then they get the year in prison PLUS ten years for use of a firearm! I did not get a reply? Why? I believe that the government KNOW that they cannot get firearms from criminals so they will not target them! I also believe that the government WANT criminals to use firearms so that it brings firearms into disrepute – so that naive fools such as the thread author make emotive attacks on honest gun owners

  16. What a load of immature left wing hate speech and dribble.
    You will be happy to know that what im realy looking forward to is spending your tax payers dollars from the buy back on shiney new firearms and ammunition.
    Yay, more guns!

  17. Not the point Bradbury ,
    The WHOLE thing is a bag of unanswered Questions. As soon as governments start shutting down debates and ramming through ill conceived legislation. They are no better than the mad German of ww2 fame . This is fascism. Cooperate or social, it doesnt matter what label you give it . Its collectivism . I will not and do not want to be a part of a collectivist society . Its seriously bad for the health.
    By promoting such garbage Mr Bradbury you are promoting the collectivists , or to give them another name ” Globalists “, or the UN if you prefer the official title.
    They community you are promoting would have us fined $200 for littering ( collectivism) the community I WANT is “thank you” for not littering. Can you see the difference
    Carry on promoting this UN puppet , They pay well and can always use (up) useful idiots such as yourself.

    • That is so childish to claim that this government is in anyway similar to WW2 Germany. Can you not even notice a little difference in the two?

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