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  1. Nearly 5 million tourists per year, and hundreds of thousands of foreign workers and students here… but in this study they found only 3% of foreign drivers could pass the New Zealand driving theory test….

    no wonder our road deaths and injuries are up, our hospitals full.

    It seems that officials and our judicial system and police are politically minimising so many people who don’t know the road code, and even worse doing little to nothing about the fake drivers licences being issued by corrupt transport officials, so they can keep the Ponzi going even if it seems to be ridiculously dangerous to others …

    And of course there is this happening…

    Driver licence scandal: hundreds of licences chucked out after officer accepted bribes for passes

    when caught offenders get a slap on the wrist and home detention and seemingly no fine mentioned (after getting $56k in bribes), sending the message corruption is ok in NZ!

    Meanwhile justice seems quite different for employers who get fined hundreds of thousands if an employee rolls a farm vehicle when no fraud is involved!

    Seems like a double standard, when if transport officials knowingly benefit from hundreds of vehicle frauds with fake drivers licenses, which is a crime that is minimised in our justice system and little penalty for the frauds, while if there is a work place accident involving a vehicle injury or death with zero fraud or intention involved and real drivers licenses, there are six figure penalties!


    Must be the #100% criminal intent in NZ is ok!
    #Don’t worry, drive happy, 90% of foreigners on NZ roads that can’t pass the road code, but nobody is worried about it, because like when Tarrent murdered, it was really the locals fault according to the woke officials getting the memos out on neighbourly about incorrect language to look out for!

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