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  1. What if they gave a war, and nobody came?

    The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was in Tehran trying to help ease rising tensions between the United States and Iran.
    A Japanese owned vessel is then struck with ‘flying objects’.


    Probably not.

    Who was the culprit?

    What was their motive?

    Was it false flag attack by the Americans on their Japanese ally, pinned on the Iranians by the Americans. to get the Japanese to drop their peace making efforts?

    Was it a false, false flag attack, by the Iranians, blamed by them on the Americans, to strengthen Japanese peace making efforts?

    The US claim it was the Iranians

    The Us have video from the scene, which the US claims show Irainian revolutionary guards removing unexploded limpet mines from the ship.

    The world now knows the US claim of limpet mines is false.

    The Japanese ship owner says it is not obvious from looking at it, that the ship was Japanese, which means that someone would have had to have pre-knowledge that it was Japanese. That is, if that was the reason it was targeted.

    The Japanese owner says the ship’s cargo of 25,000 tons of highly flammable methanol did not catch fire. This would indicate that the ‘flying objects’, whatever they were, did not carry exploding warheads. The removal of war heads normally fitted to flying missiles/shells/objects indicates that the attack was premeditated, and that the attackers, whoever they were, did not intend to sink or destroy the Japanese vessel, instead wanted to send a warning, or create political damage.

    “Flying objects” damaged Japanese tanker during attack in Gulf of Oman

    By Junko Fujita 13 hrs ago

    TOKYO, June 14 (Reuters) – Two “flying objects” damaged a Japanese tanker owned by Kokuka Sangyo Co in an attack on Thursday in the Gulf of Oman, but there was no damage to the cargo of methanol, the company president said on Friday.

    • So what? Doesn’t mean anything. Security agencies from all corners of the planet have been lying. Repeatedly.

      U.S in particular with wild claims, the current administration of which exemplifies lies and condeidictory statements.

      Journalism is in a shitty place right now with Julain Assange on the hook for being a Jounalist.

      And yes of course the media is complicate in all the bullshit lies unlessly reproduced.

      International opinion and foreign policy don’t mean shit while lies are being thrown around like an amateur throwing haymakers.

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