More Motels for the homeless? Dear Labour, dump KiwiBuild, start KiwiOwn


Please don’t hurt us.

We need to stop pumping $60 odd million into the pockets of motels and need to do something serious about the housing crisis.

Phil Twyford can barely defend the failure of Kiwibuild any longer, and it’s not his fault. The 100 000 affordable homes were a fake promise made by David Shearer when he was trying to blunt David Cunliffe’s rise. It was never supposed to be achievable and Phil inherited a stunt, not a solution.

When slumlords are panicking about criticism to the Accomodation Supplement, you know you are on the right track.

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The only silver lining is that state house builds are now up.

Labour need to dump KiwiBuild, using free market solutions to fix a problem created by the free market is like bailing water into a sinking ship.

Labour need to instead create KiwiOwn.

Allow NZ citizens to buy their own first home through rent to buy options, allow State tenants to buy their state houses through the same mechanisms. Have KiwiBank be the only lender of these types of loans.

Instead of building houses, the Government should be focused on home ownership.


  1. See, they pretend that subsidizing slumlords until they save up enough to become even more expensive moteliers, is providing housing to needy kiwis. But what a sick joke that is as you can see

    They would rather burn money and flush it down the toilet as fast as possible than depressurize their property pyramid scheme. And that is effectively what they are doing

  2. Labour need to dump KiwiBuild, using free market solutions to fix a problem created by the free market is like bailing water into a sinking ship.

    True but ownership itself is still a free-market solution to a problem caused by the free-market.

    Ownership isn’t the solution. That just gets us more capitalism and more poverty.

    And ownership itself is just a rule that the government can change at any time.

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    There are only 4.7 million of us on a asset rich land and we have homelessness??? What? The? Fuck? Let people build their own fucking houses for Christ’s sake? If they fall over or burn down?? So what? Help people build them better so they don’t fall over or burn down. Allow people to build shanties on all that absurd ‘red zoned’ land in Ch Ch? Why the fuck not? There’s nothing wrong with that land and I don’t give one fuck what wanker experts tell me. I look at that land and I see flat, green, grassy…? What about that is dangerous or unstable. I can tell you. NOTHING! Is wrong with that land. I went walking over the RED ZONED land not long ago with my dogg ( Dee Oh Double Gee… Snoop Dogg!
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    Then… I walked down Hereford Street somewhat misty eyed as I remembered joyful days walking past Shands Emporium then into the Square to hear the Wizard or the Violin Playing Bible Lady once I rounded the corner past the ghost of the United Service hotel.
    Now? The fucking bnz takes up its arrogant and ugly presence where there used to be a camera shop. The riche narcissists drive into the building’s guts over the footpath past desperate homeless kids and adults living in the building’s shadow. But that’s ok. The bnz isn’t a rogue puddle threatening to pool without notice.
    We’re really , really fucked aren’t we?
    Here’s on for phil and phil.
    Johnny Cash.
    Sooner or later, God’s gonna cut you down.

  4. No. Plain wrong.

    Rent to buy of state houses means we sell them off as fast as we build them (its just another form of what Naitronal did in the 1990’s). Thus less state houses at income related rent, when we need more state houses of this type.

    Instead of building more homes … (we have 50,000 people extra each year and an exiosting shortage of housing)

    No we need more homes built, more state hosues, more affordable new builds – extending the range of those they are sold to and some as rent to buy.

  5. Rather hate the top politicians leading our ‘Left’ these 34 years. The Ozzies apparently loved Bob Hawke. A condemnation.

  6. The government need to concentrate on housing people for renting first and help the most vulnerable or those starting out and be very careful that the people getting help genuinely need it. There is a lot of people who apparently are poor, but driving expensive cars, have nice lifestyles but apparently no income!

    They need to help the renters first and then start on home ownership. If people could save while renting then they could afford to buy themselves.

    They should also help with deposits.

    The government has started on the wrong foot with home ownership as the priority.

    Lets face it, the state house which has been pilloried by left and right governments and commentators, seems pretty good and with $50k spent on them to bring them up to scratch seems a lot better than demolishing them, giving 2/3 of the land to developers to create a worse living situation with a new house on a tiny section, (that will probably start needing remedial work within 10 years or sooner)…

    Why would you privitise this

    to give renters this, which costs a crap load more and going to create massive social issues!

  7. As long as you have the bulk of the middle class property owning and self entitled jerks vote in neoliberal kind of parties like National or Labour Light, and as long as they insist in getting their share out of property speculation, it does not matter into what kind of wrapping you put ‘KiwiBuild’, it will fail nonetheless, because it is not wanted by those owning property and renting out homes and rooms.

    Kiwi Own would be a renaming exercise, as most cannot OWN a home under the present socio economic settings, they all strive to somehow get a foot into the door, but building costs and labour remain high, and labour is short in supply, so those wanting to buy a cheap home simply cannot get cheap ones.

    State houses can and should be built, but again, the costs are high, and with immigrant labours still coming in upon invitation to build the homes, we solve one problem by creating another ones.

    I would never trust a Kiwi entrepreneur these days, they are all into the game to make quick money no matter how, they are hiring any slave worker they can get, or sub contractor for that sake, they will cut corners and build and sell more over priced shit to desperate people ending up with endless liabilities.

    This country is SCREWED, dear friends.

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