TV REVIEW: TVNZ Breakfast – the horror of the Western Park ‘Hotel’


If Labour Party Twitter cheerleaders are through with screaming ‘hack’ you might want to look at the appalling living conditions that TVNZ Breakfast exposed this morning.

Western Park ‘Hotel’ trespassed John Campbell as he exposed the disgusting living conditions that we as the taxpayer are paying to house desperately vulnerable Kiwis.

Phil Twyford was such  coward he wouldn’t even front despite the bloody ‘hotel’ being in his own electorate and he’s the bloody Housing Minister!

Is the 3rd world housing that was exposed transformational Jacinda?

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Rather than screaming about a none existent hack, perhaps Labour Party cheerleaders should actually demand from their Party why the hell the poorest and most desperate are forced to live in disgusting conditions that we are bloody well paying for!

It is unacceptable that it is happening, it is unacceptable that Labou

Amazing journalism by TVNZs Breakfast!


  1. Well its no good moaning what is your solution to our housing dilemma as long as we keep allowing people to come here we are exacerbating the problem so this needs to stop but how do you stop when businesses are crying like babies for staff. Train and upskill more NZers in the employment gaps we know of. Reduce immigration.

    • …AND/OR build more houses.
      Blaming infrastructure crises on debatable immigration/employment issues smacks a tad of strawmanning. Regardless of those, we still need more quality houses that cost a third of the average, then maybe I can afford one.

  2. Good point Martyn.

    Accommodation and housing costs are driven sky-high by the cost of land and councils’ approval process and charges. All the result of political decisions made by elected politicians.

    Where is the campaign by the Left to free up the supply of land for housing?
    Where is the Left’s campaign to reform Council planning controls and debt limits?


    • Castro….your mum wants you to clean your room, change your underwear and take a shower, you are making her basement stink!

  3. Why is it New Zealand First are achieving so much, like the railway rebuilding plan while Twyford and Labour are stuffing so much up?

  4. Phil Twyford would have to be the most usless member of this cabinet .Yesterday he was promoting a lower speed limit which would cause costs of delivering good to rocket and productivity to fall. This government and their friends in coalition will not be happy until there are no trucks only trains and people on bikes and we become a 3rd world economy.

  5. It is unacceptable that Labou… (can I finish the sentence Martyn? :D)

    …r uses taxpayer funds to subsidize rent farming slum lords charging desperate people extortionate prices in backs-to-the-wall blackmail traps which inflate the cost of rent across the board for everyone and perversely incentivises the exact behaviour that is the exact problem with the industry. They are only propping up their own property pyramid scheme artificially with that subsidizing and in the end when they borrow for expenditure they expect the whole country to pay for it.

    NB: Because you have to keep a pyramid scheme pressurized from the bottom layers or it disintegrates!!!

    … de-pressurize the pyramid… death star chain reaction

    • oh yeah i should add that when you pay for the interest on the debt they issued to pay for this, THAT WILL BE THE SECOND TIME you paid for it and certainly not the last!

  6. Tonight I’ll be eating cold budget baked beans washed down with 2 day old coke while freezing under a thin blanket. Uber Eats: for those who don’t sleep in their cars.

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