What happens when China can reproduce our milk powder? Oh this happens.


Aside from the environmental degradation, one of the fears of Dairy Intensification for China was always what happens when China can simply reproduce that same basic bargain bin milk powder product at an even cheaper price than we can.

Well, we are about to find out…

China’s Plan to Boost Baby Formula Output Hits Foreign Suppliers

A2 Milk Co. led stock market losses of $875 million among infant-formula providers in Australia and New Zealand after China unveiled a plan to boost local output and reduce reliance on imports.

Under the new program, China aims to exceed 60% self-sufficiency for baby formula and improve the quality of domestic brands in its $27 billion infant-formula industry. Authorities are seeking to bolster consumer confidence following a deadly milk scandal in 2008.

…if your KiwiSaver is looking a lot lighter today it’s because every NZ company connected with shipping basic bargain bin milk powder just got the bejesus kicked out of them.

For years we’ve warned about exporting base product with no value add, well here comes the I told you so Express.

So Dairy Intensification as part of Key’s pump & dump economic legacy not only robbed us of water and damaged the quality of our water while contributing to climate crisis gases, it also left an enormous level of debt to pay for that intensification which the industry will be left in the lurch for as our main export market moves to produce their own basic bargain bin milk powder.

The Climate Crisis demands we radically shift from dairy but we don’t, so the bottom of the market falling out of the entire industry may well be the impetus for change.

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  1. In cases like these where an industry is facing liquidation. In these cases the beauty of the markets to magically come up with solutions is wonderful to me.

  2. ‘Diversify’ and we have been talking a lot about this but we need to walk our talk now it is time to deliver

  3. We didn’t sell our milk and butter to China in the free trade deals we sold our farms, our IP, our supply chain and our freedom of speech.

    We already import more than we export and what we export is increasingly negative things like profits from overseas shareholders owning NZ assets.

    The OIA is a joke! The whole point of it was protect NZ strategic assets, but nope they are just another pointless bureaucracy adding costs and doing the opposite of what they are supposed to be doing.

    Like our dysfunctional immigration that now means that our per capita spend for health and other social services is dropping like a stone, (per capita public health spending will decline from over $3,700 per person in 2020 to just over $3000 per person in 2023. Similar figures apply to education and the payment of welfare benefits.)

    It is even worse than that, when you consider that much of the money earmarked is also going to capital expenditure, aka building more hospitals and schools (for stratospheric demand) while reducing the costs in real terms of the care for every person in this country. .

    It seems crazy to import in hundreds of thousands of workers and fake students to compete against our own working poor for jobs and housing, creating massive social costs and harm here.

    If international students want to come, lets have those that are actually doing a real degree and not cheating and not working here while they do it!

    Our poor policies are creating social harm such as the $44k working poor worker in NZ whose family of 6 now lives in 1 bedroom hotel and does not qualify for a state house. https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/checkpoint/audio/2018698261/working-poor-the-long-excruciating-wait-for-a-state-house

    Likewise people who are new to NZ but don’t speak the language and have contempt for NZ laws and are forcing Kiwis out of business by undercutting them, and they get a free ride to residency and citizenship here. https://courtnews.co.nz/2019/01/30/tax-bill-ballooning-to-1-3m/ https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12171615

    It is become increasingly obvious that some of the new residents are plundering NZ while causing massive social harm and our officials do nothing, let alone halt immigration until they can 100% stop the situation.

    Our decreasing social spending per person on health and education is because we are getting hundreds of thousands of low paid or zero income people who can use NZ social services while contributing next to nothing or for ridiculously short qualifying periods.

    Even when caught and deported the criminals are allowed back a couple of years later aka Joanna Harrison or just come back under a new name like the Malaysian scandal of tradies operating here for cash.

  4. OMG! This is so far up my ally that my excitement means I must go outside and run around the house for a few hours. Do some push ups,
    pop on a G string, climb a tree then sing something by the Bee Gees while I’m up there… Trust me, I’ll go unnoticed in this neck of the woods. We shout ‘Stayin Alive’ from the tree tops at each other. That’s the only socialising we can afford.
    The ‘dairy industry’ was always a swindle. It was a way for a few to make millions and millions of dollars. It had zero to do with an altruistic ‘ good for Nu Zillind’ intention.
    Look? It was easy. Use the banks and a corrupt tax system to crush conventional farming ( i.e. holistic, organic, sustainable family affair farming which, incidentally raised the historical foreign capital to build AO/NZ in the first place which the assets of which ‘they’ then stole and sold.)
    Then? MSM Says White Gold! Oooooo Aaaaaaaaah! Chinese! Aaaaaaaaahh ! Oooooooooo !
    Lease some land, borrow millions, buy cows, employ Hayden and Darlene to exploit the poor animals, shove them into a robot milking machine, suck them dry, keep them permanently pregnant, sell the heifer calves, kill the bulls with a claw hammer, flog their little bodies off to the dog food and calf skin merchants, cut down trees to make room for rotary and pivot water irrigators, tanker the milk to a much, much bigger robot machine to dehydrate the milk to powder form, bag, ship, done. Ka Ching! Buy a new Falcon, get Darlene preggors and so on and so forth.
    Meanwhile? A new forest of bankster buildings are growing along the waterfront. Handsome fellows come and go in big black shiny v8 bi turbo 4×4 curb crawler 2000’s with their dicks in one hand and their P pipes in the other.
    Down on the farm. Our farmers are fucked. And not in that good, Hayden and Darlene way.
    Real Farming expertise and infrastructure have declined to an alarming point. Provincial towns are all but deserted, debt is crushing the very life out of our once priceless farming industry which exported world first produce globally but now barely sustains a husband and wife operation running 24 / 7.
    That’s what jonky did. That’s the jonky effect. That’s the same jonky who’s now the head of ANZ. But jonky wasn’t the first. He’s just a little monkey in the terrible jungle. Honestly? I’d need to write a book or make a movie. A Netflix series starring Matt Damon!? ‘Cow Puncher!’ But who would play Darlene?? Daryl ? A bovine Broke Back Mountain! Ba haha aha a aa That’d be a spanner in the works. So to speak. ( No disrespect to Gay people x )
    Here’s some humble advice:
    Look to these guys. Never mind the banksters, arseholes and wanker politicians.
    They’re soon to be irrelevant.
    MJ Savage would be very pleased. ( Best be quick-smart about it too. )
    Carl and Kati Freeman

    • +1 Countryboy

      also so far that’s the best use of provincial fund money I have seen… It’s such as easy vision to create in NZ too, but of course hated by neoliberals that want us to have monopolies and fucked up month’s old ‘fresh’ food to eat.

      “The Freemans have received a $15,000 grant from the Provincial Growth fund and want to begin offering short courses at their property and 10-week one-on-one internships for people interested in urban farming.”

  5. How do you impoverish a nation?

    Make that nation dependent upon trade with other nations in such a way so as to discourage its own economic development.

    This is what NZ has done and we’re about to find out just how badly its going to affect us.

    There’s a simple reason why every developed nation started with serious protectionism first and then went the ‘free-trade’ route. It encouraged development of their own economies from their own resources. Once they’d developed their own economies they then demanded to sell their surplus to the rest of the world without giving the rest of the world the time to develop their own economies.

    Thing is, the rest of the world kept developing anyway even though their development had been slowed. Now that the rest of the world is catching up the developed nations no longer have anywhere to export to.

    A world of free-trade has no trade.

  6. The over-specialization makes us precarious, and the precariousness keeps us dependent on the same banks that induced the over-specialization.

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