Saudi Call For Getting Tough On Terrorism Case Of Serial Arsonist Taking Over Fire Department


So I see King Salman of Saudi Arabia’s kicked off Saudi’s chairmanship of the OIC by demanding that the world (and the Muslim world in particular), get tough on the supporters and enablers of terrorism. The country-level supporters, financiers, directors and enablers of terrorism.

Now, this is perhaps unfair to other insects, but this strikes me rather like a mosquito rolling up and shouting loudly: “I HAVE THE CURE FOR MALARIA!”

Or, I suppose, declaring Tony Blair has the answers when it comes to bringing about peace in the Middle East. But that one actually happened (with Blair transitioning into the role in question almost the same day he stepped down as UK Prime Minister), so clearly we are already well and away into the realms of blatantly counter-factual satire when it comes to a certain geopolitical grouping’s activities in that region.

Seriously, for those who do not “get the joke” inherent in what the Saudis are saying – they are regularly identified as being lead vectors in the creation, financing, and other support/enabling of terroristic groups and operations, both throughout the Middle East and beyond.

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Never mind ISIS, or their own ongoing links with Al Qaeda (for example in Yemen and in Syria- which has lead to the once again prima facie ridiculous, and therefore apparently straight-up outright de rigeur situation of forcing US co-operation with Al-Qaeda in both locales). The British intelligence establishment literally attempted to point out that Saudi Arabia represented the single most significant funder and proliferator of extremist ideology in Britain (so, you know, their so-called ally!) – and wound up with the report in question being suppressed out of fear that it’d damage the UK economically if the Saudis slapped an oil price-hike on them for daring to acknowledge the facts.

I hesitate, perhaps, to term that “economic terrorism” – yet given King Salman’s recent remarks attempting to panic the world at large into aggressive action against Iran on grounds that the latter’s sovereignty represents an allegedly unacceptable threat to global oil supplies … the weaponization of economic interactions by Saudi itself (as has already happened to Canada, at The Kingdom’s black-stained hands) suggests that this, too, is a case of bitter, bitter irony all the way down.

Let us be clear about this. Taking the Saudis seriously as anything other than a threat, when it comes to dialogue around combating terrorism, is to indulge their wilful penchant for fact-free chicanery.

Suggesting that they have a lead role to play in opposing the spread of terror, in any way other than by stopping funding and facilitating it themselves, is worse than useless.

It is like deciding that an arch-arsonist with an apparent pathological proclivity for criminal acts of combustion be appointed town fire-chief, whilst simultaneously mandating that everybody drive Ford Pintos, and drape bone-dry paper towels over their heating units. Followed by rolling out regularly-scheduled “come into our home, why don’t you” ‘inspection’ opportunities.

And then – when somebody, whether Canada or Iran, actually says “enough is enough”, and attempts to draw attention to the problem via diplomatic/publicatory or direct assistance to deleteriously affected countries, the defenders against Saudi-sponsored terror are either attacked directly, or sabre-rattled against as Next In Line For Some Good Ol’Fashioned Amerika-McWorldist FREEDOM ™.

The whole thing’s a charade – except with real guns, and real deaths. it is saddening and it is sickening that it has been allowed for so long to continue.


  1. Yeah but we have state terrorism against our own Tuhoe, Dotcom. This probably a few sitting in jail right now that got stitched up by the cops. Not even mentioning the Afghani inquiry. America has its own assassination programme. At least in places like China and Saudi Arabia there isn’t any illusions of who the biggest terrorists are.

    So if war between nuclear armed states is unwise and deplomacy has failed then the state requires a third option. And that third option is state terrorism.

    Defeating terrorism is fools gold. It’s a form of warfare, not a nation.

    That said, we should destroy terrorist groups as we find them.

    What pisses me off is talentless hacks like King Salmon or John Key going on about getting some guts as on the war on terror as if it’s even possible to win against a concept.

  2. Unfortunately Curwen, When the average Nu Zilda has there world view formed from the joke msm, repeated directly from the bringers of democracy and freedom to all oil bearing countries. via cnn , msnbc etc. even unfortunately now rnz nat, little will change. The fact that the us uk and others supply munitions and logistics enabling the saudi’s to murder hundreds of thousands possibly millions of innocents in Yemen etc. is far to good financially for any moral objections. Does anybody honestly believe that things would have been any different if killary was potus???

  3. Its much easier to underdtand if you do as Chomsky suggests and view the USA as a mafia gang. The Saudis and the Israelis are the Middle East franchises. Everything operates as a funnelling of wealth to the toop bosses and violence is tbe only negotiating tool. The death and destruction wrought by these gangsters in their pursuit of money and power is only different in the magnitude of the dead and wrecked. Expecting anything sensible from any of these 3 is like expecting a sensible conversation with a fundamentalist christian regarding evolution.

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