Pink on Pink friendly fire only helps Bishop Brian


Rainbow community leader resigns after supporting Brian Tamaki of Destiny Church

Speaking with Newstalk ZB this afternoon, Laverty said he’d received a lot of hurtful messages after last night’s conference.

“My community have been very hurtful today and it’s really sad. I’ve been called the worst traitor in the world, I’ve sold out for a koha, and other names I won’t mention,” he said.

“I have to be honest, I walked in with a lot of fear when I arrived last night, but I have been more afraid of my own community after today.

“The hurtful things that have come from them are far more damaging than what Brian would have said to me.”

In contrast, Laverty said he’d had a lot of warm messages from the church congregation and other ministers.

“So I think that I have to look more at that,” he said.

If you, like me, and anyone else with basic reading skills, fear Tamaki ever being in a position of political power – mocking him is far more successful at robbing him of momentum than taking offence – taking offence gives him credibility & currency.

Brian Tamaki is not the messiah, he’s just a very stupid boy but the only winner of pink on pink friendly fire is him – he comes across as less nasty than the latest rainbow schism – it’s like social media was created to show us at our worst to our political enemies.

It’s like no one learnt anything from the Pride Board meltdown last year.


  1. Brain gives koha to people for coming to his church.

    Then they give the koha back again.

    Then Brain gives it to the next lot of newbies.

    What’s the angle here ? What say someone kept the koha ? Galloped off – I mean whizzed off – into the sunset on one of those big shiny motor bikes with the money ?

    What about the IRD and koha ? What about Fred gives Brain koha, and Brain gives the koha to Tadpole, and Tadpole gives to back to Brain, and
    Brain puts it in his back pocket and it pops out and gets run over by the following bike – so Brain says – while Hannah’s wasted two hours on the phone waiting for the IRD to answer Option B, because her hairdresser says there’s no charge for a hair cut, just koha which doesn’t need to be declared to the IRD, which still doesn’t explain why Brain cuts his own hair with Hannah’s nail scissors which are tax deductible, and Jesus – bless him – was unconcerned about how his hair looked, and why Brain and Paula Bennett get around with hair sticking up like each other’s and nothing is trickling down ?

  2. And this is why the Left don’t win anywhere near as often as we should. We’re far too busy eating each other alive. You’re not gay enough. You’re not woke enough. You’re not sufficiently supportive of feminism. You’re not militant enough regarding labour laws. You’re not green enough. You’re not good enough. Go away.

    The Right advance because they march in lockstep, despite their differences. They leave the internecine warfare for after they’ve won. We don’t win because we can’t resist knifing each other here and now. I don’t regret my political leanings, but sometimes I wonder at the level of short-sighted stupidity on display. If I was face-palming any harder I’d probably give myself a concussion.

  3. This gay socialist will not comment on the LGBT individuals who accepted Tamaki’s offer. However, the clueless Jevan Goulter, who hangs around with homophobes and transphobes far too often and is an extremely immature self-aggrandising young man, is a fair target. That said, yeah, I’m far more concerned with trans-inclusive antidiscrimination laws, LGBT youth suicide prevention and anti-bullying issues to bother with Tamaki’s latest sideshow.

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