On the day of the NZ Crown budget presentation – the utterly corrupt NZ ‘Independent’ Police Conduct Authority, drops a devastating report


On the day of the NZ Crown budget presentation – the utterly corrupt NZ ‘Independent’ Police Conduct Authority, drops a devastating report precisely so media won’t alert the public that a prisoner in a police cell took P, overdosed, seizure and died without being noticed for 5 hours.

They served him breakfast and it was only at 10am when they came to get him for court they found he was dead – and had been for probably 6 hours.

The IPCA has zero credibility in their investigations, none in their recommendations (no prosecution in this case of course). The fact that the very worst reports are only released to coincide with circumstances where the impact will be minimised (eg. Friday afternoon ‘shit drops’ and the budget day etc) is totally deliberate. The IPCA is run by cops for cops.


  1. Why would they serve a prisoner breakfast at around 4 am when he was due to be collected for court at 10 am ? Doesn’t add up.

  2. “The IPCA is run by cops for cops. ” Incorrect.

    There have always been some quite high powered legal people e.g. judges on the IPCA.

    Their investigative work is carried out by both police and non-police personnel, and each complaint involves a series of separate processes, three I think.

    How about publishing the report you believe is corrupt ? If it is corrupt, then this needs to be made public knowledge.

    • Sorry snow white, there are several ex police staff at the IPCA and one in particular got “kicked out” of the police for dishonesty and walked basically straight across the road and took up a desk at the IPCA.

      Here is one link,


      The IPCA also have a culture of only looking into one part of a multipart complaints and then refuse to investigate all of it. And these “investigators” do their best to avoid finding against the police. The most serious example of this is the sad “murder” of the innocent courier driver in Auckland a few years ago. They state in their report that they conducted an investigation but they didn’t even interview or contact a person who was shot by a police officer being ba cowboy and he and other bystanders who were also hit by shrapnel aren’t aloud to sue anyone. No police staff faced any criminal offences yet when hunters accidentally discharge a firearm and hit someone they are charged. Also recently in Auckland a cop was inside the station with a bushmaster rifle and “accidentally” fired a round. It went through a office, lucky the person wasn’t in there, through another office, out through the concrete block wall of the station and lodged into another building. This cop was cleared of any offence!!!!

      • John the link you provided is important in that the cop they were talking about in that article – Roozendaal – went on to become the manager of investigations at the IPCA.

  3. 20 minutes into of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=108B1R39SvI

    of a 24 min chronology of specific cases and cops named chronology of police corruption and IPCA failure to prosecute, viewers are presented with the evidence to validate Tim’s claim “The IPCA is run by cops for cops.”

    One can lead a horse to water but one cannot make it drink. Therefore, I “invite” you to drink.

    • Nah, that’s for horses. Use mine – One can lead a human to facts but you cannot make them think.

      • Muscle does as they’re told am I correct? When the crowds go quiet, that’s when you know you’ve touched on something important. I heard quite about of silence.

  4. Snow White – Ross is correct and his reminder/reference to the YouTube clip is very relevant. You should watch it.

    The independence of the IPCA comes only from the fact that one Judge is the titular head of the agency and apparently has final oversight. Apart from him/her there are no other Judges with the IPCA and no other “high powered” legal people. The Judge does not investigate – he/she merely provides a signature.

    The IPCA’s investigators are retired senior police officers whose default position is that the police do no wrong. The majority of investigations into complaints against the police are carried out by serving police officers, not by the IPCA and the serving police officers merely report back to the IPCA who, in the main, accept without question the report’s findings. If a complaint is lodged directly with the IPCA, the IPCA refers it back to the police for investigation.

    Anecdotally, the IPCA will look for any reason to “write a complaint off”. In other words, it will look for a reason to not proceed with investigating the complaint and if the police report back to the IPCA clears/whitewashes the complaint, the IPCA will accept it and not take any further action.

    From what I have read when cases have been published in the media, adverse findings are normally in relation to technical or procedural issues and if a police officer is found to have done wrong, it is categorised as a re-training matter rather than a criminal matter.

    However, if a police officer commits a serious offence and is charged, that responsibility is taken by the Police, not by the IPCA. The IPCA’s role is simply to endorse the action taken by the Police.

    So yes, in effect the IPCA is run by cops for the cops.

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