GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – “Wellbeing” who would not be for it?


But how can the lives of the many be made better if you don’t tax the wealthy?

Is there really no more money for teachers when we are running a $5 Billion surplus and have one of the lowest rates of government debt in the OECD?

Please join me tonight as I and my Co-Host Martyn Bradbury put these questions and many more to our panel of experts and community leaders including:

Prof.Jane Kelsey • Rod Oram•Sue Bradford•Russel Norman•Julia Whaipooti•EfesoCollins•Kerri Nuku *Annie Newman• Ricardo Menendez•Chris Trotter

You will find us tonight on NZPTV tonight at 7.30pm

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Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. “Is there really no more money for teachers when we are running a $5 Billion surplus and have one of the lowest rates of government debt in the OECD?” and is there any lack of money when the NZ Reserve Bank can create all the money it needs, NZ being a sovereign nation and therefore has that right

    • No they can’t create all the money you want.
      Otherwise we end up like Zimbabwe or Venezuela.
      Printing money without constraint generates mass inflation which hits everyone hard but the poorest the hardest.
      So please stop repeatedly espousing this nonsense.

      • Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch, told the party’s Canterbury Regional conference Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s budget could have contained an additional $6 billion in spending without costing taxpayers a single cent more.

        Leitch said, the Finance Minister could save that amount every year on interest payments on the government’s borrowing. Pointing to Japan and China doing it as examples.

        Therefore, doing it with constraint can be of great benefit.

      • ( A bit long winded. My apologies @ BB.)
        Yeah, but hang on a minute @ JAYS.
        AO/NZ isn’t Zimbabwe nor Venezuela, have you not noticed that?
        Until you’re sure of the differences between Zimbabwe, Venezuela and AO/NZ maybe you should be careful when applying the word ‘nonsense’ to others?
        AO/NZ produces foods and this fabulous fibre called ‘wool’ which is held in quite high regard as a clothing, upholstery and carpet fibre everywhere in the world… except here. Where our very own david carter and speaker of the national house, a farmer in his own right and a scum bag, no disrespect to actual scum bags, pulled the pin on Lincoln college’s wool research facility making about 30 people redundant! He deliberately sabotaged our wool industry and my question to you, is why do you think he did that? What’s he hiding? What criminal lineage is he wired into? My neighbour sells his sheep wool for $2.00 a kg. I know, for a fact, that the NZ Wool Board used to stock pile triple dumped wool and warehouse it until our reserve bank adjusted the foreign exchange rate to profit wool board members and their urban cronies while sheep farmers were having to borrow money at high interest rates to feed themselves and their stock during the winter. The wool board and it’s mates and board members strangled our off shore customers into paying ever more for AO/NZ wool now stockpiled and bleeding lanolin onto the warehouse floors in Addington, Christchurch.
        The foods etc we produce are mostly for export since there’s only 4.7 million of us but with a farming industry numbering about 52 thousand people deriving their sole income from agrarian practises.
        AO/NZ was once referred to as ‘The market Garden of Europe’ until common criminals grifted too much ( Greed will do that to a person.) of that export earned wealth and now? We’re kind of fucked in a weirdy, abstract sort of way.
        Namely; How do those old crooks of yor explain any new and flourishing agrarian export sector suddenly providing AO/NZ with cash funds from vibrant provinces to be exported? What then, also, of the bizarre prices the two main supermarket cartels rort us of for common vegetables?
        How is this suddenly, many might ask?
        I quote Wikipedia;
        The first shipment of refrigerated meat on the Dunedin in 1882 led to the establishment of meat and dairy exports to Britain, a trade which provided the basis for strong economic growth in New Zealand.[196] High demand for agricultural products from the United Kingdom and the United States helped New Zealanders achieve higher living standards than both Australia and Western Europe in the 1950s and 1960s.[197] In 1973, New Zealand’s export market was reduced when the United Kingdom joined the European Economic Community[198] and other compounding factors, such as the 1973 oil and 1979 energy crises, led to a severe economic depression.[199] Living standards in New Zealand fell behind those of Australia and Western Europe, and by 1982 New Zealand had the lowest per-capita income of all the developed nations surveyed by the World Bank.[200] In the mid-1980s New Zealand deregulated its agricultural sector by phasing out subsidies over a three-year period.[201][202] Since 1984, successive governments engaged in major macroeconomic restructuring (known first as Rogernomics and then Ruthanasia), rapidly transforming New Zealand from a protected and highly regulated economy to a liberalised free-trade economy.[203][204]”

        Let that sentence stand out would ya?
        “New Zealand’s export market was reduced when the United Kingdom joined the European Economic Community”
        Why? Why did the UK/EU lose confidence in our agrarian product?
        After all? AO/NZ enjoyed one important advantage over our northern hemisphere competitors.
        While the UK and Europe were winter bound? We were in full agrarian production and able to ship our product to them refrigerated and was of world class quality.
        So what went wrong?
        A corrupt politic inflaming trade unions to strike at critical moments during our export period forcing ships to cancel sailings and crippling rail and the Apple and Pear Marketing Board. The Meat Board. The Wool Board. The Dairy Board. That’s what went wrong. They wronged it. They, them. Those who built up fiefdoms and grifted farmer money into their own rapacious pocketesses is what went wrong.
        And I bet my britches, they’ll be sweating like horses and wide awake at 4.00 am wondering of they might be found out before they die of natural causes. Or of unnatural causes. I’m good either way.
        Our economy was tanked, our assets were sold and we, as a people, were thrown under a bus for their Remuera mansions and private wealth creation secreted in off-shore accounts.
        And I must say @ BB? This current line of investigation? Trying to make sense of the complex and bewilderingly tangled socio/political farce that is AO/NZ? On it’s current vector? You will end up another year older and standing at the end of yet another blind ally.

  2. Thanks team it was an awesome show that was needed and we need it weekly for sure now, but I would have liked to see someone mention the big funding for saving our rail as it will be our saviour now as trucks are ruining our roads and ecomony as well as kiling many on roads.

    Rail uses far less fuel to move freight and saves our zero carbon emissions target too.

    Even today Air NZ was saying on tonight’s news that they are now moving to switch to electric local plane services using battery powered turbo prom engines apparently.
    They agree now that air transport is in trouble as it amounts to over 2% of the total global carbon emissions now and is considered to high for their activities.

    Electric trains are the future also Guy -. as they will have no emissions, or not even any tyre dust polluting tyres just Steel on steel. A perfect combination finally.

    I remember when Dr Francis Small Chief operating Manager of NZ rail taking a train load of MP’s up the main trunk line and had a stunning press release that said “rail is environmentally friendly; – and has now reached its time,

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