The authorities are still protecting Whaleoil


The astounding malevolence of Slater has been outed in a  devastating new book that details his spiteful attack on Matthew Blomfield…

New book lifts lid on Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater’s dirty tactics

It took nearly eight years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a few mental and physical scars, but Matthew Blomfield believes he may have finally harpooned the big one with the release of Whale Oil. 

The book, written by Margie Thomson, tells the story of Blomfield’s lengthy defamation battle with and ultimate victory over Whale Oil blogger Slater and was released amid secrecy at a launch on Tuesday night.

It had gained notoriety even before its release, as Blomfield’s lawyer Felix Geiringer claimed a family was detained by NZ Customs while entering the country and questioned about the name of the book.

…but what is most damaging is the allegation that Customs intimated a person with a copy of the manuscript before it was released tonight…

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…throughout this appalling case against Nicky Hager, the NZ Police have bent over backwards to protect and attack for Slater, my case against the NZ Police for my part in the Hager case is being held in front of the Human Rights Review tribunal in secret so that the Cops can hide who was spying on me.

In this case we see Customs bullying and intimidating someone carrying a copy of the book so that they could warn and tip off Police before the book came out.

Why are so many police and enforcement agencies pimping their services for Slater? Why on earth does Slater get this level of total servitude by the authorities?

Slater is a hateful person and this book gives insight to the level of damage he was able to and is still able to project.

How did this malignant person gain so much power for almost a decade?


  1. This is puzzling. Why the fuck does the title of the book matter? Clearly not much. It’s the intimidation act that appears to be the point here.

    Were these even legit Customs staff?

    • Perhaps the title of the book mattered because the title is, “Whale Oil”, and it’s not about Japanese ships operating in the southern oceans.

      My great grandfather was a French whaler who jumped ship as a young homme (true) , so as the books were being unpacked when I passed Paper Plus, I paused and purchased a copy – the first out of the carton, I think.

      On my return trip, the manageress called,” Why ? What’s it about ?”

      So I told her it was about Cameron Slater, and I explained who Cameron Slater was.

      I’m about half-way through reading it, have read the epilogue and appendix 2, and do not entirely agree with Derber’s reasons for bullying – but that doesn’t matter.

      I knew some of the facts, but what Matt Blomfield and his family have endured is wicked and is shocking; and several (so far) govt bodies have behaved abominably, and it would seem that everything emanates from the murky subterranean depths where whales lurk.

      Collectively we can send all our good thoughts whipping through the ether to keep Matt Blomfield strongly fighting in the amazing way which he has so far – and salute Margie Thomson’s narrative as another job very well done – crucial history recorded.

  2. Here is a thought- in the morning woke lefts newly created climate of censorship, if someone (falsely) dobbed the passenger for having objectionable material (tarrants ramblings?)it would explain what happened.
    A) woke left censorship unintended consequence
    B) police/customs can use the excuse to intimidate regardless

    • I’m about 3/4 way thru’ reading the book Keepcalm, and unlike Treasury, I try not to shoot my mouth off before I have all the facts.

      Reading thus far, a police initiative via Customs is just too clumsy to be realistic, and Customs detaining someone just for carrying a manuscript is precisely the sort of end which Slater himself managed to pull off against Mr Blomfield with govt depts who should have to explain themselves pronto.

      I said to the bookseller, and still think that Slater’s continuous vendetta against Matt Blomfield was like a dysfunctional family issue, where the original gripe is lost sight of as it gains its own momentum, becomes intensely personal, and – I can’t finish this sentence as I don’t want to be the defendant in a defamation case – yet.

      Apart from his erstwhile political connections, Slater is smart, and he has the hubris and persona which empower con artists, and cons can wreck others’ lives totally disconnected from the damage they do, so there’s more to Thomson’s book than 4-letter words and dumb cops.

  3. This is precisely why Seymour is right about Golriz. Who decides what is good and bad speech?
    Even if someone trustworthy is given that power (yeah right), what happens when the baton is passed?

  4. “How did this malignant person gain so much power for almost a decade?”

    Simple, John Key gave it to him.

  5. If I were cynical I might wonder if a little scandal on the eve of a book launch isn’t walking a well trodden path of pre-publicity promo.

  6. Oh dear me.

    Long after Slater’s vile blogposts vanish from Whaleoil, the book will survive for posterity.Slater’s reputation will be tarnished forever.

    Oh how the “mighty” have fallen. Once feared, he is now the subject of scorn and derision.

    Karma, your work here is done.

  7. “How did this malignant person gain so much power for almost a decade?”

    Because he wasn’t acting in isolation

    He was enabled by senior National party political figures and their operatives

    And by a media only too happy to use his material

    Plus a bit of chicanery to falsely inflate his page hits

    A perfect storm of dark politics, self serving media chasing click bait, and pure malice

    Lets hope it is a lesson NZ has learned

  8. How did this malignant person gain so much power for almost a decade?

    He had protection from the National party top brass to inflict maximum damage with out a trail back to Key and his henchman.

    Many in the media from 2010 – 2017 are complicit in the destruction of many people including David Cunliffe in character assignations on behalf of the John Key led attack squad.

    The ” chipmunk on meth ” who is currently trying to pretend to be human by covering stories of people hard done by ( like pike river ) is a contradiction in terms by the highest order.

    It is sickening to watch and the sleepy hobbits don’t have a clue.

    The actions of the Key English National government and its supporters are still being felt 18 months later.

  9. The destructive forces Slater brought to bear on the businessman Mr Blomfield has been so vile that he should be called to account for what he has done, including encouraging someone to attack Mr Blomfield – but he won’t be.

    The cops did not properly investigate all the complaints Mr Blomfield laid with them including not investigating how his computer system was hacked, (yet they have gone to extraordinary lengths, even getting illegal search warrants, to try and find who hacked into Slater’s e-mails) and the police even admit their investigation had multiple failings but guess what – the reviewing cop has now left the police so you can bet nothing further will be done. As I have often said before, the police mantra is “we are always right and even when we are wrong we are right”. Now Customs will bleat on that they did everything right when they illegally questioned someone holding a transcript of the book about Slater’s shocking tactics in relation to the businessman Mr Blomfield and they will not be held to account.

    Mjolnir and Mosa are spot on. The national government under key and the right wing media used Slater as their vicious attack dog distancing themselves from the damage he deliberately caused and the reputations he deliberately destroyed. But the system including the cops will continue to protect Slater as vile and as toxic as he is.

    Our country has allowed itself to be pitched into a dark eviscerating morass where agencies spy on law-abiding citizens who stand up for themselves; the bureaucratic tail wags the dog; parliament will continue to a toxic culture of bullying because an innocent man has been made a scapegoat of; and Slater and Co will continue to destroy good people like Mr Blomfield.

    • ” Now Customs will bleat on that they did everything right when they illegally questioned someone holding a transcript of the book about Slater’s shocking tactics in relation to the businessman Mr Blomfield and they will not be held to account.”

      Customs have to be called to account, YS. As far as I know, the only books ever “banned” in NZ, have been ‘Lady Chatterley’s lover’ and James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’, and one or the other was only allowed to be shown to gender segregated audiences, when the film version came out.

      Odious as CS may be, ‘Whale Oil’ is not a banned publication, nor does it contain instructions for blowing people up, or kiddie porn etc, so Customs had to have been acting on instructions when questioning the book holder. Daddy being a rich powerful man with influential connections, is an Eastern Europe scenario, not a NZ one.

      The laws around when does a civil matter become a criminal issue, do need to be revisited, regrettably actually, but most people subjected to this sort of horrific defamation and bullying have neither the money nor the personal strength to fight back and can be personally destroyed, and destroyed for absolutely no good reason. Mini versions happen in the workplace every day, and I am sorry now that I didn’t call it out for what it was when I saw it in a govt dept, but I’m doing it now.

      Govt Depts could start by addressing their own bullying right now instead of conducting surveys every now and then, and then thumping their pious bosoms and doing sfa about it.

  10. Let Slater’s downfall be a firm lesson to anyone else who decides to use personal attacks to undermine another person.

    Eventually, it all catches up with a shit-slinger.

  11. On the contrary, ALH84001, more shit-slingers get away with it than are ever called to account. That’s why they’re recidivist offenders.

    When I went online and saw that Amanda Easterbrook had a ‘Give a Little’ page soliciting donations for her small dog injured by another dog, I felt nauseated. I wished that I hadn’t bought, or read this excellent book. I don’t have the language to describe the dynamics played out here.

    Amanda Easterbrook, former PA of Warren Powell – of whom Blomfield fell foul – provided to the SFO eight pages of documentation of “evidence” of Matt Blomfield’s listed ‘crimes’ based on her, Amanda’s evaluation of Matt’s files, emails and documents; she ‘navigated the hard drive,’ ‘found evidence’, put documentation up online for the SFO to examine.

    Sorry about the dog. Maybe Amanda will give the change from $8000 collected to Matt, although I don’t know why she didn’t have her dog insured, I really don’t.

    I reckon that if I were a SFO high-uppie, I’d be looking to having a good look ASAP at that Whale Oil book coming out, and to revisit my exact position, as it were, in the dirty games people play.

  12. is there any way we could donate towards a private prosecution of cameron slater he belongs in jail

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