BREAKING: New Zealand Treasury Hacked!


This is an extraordinary turn of events, the budget information National used to embarrass the Government was hacked from Treasury

…this is unprecedented in NZ political history, leaks are one thing, but to specifically hack the Treasury to steal budget information is completely another.

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The Government now faces a hacked and leaked budget which will over shadow the well being element of their political framing.

This is unacceptable.

UPDATE: Simon Bridges has fired back wildly at any suggestion of a hack…

…someone is lying and someone is going down.


    • You’re right @ Z. No one talks about the poos of Jesus!?
      You’d think someone some where would have something in a jar? The Holy Floater!
      ( If I shit myself, or if I never shit again, I’ll know God has no sense of humour. But then I look at paula bennett and I feel reassured. )
      Treasury hacked? Sure it was. By whom? Who knows? Why? That’s a good question, if I do say so myself.
      If any of you dears think there’s some fundamental difference between labour and national ? Aw… how sweet. Nice to live in hope isn’t it?
      To give you an inkling as to my thinking…
      Michael cullen? Isn’t he still hung upside down in labours darkest closet? Whispering damp, toxic little muses into shell pinks? Wasn’t he a crypt crawler from the dark-ages of the dawn of neo liberalism? And still up labour? Stabbed dear old Jim Anderton in the back? Or was it the front?
      “Oh! What webs we weave, those of you who practise to deceive.”
      The ties that bind labour to national are taught with strain as we wade ever closer through their bullshit to the truth.
      Any diversion in these desperate times, aye boys?
      National may have had a sneak peek at the bludget. So what? Is that the cover of the work of fiction I see? Nice white people with clean, neat teeth.
      If you’re inclined to fall for this absurd, tabloid-esque garbage? I have a bridge to sell you? It links the North Shore with the down town forests of bankster buildings along the Auckland harbour. Nice wee bridge…? Could let it go to you for, say, a $-bazillion? A pre budget fire sale price!
      ( I’m writing the latter broadly @ Z. I’m not targeting you at all. )

  1. Well, there are foreign spies in the Beehive working as MPs… nobody should be surprised…

    The only vaguely surprising thing is that the uprising/ civil war hasn’t start yet… give it time, it will…

    • FFS Castro, still keen on the non existent civil war that’s been coming for years now, in your own head!

      I never assume or guess what any poster does for a living, what job they may have, but I honestly cannot fathom you actually having a full time job Castro. Wishing and praying for a civil war on a daily basis does not bode well for someone in gainful employment. Am I wrong and indeed you are working full time? If so I apologise and then have to change my outlook to you being self employed and not part of a team!

  2. May as well release the budget first thing in the morning and take back the initiative. Then flog who ever leaked it.

  3. This will likely impact more against National than Labour.

    It’s a criminal act. Whether Simon Bridges can be charged as an accessory after the fact is up to the police to determine.

    Bridges was idiot enough to act on this illegally hacked material. He is unlikely to have commissioned it, he’s not that big an idiot, but he may have been idiot enough to let himself be set up by possibly one of his own party weary of the fact that he’s still sitting at number one when who knows who is still hungering after his job.

    • Sorry to say this, but Bridges is correct, a simple search on Google of all things, and a few manipulations of cached content, means you can still access this. Treasury have made a stuff up here. I’m sure itll all come out in the wash.

    • Why is it that as soon as someone in power says hacked everybody just falls over themselves to accept this as the narrative. Surely we’ve seen enough of this already to be just a little bit sceptical?

  4. Evidence of illegal hacking of Treasury systems! This is terrible, more so if the hacker’s intention was to hand over a particular official confidential document to a third party intent on personal gain, who in turn maliciously releases it to media!

    Now police are involved, this piece of news might give cause for a certain someone to fall silent for a time, well as far as divulging confidential information that is, which is now in the public domain without permission of the document’s owner!

    Oh dear, could be some sleepless nights coming up for a very naughty boy!

      • Gosman, if it’s shown that the Nats were complicit in hacking treasury or knew where the information came from, where does that leave the so-called “ law and order” party?

      • Pleased my comments gave you a laugh Gosman. I like to put a smile on peoples’ faces and make them happy.

        However, now Simon Bridges has said Natz didn’t receive details of the 2019 Budget through a (Treasury) hack, then perhaps he will now expose the source of the information he received he so willingly dribbled and divulged to media.

      • Gosman, so you think a potential crime being committed is a matter for mirth??

        I thought you right wingers were tough on crime

        Or is it only when brown people do it?

  5. Judith Collins will be laughing her head off tonight. Fortunately she doesn’t know anyone with the background to hack stuff for political advantage. Or have known anyone who would off their own bat want her to be advantaged by such devious things without her knowledge.

    Peters was in Parliament today taking about horse racing. Didn’t hear him mention a Wooden Horse but the biggest one of all could have been just outside there crapping in the foyer.

    • Judith Collins is a well qualified lawyer, and a former good Minister of Police. She is just as unlikely to do this as Bill English would be to perform an abortion.

  6. Falsely smeared?

    Are you smeared, are you not smeared?

    He is as illiterate as are his Crosby textor wannabes, long may he reign.

  7. They could have saved the effort and just asked Jian Yang what was in the budget.
    This is becoming comical.

  8. I mentioned over at The Standard Blog site, that there was something fishy about this release and the way old mate from the “No Mates Party” going off like a runaway .50cal HMG in a T50 turret or a belt fed mortar. Heck even his statements didn’t make any sense at all, hell even the right wing shellbacks over at we’re going off their tits. I mean complaining about the $1.3B on new Transport Aircraft to replace the near 60yr old C130 H models for 5 new J Models or tanks for teachers! WTF is he or his staff smoking at this morning or Meth? the last real tank (M41 Walker Bulldog which replace the old Cents) that the NZDF had were retired in 1982 when old Robbie brought the CVR(T)’s off the Poms.

    If he was an old dog or cat with cancer it would’ve been put down by now. Anyway if this was a hack by someone connected to the “No Mates Party” then this a very new low in NZ Politics and these clowns or muppets should face a wee stint in the clink.

    So up yours you disgusting clowns and your party.

    • I agree with Lprent. These guys, who ever they are idiots. I mean you don’t give top secret information to your friends, correct? You release the information to all major networks that kind of muddies the water. Exploiting human and structural weaknesses endemic to any large human organization which compromise their otherwise mathematically or technically imposing defenses. I’d probably get the budget faster than Lprent could just by dressing up as the mail man and delivering a fake nobel prize in economics to Robertson in exchange for the budget than whatever scheme a random python script kiddie or a pre-computer era guy could come up with.

      I mean, it wouldn’t work, sure, but it sure as fuck is more plausible isn’t it? Who ever threw around these buzzword “hack” as if they have some keenly aware sense of knowledge and skill about the subject also needs to zip it.

    • Yes indeed, and isn’t he best buddies with Judith? Something is starting to stink here – shit’s gonna get real on this I think.
      It would be public suicide to say that there were over 2000 attempts to hack the database then go to police with it if such a claim wasn’t true.

  9. If it was given to Bridges as a result of a hack or whilstle-blow doesn’t that put him in the same boat as Julian Assange. If it’s good enough to stay silent on Julian’s treatment let’s educate him, jail him now..let the msm manufacture lies about Simon.

    Of course that won’t happen, Simon is part of the power elite so it’s different rules for him.

    • The difference is the difference between a leak and a hack. Wikileaks recieved leaked material. Remember? There was no Russian hack. If Bridges recieved leaked material all good. So now it just becomes all part of the game for those with the power to claim that everything is hacked to both shut down the inconvenient questioning and to justify the increased powers and money to the spies. And the claims by treasury of large numbers of strikes could easily be smoke as they were with the DNC “hack” and the very amateur crowdstrike report. Large numbers of strikes might just be normal behaviour on the week leading up to the release of sensitive information

  10. This just shows national have no ethics and will do anything to get into the halls of power shame on them but they wont care

    • And this is different from every other party how?
      Anyone who accepts Winston Peters as a coalition partner to get power is utterly shameless.

  11. Isn’t it a bit like receiving stolen property the receiver is seen as the main instigator as without the receiver there would be no thief.

    • Besides that. Simon Bridges has allowed himself to become the mouth piece of some manipulative ventriloquist that hacked treasury. He’s done.

  12. There may have been hacks, but that is not how National recieved this information. As NoRightTurn has just posted, this information is easily obtainable online, by anyone with a small amount of computer competency. Robertson is digging a large hole for himself here, unfortunately I cant see him climbing out.

    • 1. Bridges received highly confidential information that could be potentially damaging to the NZ economy and markets.
      2. Bridges has reported and distributed this information which has ended up online. This is highly irresponsible. Would you or I do this?
      4. Simon needs to co-operate with the NZ police immediately and help identify the source of the leak.
      5.NZ’s national security has been breached which comes before personal gains in politics.
      6.This is a wakeup call for all our security agencies. All politicians need to be trained immediately in national security issues and receive a revised high level security clearance.
      After a thorough investigation action needs to be taken. Government or opposition.

      • Bridges thrives in this arena. Remember the Mallard becoming speaker incident. Bridges was all over Hipkins like a rash in his gotcha moment. Bridges has no integrity,scruples or principles. In fact the man should’ve been a plumber instead of a lawyer given the amount of leaks he’s involved in.

        • Please don’t insult Plumbers, he’s more of a tradesman asshole (assistant) than a plumber.

          Hate to see him fix a leak in a dike or at your local stop bank at his current strike rate for leaks? You might run out sandbags fairly quickly.

  13. I have little doubt Bridges is right and likewise agree that Robertson SHOULD resign. But he won’t.

    • resign my arse stop dreaming Jay what would he resign for he didn’t do anything wrong someone has tried hacking apparently 2000 times sounds like a real desperate person so someone has been up to no good we need to find out who and how as we already know why national are so so desperate and desperate people do desperate things

      • It’s the false and salacious allegation he should resign for.
        He won’t and he can’t because he is one of Labours few competent MPs.

        • He made no “false or salacious allegation”. If you genuinely believe that you are a messed up idiot.

          All Robertson did was repeat exactly what he was told by Treasury and advise they (Treasury) have decided to put the matter in the hands of the police. In the circumstances he suggested National not release any further details. Sound advice.

          And note: Bridges and co. heeded it and have not released any more information.

          All the brouhaha from Bridges since is just a pitiful attempt to distract attention away from their own unethical and possibly unlawful behaviour.

      • Could be 2,000 different persons trying once each Michelle, or 1000 persons trying twice each, or 500 persons trying 4 times each, or some innocent little child did it all by accident like the time I telephoned France and a kid with zero English took 15 minutes to understand what I wanted, and Grant Robertson didn’t offer to resign over it, and nor should he have.

        National has long had a problem with leaks – cos there’s so many drips among them – that they need a resident urologist. Didn’t they accuse J-L Ross of leaking too ?

        They really all need to tell the truth to any police investigation, except for you-know-who, who has her own inimitable way of filtering info for maximum soiled impact.

    • Jays, you have a strange view on the difference between victim and perpetrator? Do you also think women who are sexually assaulted should be prosecuted because they happened to be in the wrong place and wrong time?

      A patently stupid attempt at deflection

  14. Simon Bridges claims he got a leak. The only way he can know it was not as a result of the hacking of the Treasury site, is he knows the who and thus another means of how.

    If that is the case, and there was also an attempt since Sunday to identify the Treasury pages the data is to made available to the public then

    1. the hacking could have been an effort to cover up the leak source (protect the leaker and thus allow the same source to used again next year)

    2. the “hacking” was done to implicate Treasury and their Minister as responsible for lack of data security (having pages set up for data release but not yet for public access – and someone then identifying/cached pages for this and suggest a hacking of information).

    • Or the “hack” is just a red herring to hide incompetence or Unwilling to admit to someone leaking.

  15. Seems all very Seth Rich to me, easily available data is obtained by simple means because the Wellington IT Old Boys Club has been concentrating its efforts on padding contracts rather than keeping data secure, so rather than admit there was a screw up, the government is falsely alleging they were hacked.
    The only part still uncertain is whether anyone is going to die over it or whether some innocents such as the Tongan Internet Society already alleged to be involved in astro-turfing sites critical of their caricature of a King are gonna be fitted up for this cock-up.
    Does this mean when anyone in Aotearoa posts anything controversial and/or critical of the airhead the reply is gonna read “Aloha, how is the weather in Nukuʻalofa cuz?”

  16. After decades of loyal service, the Deep State tried to frame him for espionage. Shunned by the public and betrayed by the elite, he would embark on a bloody quest for revenge that would leave a nation shocked. He would become

    The Avenger

  17. Let me get this straight. A man with some kids came into an airport and was taken to a room and harassed because of some book he had?

    But the law enforcement agencies, none off them charged with keeping New Zealand safe can take Simon Bridges into a room and demand he tell them how he got confidential Government information?

    Yea, that sounds fair.

    • We were once warned about the ” evil empire ” the former Soviet block.

      Yet the real evil is being perpetuated in the name of freedom and democracy.

      The hypocrisy is sickening !

  18. There is most certainly no honour amongst thieves when it comes to the NZ National Party.

    Their very MPs are the lowest of the low. If they, the National MPs and especially Simon Bridges, had an ounce of respect or credibility he and they should have not released the Budget information to the mainstream NZ media or the public prior to the Budget release date i.e 30.5.19.

    But no. They showed how low and shallow they are prepared to go to try attaining some sense of so-called ‘upmanship’.

    The bad reflection back upon the NZ National Party should result in Simon Bridges resigning from his post of leader of the Opposition. But in an attempt to take attention away from his failures Bridges resorts to blaming someone else.

    Bridges is an ideal liar at the best of times. But right now he claims Grant Robertson has lied. That sort of assertion by Bridges is almost like the pot calling the kettle black.

    There is a biblical quote about one taking the log out of ones own eye before trying to remove a speak from their brother’s eye. There is such a huge log in Simon Bridges’ ‘eyesight’ that he is showing how hypocritical National can be even perhaps 19 months out from the next election.

    And because of Natonal’s actions to date I wouldn’t vote for them ever again. And I don’t think Simon Bridges is really suitable as the leader of the NZ National Party. He is as hopeless and stupid as any National Party MP can ever be. But still I suggest National keeps him as their leader because we NZ voters need to have someone to laugh at and Simon Bridges is such a suitable candidate for the Clown of the Year Awards.

  19. Lol so no hack it turns out.
    What a bunch of towering fuckwits we have in Wellington.
    Encompassing the government, the opposition and treasury in this instance.
    Grossly incompetent on all fronts – a great argument for small government, sack the lot of them.

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