Brian Bishop’s Bad Boys vs Alfred’s Anti-Abortion Angels: Get your invisible magical flying Wizard out of our politics and NZs collective uterus!


There is a story behind the Herald’s Paywall suggesting that Alfred’s Anti-Abortion Angels might consider cutting A deal with Brian Bishop’s Bad Boys. I think that’s what it says because I don’t have a paywall subscription and while I prayed to god to part the Paywall, he didn’t.

And come on, are you really going to pay to read Claire Trevett?


Isn’t it more believable that a supernatural being formed the entire Universe in 6 days?

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Look, I’ve spent far too much energy privately goading Brian Bishop’s Bad Boys into running so that they would spike Alfred’s Anti-Abortion Angels to let this end with these two wounded egos actually working together.

Brian Bishop’s Bad Boys vs Alfred’s Anti-Abortion Angels would be fun for its cannibalism of religious right vote but Brian Bishop’s Bad Boys + Alfred’s Anti-Abortion Angels would be a God given recruitment tool for Labour.

Could you actually imagine a National Party led by Judith Collins propped up with Bishop Brian Tamaki and Acolyte Alfred?

That would be like the Night King joining up with Thanos and Voldemort to write social policy.

Please, please, please join forces.




    • I’d give them a fifty fifty chance. To many are assuming because Christian parts have failed to achieve the 5% threshold won’t win an electorate seat this time. Thing is Falou espoused something, that mainstream has abandoned the Christian roots that mainstream shoved down there throats. Could be enough to tip them over.

  1. Kia ora Martyn
    Your suggestion that the religious right should keep “out of our politics” implies that religious believers have no place in secular political system.
    I tend to agree, but I assume my reasons would be different to yours.
    In recent decades attempts to explicitly introduce religious principles into New Zealand politics have been conspicuously unsuccessful, and those who have been tempted to do so have too often been hypocritical and ambitious individuals who do not (whatever you might think) truly represent mainstream religious believers.
    But setting that aside, some sound analysis of the issues that divide religious conservatives from secular liberals would do more good than your anti-religious polemics, amusing as they may be to the militantly atheistic among us.
    The left stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that liberalism (which it chooses to call “progressive liberalism” as though that somehow makes a meaningful distinction from “neo-liberalism”) serves the capitalist agenda, entrenches capitalist values, and demoralizes the working class. The right, including the fascist right, has not been slow to take advantage of this historic failure of the secular left, and your diatribes against those who oppose abortion, drug abuse and so on (in lieu of intelligent discussion of the actual issues) will only serve to further alienate the more socially conscious elements of the working class.

    • Calling the conservative working class of a “social conscience” if they oppose civil unions, same sex marriage, the criminalisation of drug use and sex industry workers is not novel. It is still wrong.

      The regime they would have over these people is no less oppressive than the one the neo-liberal would impose on the working class.

      You fail to note that most progressive liberals would support a social democracy with more state provision and economic security.

  2. One good thing can be said about Bishop Brain – he has tried, via his controversial prison programme, to get a message out that beating up on women isn’t ok. For that I thank him.

    Similarly, Sue Bradford’s controversial anti-smacking bill, got the message out that beating up on our children isn’t ok. For that I thank her.

    Alfred ? I thank him for giving me a bit of a laugh – whenever I mention his name to anyone they laugh, and having a good laugh is sort of nice.
    It’s infectious. It spreads. By tomorrow I expect Nelson, Wairarapa, Hawkes Bay, Pitt Island and Dipton to be totally hysterical.

    (Will he get his own motorbike do you think or will he have to share ?
    If so, who with ? Will he count as one of Hannah’s immigrants ?)

  3. The Tamakis haven’t done there homework it was obvious from last nights interview and our mainstream media are having a field day good on them they haven’t had much to be joyful about since their mate john the great (liar) left parliament.

    • Listening to Hannah Tamaki being interviewed was almost physically painful. If you want to get into politics, it’s probably a good idea to actually know stuff, as opposed to talking in vague generalities and cosy family anecdotes.

      If religious leaders want to be taken seriously, laying off the designer suits, excessive hair product and conspicuous bling would probably be a good start. Humility and all that.

  4. Being a bit heavy on the sarcasm from one who conducts Bar Mitzvah’s, aren’t we , Martyn?

    Apart from that , sad thing is those of the christian faith are all too often lumped into being ‘right wing’. When in fact if one were to look into some of the social aspects of the original teachings and communal emphasis of the early Christians one would see they were more socialistic than anything.

    If you want extreme far right wing look at Emperor worship and the fascism under the Roman Empire. And the people thrown to animals to be butchered in the Colosseum’s.

    It is true , however, that unscrupulous political leaders down through the ages have long courted the christian vote to further their own ends. And it has been used as a method by the same to hold the illiterate working class in their place- especially easy when in medieval periods only monastery’s were the centers of learning, and everyone else did not have the benefit of researching what they were hearing from the pulpit was actually what was taught in their Bibles.

    But yeah ,… linking up with National the materialist party is hardly a good step in furthering the true socialistic stance of the early New Testament doctrines of ‘community’. Same mistake the Catholic church made in its uneasy truce with the Nazis.

    But at the risk of sounding snide… you yourself Mr Bradbury have knocked the woke left for alienating people… I would also warn you not to alienate a fair amount of the population who are Christians ,- and who don’t necessarily agree with Tamaki or the other guy…

  5. isnt about time the ird had a good look at the tamakies income the old bishop need to man up and pay his fair share

  6. Whatever happened to liberal tolerant intelligent pro feminist liberation socialist Christianity?

    ( not the patriarchal misogynist priest caste contraceptive banning sexually abusing Catholic Church or the Evangelicals or the USA warmongering Moral Majority )

    In a secular society only the best of compassionate egalitarian New Testament Christianity can foot it against the other religions of patriarchal monotheism and extremism

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