Goff’s budget blowouts have maxed out ratepayers Credit Card – John Tamihere


Mayoral candidate John Tamihere says Goff’s Budget Blowouts have confirmed the mayor’s spending is outof control and he has “maxed out” the ratepayers’ credit card.

“We’ve seen massive budget blowouts under his watch – a billion dollars for CRL, 75% blowout for Queens Wharf Dolphins, transport budgets up 7% while they have cut 40 bus services, and today we heard about a further $14m blowout for the Aotea Centre,” Tamihere said.

“And that’s all that he’s confessed to. What else is he hiding?”

Tamihere said money had to be allocated for major infrastructure, but even councillors were kept in the dark over major expenditure and the Auckland ratepayer were paying for services which should be paid for by central government.

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“There must be expenditure for major capital projects, but on Goff’s present settings, there is only one way to go, and that is to tax and rate Aucklanders even more because he’s already taken Auckland Council’s debt levels to their maximum,” he said.

“Under Goff’s lack of leadership, Aucklanders are subsidising central government with spending on homelessness, housing, and social services.

“Ratepayer money should not be used to prop up the central government’s responsibilities. Goff is indiscriminately emptying the pockets of Aucklanders, and he’s hurting the poor the most.”

“However much lip stick Goff puts on this pig of a budget tomorrow, he is penalising this generation of ratepayer, who are left carrying the failures of infrastructural investment.”

Tamihere said Goff will tomorrow force councillors to sign off on his multi-million proposal. Councillors

were given 48 hours’ to absorb Goff’s proposal – which is still lacking in detail.

“I am amazed that Goff’s budget proposal has to be approved by ambush,” Tamihere said.
“The elected protectors of citizens – the 20 councillors – get 48 hours to consider and vote on a multibillion dollar budget proposal set by Goff. That is no way to run a city.”


  1. I don’t support Goff but I will never forget Tamihere’s “front bum” comments. He is a misogynist.

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