Cough-cough more than 11000 still on waiting list for state housing


The Government want to call it ‘social’ housing rather than state housing so that the responsibility sounds like it’s a problem the community has to solve and not the state.

So for all the politics of kindness and year of delivery, on top of the enormous homelessness we have 11000 on the waiting list…

More than 11,000 people still on the waiting list for social housing

The Government is defending a “small quarterly increase” in the wait for social housing despite a 40 percent hike from the same time last year.

In total, 11,067 people remain on the waiting list for state and community-provided housing.

…we are not seeing the vast investment into state houses we need to seriously challenge the housing and homelessness crisis.

The question is why not.

Part of the answer is 9 years of under investment by National, the other part is because Labour signed a self constraining agreement to our Corporate Overlords to not borrow for a mass state house building programme.

This Government can’t be blamed for a decade of neglect, but they sure as hell are the architects of their own shortcomings.


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  1. One thing i can see where i live in the Hutt Valley is the HNZ flats and homes are being tenanted unlike when national were in power our HNZ homes were left empty for months and wrecked despite many people living in their cars.
    So i can see this coalition are trying to house people and they are doing a better job of turning the state houses over. I also want to remind people it is not only kiwi build struggling to sell 500k plus homes so are some developer cause the homes are too dare and over priced match boxes.

  2. There is only one solution to this embarrassing performance by the ‘coalition government’, that is for Twyford to resign.

    The whole shambles that KiwiBuild has become is an utter embarrassment to the government, and the continued efforts to try and defend the failed policy and the endless excuses and distractions do cause massive harm to Labour and its MPs.

    Add the other u-turns, back-downs and cases of non performance in key areas, the damage done will be so great, voters will not have any improved ‘faith’ in our elected politicians and governments, fewer will bother voting, fewer will see any sense in voting for a lesser evil, as that is all that we have got with the Greens backed ‘coalition government’.

    It would have been better they had stayed in opposition, showed some principles, and let National govern with Winston and co. Less harm would have been done, and then we could have had a progressive government from 2020 on for three terms.

    The way this lot is going, they will be a one term government. If they should still win 2020, it will only be due to a weak opposition and especially a weak, useless Simon Bridges as ‘leader’.

  3. The Labour Coalition will be judged on this issue alone ie providing State housing affordable rentals for homeless New Zealanders

  4. It would be interesting to lodge an OIA to find out how much money HNZ has spent on it’s Youtube channel. Basically the videos are (imho patronising and offensive but perhaps that might just be me…) successful tenants telling us how great their lives are now they are housed, and how horrible their life would have been if HNZ didn’t exist.

    Unfortunately I can’t even find the channel despite the last tenant video coming out just last week.

    Idiots can’t even rank their videos. Pathetic was of money.

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