Parliament has a toxic culture – when you consider what public service do to beneficiaries are you surprised?


Parliament is a toxic workplace with a systemic bullying problem – Francis Review

Parliament is a toxic workplace with a systematic bullying and harassment problem, a sweeping new review has confirmed.

Staff have reported a known minority of MPs who engage in “inappropriate behaviours on a regular basis” and were described as “various shades of s….”.

Some had “low people-management experience, poor self awareness and a big sense of entitlement”.

So the working environment in Parliament is as toxic as your average WINZ Office.

Are any of us surprised that Parliament is a toxic workplace when you consider what public servants do to beneficiaries?

When your job is to bully beneficiaries all day, throw state tenants out onto the streets, deprive prisoners of basic rights and ignore the mentally ill, is it any shock that culture of spite permeates up to the highest levels?

Let’s dump the faux shock, it’s beneath our collective intelligence.


  1. Exactly right and the sad part is like beneficiaries everything will be swept under the carpet. Those cabinet ministers bullying the workforce and each other should be made to account for their behavior and if they have broken the law bring them to justice.

    To make it worse it kind of hint at a Sexual Predator within Parliament Halls. How come this is allowed to continue when the elected people in Parliament are supposed to uphold the law.

    Too many discrepancies in the law. If Parliament doesn’t do anything then that will say there is a law to govern the rich and those in Power and the law to govern the common people.

    That kind of shows with outcomes of court cases as well if you have the money you can rest assure you have a big chance of beating whatever you have been charged with if not prepare to go to jail if one of the appointed lawyers could only work with limited resources.

  2. With regards to this report on bullying at parliament this from RNZ

    “Now it has been laid bare in the report by independent reviewer Debbie Francis but still the elected representatives guilty of grossly abusing their positions remain anonymous and will likely never be publicly identified.”

    We have a right to know who these individual MPs are after all they are responsible for their behaviour as elected and appointed individuals.

    This is a cop out !

  3. Good points, WINZ/MSD and ACC staff too, get paid to bully on a daily basis, and extra rewards if they drive people to the very brink–and most importantly–get them to disengage from seeking assistance.

  4. And now we can ameliorate the unfairness, as is our social democrat wont. Maggie Barry won’t be back. Why do you think the best of the meritocratic elite acclaim kindness as the highest value? Let’s not provide low bushy cover for bullies, despite and because of their prominent place in the founding Labour movement.

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