3 days to go until thousands of students strike from school – School Strike 4 Climate


There are now only three days until May 24th, when thousands of school students across the country and the world will strike from school to demand the Government treat climate change as the crisis that it is.

There are currently over 25 events planned across Aotearoa. Some communities are doing tree plantings and beach clean ups while others are marching. MPs and local councillors have been invited to the events so students have the chance to ask questions and set the conversation. Details of the events in different parts of the country can be found here:

One of our School Strike 4 Climate NZ coordinators, Sophie Handford, 18, says “Our generation happen to be alive in the exact window of time that we have to turn this around… so let’s do it!! Join us this Friday to strike from school, write letters to your local MP and mayor, plant trees, rally your friends and make some change!”

We have very clear demands of the Government for this strike and strikes to come. No party is currently doing enough about climate change.

We demand that our Government, and Governments around the world do everything in their power to limit warming to 1.5 degrees to safeguard our right to a future on Earth.

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• We demand that the Government acknowledges the magnitude of the climate crisis by declaring a climate emergency. This move will set the narrative for the urgent pace at which we need to act on climate change, but must uphold our democratic systems and obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

• We demand that all parties in Parliament support passing an ambitious Zero Carbon Act into law that puts in place a legally enforceable plan to get to zero carbon by 2040.

• End fossil fuels – we demand that the Government ceases all new exploration and extraction of fossil fuels. This includes not granting any extensions of existing permits. This must be paired with Government’s investment in renewable energy production and sustainable transport systems to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

• We demand that the Government invests in building a renewable and regenerative economy now. This means immediate investment in retraining and the provision of alternative jobs in clean, sustainable industries that don’t harm the ecosystems on which we depend for survival. This must be done through meaningful partnerships with communities, Tangata Whenua and youth to ensure a just transition and that no one is left behind.