Sean Plunket’s Working Group with Bomber Bradbury & Damien Grant: Ngaro in Botany, Christchurch call, Police admission on social media watchlist, Game of Thrones Finale, Water Issues



  1. China are the main player who are reaping the benefit of our stupidity of giving our water assets away for nothing and National set us all up for this loss of our strategic asset of water which is a total tragety as we alll are forced to drink contaminated municipal tap water that is fulll of chlorine and in some cases fluoride and other contaminated ground based chemicals that are all harming us all and causing cancer.

    Jacinda stop these ‘privateers’ taking our only source of clean uncontamiinated water and also clean up our municipal water supply.

    • When I think about trading and relationships I’m thinking about how do I bring value to the customer, how can I maintain this relationship and what are the tools ect required. Water is one ingredient, but can we be sure that spending this nationally vital and strategic asset is in both nations long term strategic interests.

      And well New Zealand has agreed to supply strategic partners with some where in the ball park of 10 billion litres of water and I do think of this not just as a contract but as a relationship. The contractual part of it is the:

      “Revenue = incentives, innovation and outputs.”

      Effectively in delivering regulated outputs to customers we New Zealanders have to be delivering reliability, safety and great environmental performance from our existing assets.

      We just need to take big steps forward in planning and effectively we need to see where our assets are against policy so people can get an overview of where everything is and then make much better decisions on where we need to do work. In the past decisions are was based much more on a time duration so hunting seasons was locked into a calendar cycle with out really checking if populations can handle it. And now we need to base those risks more on critically thinking about strategic assets.

      So what the government really needs to do is our own environment programmes. We need to develop a data base on our environment that can be easily accessed by the public perhaps through state broadcasters so that we are not just talking about the environment but we are actually getting on and making things happening.

      This would be a different way in which project management is usually done in New Zealand and in government. What usually happens is things are set in stone 2 years ahead and by the time outputs have been delivered the end users have changed and the business case models have changed. Okay, so now we require a change in mind set so that we are constantly refining things and we need reliable data to be able to do that, so that by the time what ever project is delivered it is going to be exactly the business. And perhaps some fringe benefits is projects are delivered earlier.

      So it’s a stock take basically of all government assets and if normal people are able to define assets properly and work with in a frame work then who ever will be able to invest like the pros. And another thing we need is a maintenance log so people can see in what conditions are everything in and again transmitted via public broadcasters and when it is or will be maintained and that will be a useful thing for managing risks.

      For us to get this in we need to be really keeping at Jacinda and her caucus and a little bit for Simon Bridges so he knows not to fuck with us. A lot of the architecture is already there, the budget reconstruction, the law reforms, NZStats research and delivery. We just need Jacinda to bring it with the technology and the pace so we can get the desired environmental outputs across the whole of the economy and government and to make things happening in less than one year which is unprecedented when you’re 5-10 years into regulatory deals. You just want to be getting the benefits as quickly as possible and we just need to all of us work well as a team.

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