Do we really want a Christian Zionist being the tail wagging a National dog?


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Ummmmmm. Do we really want a Christian Zionist being the tail wagging a National dog?

Alfred Ngaro forming his own religious right wing party and using the MMP coat-tailing rule by winning Botany is a genuine threat to progressives and anyone who likes to read.

With conservative Christian Pacific Islanders feeling alienated by the Israel Folau backlash, Euthanasia, Abortion and cannabis reform, Ngaro is guaranteed at least 4%.

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Ngaro of course is a graceless nightmare….

Firstly Ngaro is a particularly nasty political operator. I saw him at a public meeting blame the Glen Innes community for the many social problems which have bedevilled all New Zealand’s low-income communities and use that to justify National social cleansing the area for the rich.

Later he told me “state housing creates dependency” as his sound bite to justify driving low-income families from their state homes.

There must be another side to Ngaro but I’ve never seen a hint of it elsewhere.

Secondly Ngaro is a Christian Zionist who, like Israel Folau, believes the Old Testament is the literal word of God and a factual account of the history of the Jewish people as opposed to an “origin myth” which most human tribes from the beginning of time have developed to give their people a sense of pride, self-belief and unity in the face of adversity.

…there was that time he allegedly punched a teacher in the head…

Punched for not praying

National Party MP Alfred Ngaro allegedly punched an atheist teacher at his son’s school for not bowing his head during a prayer.

Ngaro, a list MP and former chairman of the Tamaki College Board of Trustees, was last week dragged into the Employment Relations Authority dispute between Tamaki College and former art teacher Christopher Scott Roy.

…and let’s not forget him threatening Willie Jackson…

Lloyd Burr: Alfred Ngaro’s threat to Willie Jackson was worse than just a brain fart

Alfred Ngaro’s threat that non-government organisations shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds is extraordinary.

Not just because of his complete lack of judgement, or the fact he did it on stage in front of hundreds of National Party members, or because it shows cracks in the party’s extreme culture of discipline.

It’s extraordinary because he didn’t back down from his comments until he was forced to.

It was much more than just a brain fart or a case of misspeaking.

On Sunday, Newshub interviewed Mr Ngaro at National’s northern region conference about the sentiments in his Saturday speech, and the threat to dissenting NGOs was still there.

First though, a quick recap: the Associate Housing Minister was giving a presentation at the Auckland conference when he said NGOs like the Salvation Army and Willie Jackson’s Urban Māori Authority shouldn’t “take with one hand and fight with the other”.

In other words, he was saying if NGOs who receive government funding criticise the Government’s housing approach, they risk losing that funding.

…so Alfred is a very Old Testament kinda guy.

Brothers & Sisters.

Despite the overwhelming meaninglessness of this unprepared Government, Labour + Greens + NZFirst are lights years more preferable than a Judith Collins led National Party returned to power with a fanatical religious zealot holding power.

We cant allow ourselves to go backwards.

Simon ruling out doing any Botany deal could actually end up being the thing that finally kills his leadership. If National are mid 40s and this Christian lynch mob at 4%, all Judith needs to whisper is she would cut a Botany deal and the Caucus sensing victory would dump Bridges before the election.

Judith Collins teaming up with Alfred Ngaro would be like Cersei Lancaster joining the Night King.


  1. ” National Party MP Alfred Ngaro allegedly punched an atheist teacher at his son’s school for not bowing his head during a prayer. ”

    This violent little thug should be in prison, not in Parliament. This is plunging us back into 1950’s NZ.

    Snap election in 1951, my father was a Labour candidate. A rumour was put around that he was a communist because my oldest sister didn’t kneel in church. That was because she had ‘water on the knee,’ a medical condition.

    Ngaro’s various threats to Willie Jackson and NGO’s are disgraceful, and again the trademark of a bully – he’s using his tongue and fists as abusive men do because he is clearly an unthinking little ignoramus, and he is an utterly appalling role model for young men.

    Small wonder we have such dreadful violence in NZ with ignorant turds like Alfie failing so abyssmally to comprehend the moral responsibility which each and every one of us has towards our social community.

    National were really scraping the barrel having him as a list member and it must have gone to his head which clearly contains lots of empty spaces beneath the designer haircuts symptomatic of the vain peacock.

    • Ngaro did punch the teacher, but minimised his actions, and he ultimately got away with it. Because in my view, the teacher was not properly supported through the process, and had changed his position of wanting to take the case during the course of the matter.

      It was a bullying religious culture closely aligned with the school rugby teams. Metro magazine and Sunday papers ran quite long stories about it at the time.

      Ngaro should run so his religious nuttery can be exposed, and the reasons shown to the wider public of why we largely have a separation of church and state in this country.

    • They smell blood in the water. Tamaki, Ngaro and friends are probably bracing themselves for a crusade to combat the moral decline of New Zealand society. Or just trying to game the system on National’s behalf because they can’t win the next election fairly. National will play by the rules until such time as they don’t like the rules, after which they’ll attempt to circumvent them. Why is anyone surprised?

  2. Ngaro is a proven bully. And is also someone Natz has at present sitting in Parliament on its side. And is also it seems, quite prepared to have this thug, should he form another right wing party, prop it up in desperation!

    Desperation does strange things to a political party drifting in no man’s land, as Natz is. Says a lot about Natz mindset and attitude towards NZ.

    However, I’d like to think most Kiwis from whatever side of the political spectrum are more intelligent and concerned for their country than to vote for such a frightening, sick and threatening coalition … but who knows …! I guess they are out there though … the misogynists, the bigots, the racists, the sexists and the like and of course the most dangerous and hideous and worst of the lot, the Christian Zionists!

  3. Now the politics will be tactically degraded by our mysterious benefactors into a crude “Good Cop/Bad Cop” bullying protection racket, with the idea being to force the voter to sorely regret ever doubting the supposedly Good Cop, Labour. They’re using scare dynamics because they are terrorists. As I implied yesterday. That’s right folks this isn’t a joke. They will put you down the hole until you put the lotion on the skin. They need to be arrested and detained in high security perspex cells.

    They will continue with fraudulent initiatives that purport to address the problems they actually create, but actually won’t, and terrorizing along factional lines to polarize the populace.

    Because this model of captured parliamentary democracy effectively gives perpetual and unlimited license to harass, to a registered (and coordinated) syndicate of role playing privileged pack bullies.

    And that is why anarchy is better than this, at least in a limited transitional sense, in order to establish a new republic, where we will no longer be bullied slaves too ashamed to admit it.

  4. HA ! I think a Crusher collins and Nuts ngaro pairing would be fucking hilarious!
    Think of the fun we could have !? Oh! The adjectives! ?
    AO/NZ is about to overtake ‘Idiocracy’ at break neck speed and now we’re heading out into Deep Space Lunacy, where no kind, loving, caring human being has ever gone before.
    Ba hahaha a a a ! I can’t wait!
    That’ll learn all you lazy wankers, too complacent to be bothered to get out of bed and go and make an informed vote to maintain your precious democracy. Baha aha ahahaha a a a ! That’s right. You go ahead and sit on your fat arses, scratch your balls, sink a tinny and watch the footy. She’ll be right mate. Ba aha aabababababa ahh haha aha a a aa aa a

    Sit back and laugh… or cry. You’re still free to chose… Or are you??

    • No Sean – that’s exactly how I felt until I learned that this ghastly little Ngaro was forming his own party – and worse, seemingly establishing a Zionist cabal within the parliamentary Nats. How dare he.

      Ngaro also criticised and threatened the Salvation Army.

      This must make Ngaro unique in NZ History.

      I defy anyone to find any substantive criticism of the Sallies, who are deservedly held in high regard in NZ. We all know that if we end up on skid row, they’ll be there for us. They are the people who the historical Jesus would be linking up with – but Alfie appears to be Jesus-deaf.

      Ngaro may be from an under-developed culture, but he has a nerve coming to this country and bullying good and decent people.

      I will probably now vote again; I’ll look at NZ First this time, am on TOP’s mailing list, have left the Greens forever, may go Labour, but the Nats now contain so many people from the pages of MAD magazine, that it’s best they’re ushered quietly back to where they came from – per the OT – and we can do that by voting.

      • Snow White: “….he has a nerve coming to this country…”

        He was born here, I believe, though he is of Cook Islands’ heritage.

        If Ngaro and the Natz think that a Christian political party has a prayer (pardon the pun) of making it into Parliament, they haven’t been paying attention to – or don’t know about – political history here.

        If the Natz are looking for an electoral mate, they’re barking up the wrong tree with this turkey.

        Such parties have never attracted enough voter support to make it over the MMP threshold. And in the days of FPP, they’d have needed to win a seat; that just didn’t happen. In my view, it’s because this is a secular state: clearly, enough voters like it that way for the status quo to prevail.

        But begob, these Christian parties sure chuck up some creeps, no? Remember Graham Capill? Former leader of Christian Heritage, jailed for paedophilia in 2005. Then Colin Craig: definitely weird. And litigious. And now Alfred Ngaro, who took it upon himself to defend his faith by punching a teacher. Lovely…. These people call themselves Christian: crikey! Small wonder the voters give them the electoral cold shoulder.

        “I will probably now vote again…”

        Yup, me too. Though I’m still not sure where my vote will go. Not to the incumbents, but: I’m thoroughly disillusioned by them. I must say that ACT and David Seymour are sounding more attractive every day. I’m an old lefty: I can’t believe I just wrote that about ACT!

  5. “With conservative Christian Pacific Islanders feeling alienated by the Israel Folau backlash, Euthanasia, Abortion and cannabis reform, ”

    And we know this how?

    It could just as well be that Pacifica people arent all consumed by their religion and are as concerned with low wages, educatiin for their children, and lack of decent housing just like us pakeha folk

    Lets not lump Pacifica people in one fundamentalist bucket

    As for Ngaro, he will be gone the day after election day 2020. I pay him as much attention as one of my stray nostril hairs. Actually less

    • It was speculated that Clark lost to Key through much of the Pacifica community in South Auckland not showing up. Possibly the anti-smacking and prostitute reform laws didn’t go down too well in the churches of Manukau.

      The crazy Colin Craig, almost made, imagine what could happen if someone appealed to the Christian Samoan and Tongan communities? Labour should be concerned

  6. Given all the evidence available, and the motto being “By way of deception, thou shalt do War”
    Pointing to the ‘wagging tail’, deceives from the teeth at the other end sunk firmly into the neck of hope.

  7. Are the greens any less insane or pernicious?
    A more balanced argument is that both sides of the house are corrupt and self serving.
    The only possible exception to this is David Seymour, but give him time. He will get there eventually.

    • You don’t think that David has his sponsors? He goes to the US on a whim and a prayer in my experience….

      MPs should have their bank accounts audited once a year, including for 5 years after they retire or get voted out.

  8. It’s a well known fact that religion and politics are a bad mixture.

    But then if National wants fringe Christian Party’s amongst its flock then we know which political partys are not worth voting for i.e National, the Christian Party(if Ngaro calls it that), the Destiny Christian Party(if Tamaki gets onto the tax-evading bandwagon) and of course the pathetic and feeble excuse of a political party called ACT.

    And so whilst there are good sides of Christianity, and no I am not a Christian despite being bought up in an American created cult that doesn’t vote, there are also many bad facets in Christianity. Just as there is good and bad in so many other belief systems on this planet.

    The awful thing about these so-called ‘Christian’ political parties is they will probably resort to intimidation and bullying behaviours to get their way. Tamaki may well pull in his Black Shirts(Goodness they so sound like the Black Shirts used in NAZI Germany)to get HIS POINT across.

    My belief system is probably much older than Christianity but Christianity did try to obliterate it from the face of the earth at one time. People and especially women were burnt at the stake, hung and even tied to ‘chairs’ to drown in water. And yet Christians at the time deemed themselves as being ‘civilised compared to those non-believers they tortured and killed.

    But National appear to be obsessed with becoming government again and they apparently are prepared to sleep with whomever ensures they have that so-called majority.

    And so as National grasps at straws in the form of wannabe political parties with so-called allegiance to ‘Christ’ I am sure each political party and their ‘leaders’ will use each other and the NZ taxpayers for THEIR OWN INTENT AND PURPOSES.

    Who knows they, the various political parties, may apply the ‘Divide and Rule’ approach as long as there is no-one that questions them or shows them up for the hypocrisy they will have.

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