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  1. Wokie, gone wrong! Bullying some poor kid for not wearing enough pink on anti bullying day! And then the danger of sending him home without any contact with parents if the article is to be believed!

    This is what happens when you get an administrator culture, who are so interested in some process that in their little minds are very fixed to ‘their standard’ that they fail to recognise the big picture to be inclusive and not bully from those in positions of power aka the school teachers to the kids!

  2. Massive increased high temperatures now being recorded in the artic regions are melting all the ice sheets now. temperature just recodred at the artic of 84 degrees farenhieht says democracy now’s excellent reporter Amy Goodman yesterday on face TV.

    ” quote- In climate news, temperatures near the entrance to the Arctic Ocean in northwest Russia reached a record-shattering 84 degrees Fahrenheit over the weekend, in an area where high temperatures are normally 30 degrees cooler this time of year. This comes as the National Snow and Ice Data Center recorded a record-low sea ice extent for the Arctic Ocean in April, noting that almost all of the sea ice more than four years old is gone. Over the weekend, meteorologists measured carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere at over 415 parts per million — the highest level in human history, and a concentration that’s not been seen on Earth in over 3 million years.”

    • This was the Arctic latest report of ice loss and climing temperatures.
      as of May 2nd 2019

      We are truly fucked folks.
      Latest Artic temperatures show highest ever recorded – as record ice is lost.
      Rapid ice loss in early April leads to new record low
      May 2, 2019
      April reached a new record Arctic low sea ice extent. Sea ice loss was rapid in the beginning of the month because of declines in the Sea of Okhotsk. The rate of ice loss slowed after early April, due in part to gains in extent in the Bering and Barents Seas. However, daily ice extent remained at record low levels throughout the month.

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