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  1. I’d really love to have been surprised–privacy-commissioner and

    and then
    (especially the table contained therein which when you consider other factors such as average age, etc., one can draw assumptions about senior management and why it’s racked with neo-liberal attitude

    ……. but I’m not

    Our public service is not only stale, neo-liberal and out of touch, as Gabrielle Baker and Melissa Clak suggest, but there are some big problems that are not going to be solved without substantial reform, or with Ministers repeating like a mantra how they have complete faith in their (actually OUR) officials.

  2. Modern humanity relies on farming and crop techniques that are disastrous to the environment, that pollute, drain soils, degrade soils and water, and we live on borrowed time, yet this is called ‘economic growth’, represented in nice GDP figures:

    We are screwed if we carry on like this, humanity is SCREWED, for clinging to capitalist and highly polluting systems of production.

    Sadly the mostly urban, bubble contained, misinformed and alienated from nature population get not what the challenge and danger is.

    We face destruction, not just from climate change, but also from pollution and totally unsustainable production methods.

    You will never learn much in NZ Inc where the media is very beholden to the powers that there are, who depend largely on the agricultural sector.

  3. Forget trying to save your environment, it is too late:

    It is getting worse by the day:

    But people do not get it and carry on as per usual.

    Mass tourism, many flouting the environmental requirements, and mass trade, with few containers checked, means we can simply give up to protect the environment in NZ, as most urban people are anyway more occupied with simply getting all the same consumerist crap the rest of the world wants and consumes.

    We are killing the environment and replacing it with more monoculture agricultural production, no matter what.

  4. Thanks to Jacida’s dictatorship we get NO more info on Hamas or Islamic Jihad or any other anti Israeli groups on the web, the dictatorship she wants is working. We should be entitled to freedom of info from right and left and so, we are no more.

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