Cheating students at exploitative educational facilities doing scam degrees – how very Nu Zilind


Oh what a surprise…

Exclusive: Buying essays from ghostwriters allegedly widespread among international students at NZ universities

An exclusive 1 NEWS investigation has uncovered allegations of widespread cheating, undermining the integrity of New Zealand’s universities and tertiary institutions.

Chinese students have told 1 NEWS that as many as half of the international students studying at Auckland University buy their essays from ghostwriters.

More than 125,000 international students study in New Zealand, the biggest group from China, followed by India.

They contributed a massive $4.6 billion to our economy last year, our fifth biggest export earner.

But if cheating is as rampant as alleged what will this do for our reputation? 

…so cheating students at exploitative educational facilities doing scam degrees huh?

There should be no surprises, the fake international education industry is rife with corruption, substandard education and are mostly framed as a path way to citizenship. Desperate students who are out of their cultural spaces who have paid enormous amounts to be here are going to cheat and the big education providers don’t give two shits.

They see international students as cash cows and don’t care that ghost writing is huge business.

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We need to cauterise the entire international student industry with vastly more oversight on the crisis being taken, the fee structures, student support and eliminate citizenship pathways.

Many international students are exploited by the education provider AND any work they pick up from unscrupulous business owners (who many times are the same culture as the student they are exploiting).

We currently do these international students a terrible disservice so news there is cheating rife throughout the entire structure is the perfect symptom to a rotten industry.


  1. Oh yeah, the “poor” students… Martyn, these are the children of Transnational Capital Elite, rorting the system, destroying society and buying residency/citizenship.

    The rot goes all the way to the top… the Transnational Capital and Wage Slave Labour Parties are entirely complicit and encouraging of this treason.

    The NZ Army needs to step in and remove all traitors from the Beehive and the colonists rounded up and deported… or, just let the same shit keep happening until the wheels fall off No Zrealand society and, well… sticks and stones etcetera

    • Also many overseas middle class youth, as I have met them, who study here, it is not just the elite, but many from not necessarily rich homes, who do all to ‘better’ themselves, with ALL means to their avail.

      That is all just another symptom of a highly competitive capitalist economic system we have, solidarity was long left in the dustbin of history by most, it is me first, my family first, and my class first, screw the rest.

      We have ample examples of this happening in NZ society also, people are willing to cheat, cut corners and stab others in the back, all to get ahead and to survive.

      It will only get worse, once the scarcity of resources offered by nature and the earth will become more pressing.

      Get your survival training, get armed and get ready for the social survival war of the future, I reckon.

  2. Working as designed @Martyn.*
    Remember it’s only recently the Labour Inspectorate has started to take all this seriously and INZ are still making major fuckups.
    But Ministers continue to “have faith in their officials”.

    *And if today’s revelations (not that they were a secret) by the Privacy Commissioner doesn’t provoke a call for a few resignations, nothing will.

  3. +100 Great Post !

    This will undermine the reputation and standing of New Zealand universities

    ….and citizenship must NOT be tied to studying in New Zealand ( by cheating students)

    …the rot set in with the John Key Nact Government

    • Agreed 100 Red Buzzard, was bloody jonkys doing alright. No morals in sight for that boy! Great post Martyn, and like you say, Gee what a surprise, another rotten industry in Godszone.

  4. This is not just about ‘exploitative’ tertiary education, it is all about commercialisation of education, it becoming a commodity, about corruption and about a drop in standards, certainly NOT unique to NZ Inc..…0.0..0.187.711.0j4……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j0i22i30j0i22i10i30.iXJ4lN2s4HQ

    Hence I have had for some years now a dim view of degrees and those going around with their titles and so.

    I used to respect studied persons and science and so, these days I am very careful with that.

    We live in a society where BS is the norm now. People do all to advance themselves, as every society is now totally competitive, we get immigrants come here with fake degrees, and it is catching on locally also.

    The others who do not offer fake degrees have obtained them with fraudulent means.

    It is all the same, so we have an education system that can no longer be taken serious and that has lost its reputation and credibility.

    I despise some ‘studied’ persons, they come across arrogant, with an entitlement attitude, and expect the rest of society to bow to them and respect their ‘judgments’ and ‘decisions’ on often very important matters.

    When we have what we have, you cannot trust their judgment, as they may have obtained their educational degree by fraud and BS artistry.

  5. Totallly disgusted with this buy a diploma or BA.

    I now think this was far more comoon than we thought.

    As a tradesman I had to sit a five year apprentiship to get my certification and those University types on my first ship to England loooked down their noses at me and now I feel proud I did it all on my own.

    • Not just a problem for tradies chum. Those of us who paid a fortune for our tertiary education (all of it borrowed and many of us still paying it back) are none too impressed that New Zealand’s tertiary education sector has gained a reputation for being greedy and willing to look the other way on student cheating in return for revenue.

      My degree, which I sweated my guts out for and most definitely did not involve cheating, is significantly devalued if the reputation of the university that granted it turns to dogshit.

      • really Simon you need to blame the national government they cut university funding and they were trying to privatise education and everything else they could sell or get their dirty little hands on.

        • I blame the National government for the entire disaster Michelle (and a whole lot more besides).

          Quality education used to be seen at as a long-term good for the nation and its citizens. Now it’s just a fly-by-night ponzi scheme in which getting rich before the whole thing implodes is the only objective.

  6. Our society will be becoming year by year more corrupt with immigrants who got NZ citizenship this way. Start shipping them out.

  7. The problem of “essay buying” is definitely a problem in some types of study, particularly arts degrees in humanities subjects because most of the marks come from essays, and it isn’t a new thing either.
    When I was studying a decade ago I got a couple of unsolicited emails offering to write essays for me for a negotiable fee. This was before Facebook etc. became fully established so I can assume they got my email address from someone at the university.
    And I did see a couple of notices on a noticeboard offering to “help” with assignments. The University staff quickly removed them but I’m sure they reappeared somewhere else.
    There are lots of websites openly offering to write an essay for money.
    When I studied most work was still delivered in hard copy (written or typed on paper) and you had to get special permission to post it on-line (usually for extramural students) but now most work is done and sent online so I suppose it makes the cheating easier.

  8. This churns my guts. A couple of Asian friends sometimes reached out to me for a hand with their essays when the going got tough back in the late 90s. Another friend would get a hand from time to time with her assignments from her Kiwi partner. It’s a continuum but it definitely slides into fraud once you’re not even drafting your own essay. The universities had better step up editing assistance and crack down on ghostwriting at the same time. But also seriously rethink entry requirements for students without an English-language education background – essay-based papers might just be too hard for most.

  9. This churns my guts. A couple of Asian friends sometimes reached out to me for a hand with their essays when the going got tough back in the late 90s. Another friend would get a hand from time to time with her assignments from her Kiwi partner. It’s a continuum but it definitely slides into fraud once you’re not even drafting your own essay. The universities had better step up editing assistance and crack down on ghostwriting at the same time. But also seriously rethink entry requirements for students without an English-language education background – essay-based papers might just be too hard for most.

  10. My concern is the cheating students coming here and taking our jobs with their dubious NZ qualification. I believe it is already happening national sold us all down the toilet.

  11. So, now it has hit the education sector. It can now be affected like everything else when immigration is the way to make a dollar.

    And don’t expect anything to change. Standards are far less important than profit.

    Just don’t complain. You may be called a “racist”.

  12. Ol’ Simon Dallow aye? Wasn’t he on ‘Radio With Pictures’?? I thought he was.
    Remember Radio With Pictures? Karen Haye etc?
    I lived in Lyttelton with a long legged gal way back then? From about 1981 to 1988 or so were tremendous times. Even the weather seemed warmer, sunnier, softer… Then, that deviant, mean mouthed, moustache sporting little man-creature called roger douglas fucked our country. ( A word on the moustache. And that word is ‘Why’? Why do that to your lip? I’ve never kissed a fellow, much less a moustachioed fellow, or at least I don’t think I have? But really? douglas? You little fuck? Why did you grow a bristle of whiskers on your top lip? What do you think that does for your stunted little self? You seen ‘Mutt and Jeff’? You’re Mutt, mate.
    During that time? I and others were never happier. Everything was as new and as fresh to a young man as one could wish for. The sex was wondrous, the music was fabulous, the pot was sweet and out door grown, my girl loved me and I loved her and her two boys adore me to this day. There were very few people my age who drank booze and the cops were not a bad bunch of guys. We never locked our house unless we went away on holiday nor our cars neither which were parked on the street. Lyttelton was populated mostly by warfies and railway workers, and us, of course. A band of miscreant musicians, writers, painters, photographers and polite delinquents. Roger douglas’s neo liberalism saw the rise of the real e-snake industry and within the period of one year, property prices rose by three hundred percent and they just kept rising. Then, gentrification. A dreadful thing to befall any bohemian enclave. Once you see shiny black European cars parked where there were once battered Austin vans? You know, you’re fucked.
    In came the lawyers, middle management and accountants with money and lots of it. Most all the old cottages were scraped, stripped and pimped via the local real e-snake office in new wigs and lipstick. Of an evenings walk? You wouldn’t have to veer past some staunch old local weaving his way home from the ‘Lyttelton’ “ C’mere! Ya fuckin’ hippy C. I’ll fuckin’ mumble,mumble,mumble… Mate? Wha’s this street? Who you then…? Ahh, you’re a good C . Ta mate. “ Now? You have to veer past Samantha walking little Tinkles the Spoodle and both sporting Prada dahlings.
    Let me quote Bertrand Russell.
    “ We are faced with the paradoxical fact that education has become one of the chief obstacles to intelligence and freedom of thought.”
    Unless, I must add, one is in the need of a medical professional. Then the more knowledge the better Bertrand, thanks all the same.
    “ I cut this thing out but you’re still sick? Fancy that?? “ Is something I don’t need to hear Bertrand.
    Cheating at getting an education is entirely acceptable and expected today. A symptom of neo liberalism. Cheating, lying, stealing, misleading, obfuscating, deflecting responsibility onto unsuspecting colleagues, never accepting responsibility for ones actions… That. Is neoliberalism in education. Thanks sir roger. Thanks mate. ( My thumb? Is up. )

    • Great writing, CountryBoy. There may be an opportunity for you make a dollar as a ghostwriter for foreign students.

  13. And we’re pretty not so nice to incomers generally — what we do to underdogs here seeping in sideways. Decency, as long as it … so not much different to any other nation.

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