Aptitude Test: A Test That Can Get the Best Profile


For any organisation, its staffs play a major role. It does not matter whether the organisation is in the field of manufacturing or servicing. The workforce must be competent to deliver the required services to the market so that the company can achieve its long as well as short term targets. Hence it becomes the duty of the HR team to hire the best people from the market who possess the required skills and can deliver the outcome. However, for any recruiter, it is not that easy to determine the quality of the candidate unless the said candidate is carried out through different tests among which the Aptitude test is a major one.

In this test, different types of questions are asked that can major the inner talent and capabilities of the candidate. There are also answers provided from which one needs to choose the right answer or one which is close to the correct answer. The questions asked in the test are related to the decision-making, facing different types of challenges in the job as well as situations that one has to face in the routine of the concerned job. It is the HR team that determines if the test is to be carried by offline mode or online. Usually, due to the location and other limits,the majority of the companies prefer to have online test only.

With the help of the questions asked in the test, the HR team can come to know the talent, potentiality and capability of handling a particular situation of the candidate. One can also see if the concerned candidate can be provided with some training that can help him improve his skills required for the concerned position. The team of HR can determine the right candidate only after verifying the results of the test and hire one who has got the best rank.

The aptitude test also checks the strong and weak sides of the candidate which can be later evaluated by the expert recruiter. The best part of the test is it can be used for the purpose of promotion and salary raise also. Hence the significance of this test is indeed incredible.

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As it can help the recruiter check all the pros and cons of a profile, it makes easy for the recruiter to hire the person after the test as one’s recruitment can be justified with the help of the test result. In the current time, single vacancy also attracts a lot of candidates to apply, and hence, this test can help the team to create some rounds with the help of which the filtration of the profiles can be easily done. Hence one can also use it as a tool for screening various profiles that can narrow down the overall test and recruitment process.

What is the accuracy of the test?

As seen earlier the utility of the aptitude test is huge, but it all depends on the validity of the same. It makes it possible to hire the best talent from the open market only if the test result is accurate. It also requires the skills of a recruiter who must be able to identify the right profile and send him for the test for the purpose of further screening. Hence, the accuracy part of the test must also not be undervalued. One must be sure that the test he carries out for the concerned profile is complete in itself and offer the right result and data that can be taken into consideration for further rounds of interview or deployment of the candidate to the concerned position. Hence, to the team of HR, this test proves much beneficial. The candidate that clears this test must be able to solve a given problem and find an accurate solution for the concerned situation.

To have the desired result of the test one may use some more tools also that can help him to determine the reality of the profile and his skills. The test rightly measures qualities in the candidate which may be displayed or not through personal interview or written tests. Hence neither only test nor other tools can be used as standalone when it comes to hiring the profile.

Here one must note that in many cases the test is developed in a way that can target a specific area of the job as the person who may be hired needs to be thorough with that only. In such test which is subject specific the accuracy of the data is inevitable.

The types:

When it comes to having the aptitude test, there are also some subtests that are part of the main test. Among the sub-tests following tests are conducted. All these tests together can only make one get the right profile of the candidate that can help the company and justify the position he is appointed on.

Knowledge test: Among the field of aptitude test, the knowledge test is the primary one. It helps one to know the knowledge level of the profile in a particular subject of the company. Hence the recruiter can know if he can justify the position offered or not. In this test, there are various questions asked related to different subjects which must be answered accurately by the candidate.

Skills test: Each job deserves the person who has some skills inbuilt which can help him get the concerned job done rightly. This test is particularly for those who apply for the job in the field of data entry, keyboard speed, and graphics designing, and typing.

Personality test: In certain jobs, the candidate needs to possess some personality which is considered as mandatory to complete the job as required. Here one is checked for his emotional balance, sociability, agreeableness and conscientiousness. He must have a good skill that can make others understand his importance and help to get the work done easily.

Ability test: Here the candidate is checked if he is capable of carrying out certain tasks or not. He must be familiar with the required skills for a specific job and respond in a way that can facilitate the achievement of the concerned task.