Paula Bennett is a political coward



Let’s get this straight, Paula Bennett is such a coward, that she refused to appear on a TV panel with Chloe Swarbrick to debate cannabis reform?

So Paula’s bullshit arguments and negative attacks on cannabis reform are so meaningless and childish that she was too scared to get in the ring with another politician who is half her age?

When you are too much of a chicken to even engage and fight your corner, you are an embarrassment as an opposition MP.

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For shame on Bennett, too frightened to even engage. She should immediately resign, I’d call her a baby but that’s being unfair to babies!

I’ve seen jellyfish with more spine.

This is pathetic of Bennett.



  1. Paula ‘Benefit’ is just another retail politician isn’t’ she?

    Shallow as a empty oil barrel and just as toxic to us as that full barrel is to the environment.

    ‘Benefit for her own self is her driver.’

  2. Bennett and National don’t want Cannabis reform. They would rather the status quo of criminals and gangs controlling the Cannabis market.

    • National need as much crime as they can muster so they can come down hard on it. You need crime to be “tough on crime”.

    • National say now they will give their MPs a conscience vote on any legislation, but I bet Bridges will wangle his way out of that on some minor technicality and whip his MPs to vote against some or all of it.
      When it comes down to the chase, National will cave under pressure from their conservative lobbies and will not look at the issues objectively.
      Lets see if I am right or wrong.

  3. All bullies are, in essence, cowards. And with cowardice comes deviancy, secrecy, back stabbings, cruelties, and ignorance. Sound familiar?
    She needs to spark up a blunt, rescue a pound dog and go for a walk in a forest with it with a bag of dog lollies and a bottle of beer and leave us the fuck alone.

    • Why inflict Bennett on a forest, Countryboy? Think the cleanness and greenness and wholesomeness would rub off on her ? Is this fair on the trees, Countryboy ? Is the environment not under enough threat already?

      This girl can come full frontal. Never ever let it be forgotten that when Jami-Lee Ross was on a major downer, Paula Lee Bennett announced publicly to the media that he had behaved inappropriately for a married man.

      For me, this gets filed under unforgivable. Totally unforgivable.

      And if Bennett thinks that this sickening righteousness made her look like some sort of virtuous hag or vestal virgin, it most certainly did not.Paula got it very wrong.

  4. Considering we are paying her enormous salary and perks i would expect her to front any debate and relish the opportunity to do so.
    The people of the Upper Harbour electorate would expect their MP to debate i am sure.
    The fact is that unless a Nat MP can appear in the safety of a National propaganda forum ( that is just about all of them ) where they aren’t really pushed that hard or don’t agree with the questions being asked then you won’t see them appear.
    Sound bites are where she performs at her best.

  5. So Bennett can bully and harass welfare beneficiaries who are amongst the most powerless people in society, but when it comes to a self confident, intelligent woman like Chloe Swarbrick, she turns tail and runs.

    Ok, got it.

  6. … ‘ When you are too much of a chicken to even engage and fight your corner, you are an embarrassment as an opposition MP ‘….

    Yes , and yet she wasn’t too ‘chicken’ to release the private details of two citizens to the general media when she was in office was she… or to justify her ‘motel solution’ to the homeless and family’s in need provided they were saddled with a debt they had no chance of ever repaying …

    Paula Bennett is a vicious bitch in the same mould as Ruth Richardson and Jenny Shipley.

    Worse, – she came from a working class background and as soon as she secured a political office with a political party that ( unfortunately ) was in power , she wasted no time at all in shitting all over working people, the sick , the elderly and the unemployed while in the social welfare portfolio.

    Again, – she is a viscous bitch in the same league as Ruth Richardson and Jenny Shipley. Except less intelligent.

    NB : Some folk would take exception to the word ‘bitch’ being used to describe an evil manipulating female of spiteful avarice. I do not and no longer care. Because the damage that these bitches do when in positions of power over others should take precedence over a simple descriptive term like calling someone a female dog. The above so named have well earned their monikers as being class A , prize bitches.

    End of story.

      • Oh yes, wasn’t pulla benefit a westie? She will surely know about Cannabis and living on the dole. A traitor to her own kind, now that she’s printing money. Please lord keep Simon and Pulla where they currently are, couldn’t be better for the col.

  7. Anyone got a white chicken feather I can send Bennett??

    Ok not really doing it

    But the thought gives me warm fuzzies

    Theres a karma about this

    Every beneficiary Bennett ever stressed out will be thanking Swarbrick and praising her to the heavens

  8. So I guess that Bennett at least has the sense to realise that she would get lacerated.
    But in terms of furthering an open debate that informs the public her refusal does us all a disservice.

    Watch this – at 7:50, Chloe’s had enough and calls her out, impressive.

  9. Chloe Swarbrick always has strong evidence based material to debate with, whereas Paula Bennett has SFA to support her argument(s). Because of this fact, Bennett knows full well Swarbrick will own her totally in any debate.

    If Bennett’s Upper Harbour constituents have any sense, they will drop her fast come next election, for her refusal to represent them adequately and fully as their elected political representative, which is the job she is very well paid for.

  10. Paula Bennett was only picked as deputy PM because National thought they’d coast to a 2017 election victory. She was the Maori, female with personality and rolling eyeballs to counterbalance with what Bill English represented. The pork and puha versus Bill’s spaghetti pizza. Why they kept her in that role post-election says a lot about National.

    I never paid much attention to Chloe Swarbrick until this particular issue. I find her someone I could disagree with but still listen to. Because she seems to know what she is talking about.

    Never got that feeling with Paula.

    • yes DX5 the fact national kept her in that role says how much they think of Maori = not much

      • Michelle I always thought that Key and Saint Bill English wanted Bennett as their 2IC’S – or whatever, was because both these very flawed fellows needed someone who it was easy to feel superior to. I don’t know if it had anything to do with her being Maori.

        Key is smarmy vulgar little bloke who could struggle to relate to well bred people. Paula would suit him just fine for the reasons most of us would want neither of them at our family dinner table.

        English is lucky not to be afflicted with Key’s vulgarity, but appears hopelessly out of touch with the nitty-gritty of the rawness of everyday life for so many of us, and too darned dopey to see Bennett, as she has been described here, a vicious bitch.

        This has nothing to do with race, it’s the sort of person Bennett is. The sad thing is that the Bennetts used to be a highly respected Maori family; but Paula in no way honours the memory of her good and decent predecessors ; she tarnishes it because she, it seems, is not. The family skeleton out of the cupboard.

        I think she actually announced the cost of her shoes to a Nat conference, and they all laughed and clapped to see her stateswomanship in action, and her neck giraffed an inch or two higher; Bennett makes her own hair stand on end, but that ain’t nothing compared to what else she’s done to others.

  11. Are we surprised?
    We are paying her to be a mean, nasty and arrogant politician who is good for nothing.
    I feel quite ripped off.

  12. I’ve been working for some time on cloning the human brain to a jellyfish, as the substrate is quit similar.
    And here we are, Paula proving the reverse was achieved decades ago.

  13. I think it was reasonable for Paula Bennett to not appear. When you’ve got nothing worthwhile to contribute why turn up?

  14. If Chloe Swarbrick engaged our farmers by any means because, ya know, primary industry and all that, she’d hit world headlines and not have to stand on bullet riddled bodies to do so.
    Farming, and I mean proper farming MUST be done holistically or we all go broke then starve.
    Shocker finding! AO/NZ isn’t reliant upon the shifty shenanigans of bankers, lawyers, accountants and/or real estate agents. Before we go all Shaolin Monk with a ball point pen we must first eat, be clothed and sheltered.
    ” Before enlightenment? Chop wood, carry water.” After enlightenment? Chop wood, carry water.”
    The way to engage farmers is easy. A special ministry of rural finance separate from the day to day runnings of our AO/NZ and before you start wailing and screaming and howling in indignation let me stress that it’d be the farmers own monies, side lined into the ministry to keep the pulse rates of the foreign banksters from quickening at the opportunities to make billions for their cadre of minions but also off-set any opportunity to cause suffering, depression and anxiety in, this instance, our primary industry that is, as it stands, entirely vulnerable and more than open for business to any corrupt, scum-bag fuck that slithers along. Remove that anxiety from our farmers? They’ll love you forever.
    We must never forget: There are those terribly $-powerful people who ENJOY causing suffering on others, the sick bastards. We should never under estimate that extremely unfortunate aspect of the human condition. Not all psychopaths wield axes while listening to Huey Lewis and The News.
    Worth a watch. Seriously
    Bret Easton Ellis wrote it:
    American Psycho.

    holistic |həʊˈlɪstɪk, hɒ-|
    adjectivechiefly Philosophy
    characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
    • Medicine characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

    • …’ Before we go all Shaolin Monk with a ball point pen we must first eat, be clothed and sheltered.

      ” Before enlightenment? Chop wood, carry water.” After enlightenment? Chop wood, carry water”…


      Damn it all , COUNTRYBOY , – what is it about so many posters here that makes me want to present songs from the 1970’s?

      And what is it about your message about stop bashing down the farmers and instead unification between the rural and urban sectors and instead ,- thinking of ourselves as one people that is so damn appealing and which makes common sense?

      Is it because we are a small Island nation near the butt end of the planet and isolated ?

      Or because we once did it right and now have maniacs presiding over us that need to be purged and got rid of ???

      Here’s one for you.

      Kung Fu Fighting, (Everybody Was) – YouTube

      And one of my favs that always cracked me up,… in an acknowledgement to the martial arts,… from Kill Bill 🙂

      Kill Bill: Vol. 2 | ‘Pai Mei’ (HD) – A Tarantino Film Starring … – YouTube

  15. Cowardliness seems to be spreading amongst our unimmunised politicians. On Friday Carmel Sepuloni fled an interview with RNZ Lisa Owen because she didn’t want to discuss the beneficiary spying scandal. Really? Our politicians can now just scuttle away if they don’t like being held to account by the people paying for their lifestyle?

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