John Tamihere – Giving leadership to the Ports of Auckland


Auckland mayoral candidate John Tamihere says selling the operations of the Ports of Auckland will give clarity and direction while future proofing the 77 hectares of prime land owned by the ratepayer.

Tamihere said a timely managed exit transition of the Ports would open the Waitemata Harbour’s Greenfootprint as well as:

  1. Deposit a much needed cash injection to ease ratepayers costs
  2. De-risk the costly relocation of the ports
  3. Add a financial stream back to ratepayers from the leased land
  4. Open up 77 hectares of prime land for ratepayers to decide its future
  5. Establish a “Transition Fund’ to support the wharf workforce into new employment

Tamihere said it was important to split the business from the land and going to market with the business was the best way to ensure the land never leaves the hands of the Auckland ratepayers.

The new ports owners would lease the land back at a credible commercial rate for up to 25 years and develop an agreed exit strategy. A transition fund would support affected ports workers.

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“The Ports must move, but exactly where it moves to will be part of on-going discussions,” Tamihere said.“But I have to give clarity and direction so we can all plan for the next 25 years. I have met with major stakeholders, including the Ports executives, the Maritime Union and transport groups to brief them on my policy.”

Tamihere said easing the ports congestion was also a priority.

“We are a city that never sleeps and like the ports operations, we must be to the forefront of this conversation,” Tamihere said.

“Auckland Transport forums and the major ports carriers agree congestion is a major problem and are identifying ways to work through a self-regulatory system.”

Tamihere said he would be releasing a Track & Road Policy shortly to address much needed infrastructure projects.

“I’m keen to look for ways for Council, Ports of Auckland, Auckland Transport, NZTA and Kiwi Rail to worktogether to get Auckland moving,” he said.



  1. Sod right off Mr Tamihere.

    Even arch neo lib Phil Goff has not yet come up with that little gem of a policy–as much as he would no doubt like to–what is JT trying to project here, some kind of twisted populism?

    A SuperMayoral candidate worth voting for has to include the following policies imo…
    • Immediately restrict the CCOs as tightly as possible, campaign for legislative change to make them either fully accountable or preferably retire them permanently
    • Fare free public transport for all
    • Slash the $100,000 plus Council salaries
    • Extend cycle and walkway networks
    • Increase ‘park & ride’ parking capacity
    • Free parking at all Hospitals and health care facilities

    • Tiger

      You are right on the nail with re-legislate power from Ports of Auckland and Auckland Transport – back to elected council.

      Had a few dealings with AT- arrogance in the extreme.

      In one session I had with AT, one of their leading negotiators acted so dumb I said and asked:

      “Medical research demonstrates that if a person acts stupid i.e feigns mental illness often enough, over a period of time they actually become what they parody. How long have you been acting dumb?

      He was already too stupid to get the message but his two younger lieutenants sniggered at him from behind his back.

      Auckland Ports and Transport need to be made accountable to the ratepayers. Regrettably, I do not see that direction signalled in John’s manifesto.

      • It is all too easy to become a moaner about the Super City. Set up to be a corporatist dream by its architects, the CCOs in particular make it difficult for any Mayor and elected Council/Boards to get on the front foot and actually run the place for the ratepayers.

        The 38% voter turnout is pretty uninspiring too, though near 100% of Aucklanders seem to like to complain about the Supercity when you talk to them!–I have been an Auckland resident for 30 odd years at various times, luckily in Far North now.

        If JT got the Auckland Transport angle for example, he might get a lot more support. Ordinary Aucklanders have no end of basic difficulties with AT. I see they spent a sum of money on researching and planning re US made facial recognition software to be installed at major intersection traffic light cams! A revenue raiser apparently for unpaid fines–not sure of the status of that one right now.

        • … ‘ I see they spent a sum of money on researching and planning re US made facial recognition software to be installed at major intersection traffic light cams!’…


          Geez, … scary, man !

  2. So Tamihere is pro privatisation huh??




    Been there. Lost my tshirt

    As for this piece of bulldust: “Deposit a much needed cash injection to ease ratepayers costs”

    What the feck do we do nect time Tamihere or his successor wantts to give a “much needed cash injection to ease ratepayers costs”??

    What does hecsell next??

    The thing with assets is you can only sell them once (except for aAir New Zealand, that one keeps coming back) andcwhat happens when you run ou5 of assets to flog off??

    Sorry JT but we did this in the 1980s and 90s and under that shyster Key

    Still to see the benefits

    Looks like Goff gets my vote

  3. Sorry Tamihere, you can keep that stuff to yourself.
    I have to say that Heather DuPlessi Allen made him look like a turkey this evening on the wireless.

  4. Is there even one Mayoral candidate with the courage to solve the housing crisis in by filling up the 33,000 empty houses in Auckland, by imposing a punitive empty homes tax on the rich greedies who own lots of houses but choose to keep them empty.

    The City of Vancouver did it to address their homelessness crisis

    Why can’t we?

    Vacancy Tax (Empty Homes Tax) Bylaw 11674
    The objective of the Empty Homes Tax (Vacancy Tax) is to return empty or under-used properties to use as long-term rental homes for people who live and work in Vancouver.

    The rate of the Empty Homes Tax is 1% of a property’s assessed taxable value.

    The Empty Homes Tax will be applied annually, with the first tax year beginning on January 1, 2017.

    All owners of Class 1 Residential properties within the City of Vancouver are required to submit a property status declaration each year to determine if their property is subject to the tax.

    Rise of the Ghost Homes NZ Herald

    Time to address the question of empty ghost houses?

    30,000 empty homes in Auckland: Is it time to tax the owners? Newshub

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