All white gun owners are learning is how NZ Police treat brown people every week


Shock horror, Police actually start doing their job…

Claim armed police raids to seize firearms ‘over the top’

Police have been accused of targeting “everyday Kiwis” during recent armed raids to seize firearms on rural South Island properties.

On Thursday, the subject of the latest of the raids was Adam Mielnik, 37, a farm manager near Ashburton, in Canterbury.

Mielnik’s uncle, Paul Mielnik, of Brockville, contacted the Otago Daily Times about the “heavy-handed” raid yesterday, concerned they could also occur in Otago and Southland.

The raid is the second of its type to come to light recently, following a firearms seizure on a west Christchurch lifestyle block on April 2, reportedly involving 30 armed officers.

…Police overkill has been a feature of urban policing for a long time now, it’s just this current group being targeted haven’t been targeted in the past.

All white gun owners are learning is how NZ Police treat brown people every week.

Facetious comments aside, there has been some suggestion from the alt-Right that Police hassling alt-Right conspiracy media and gun owners is some sort of dark deep state moving against them.

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When the police start plotting secret trials using secret evidence against you, then you can start getting nervous about the deep state.

I know some of the people being questioned and they are harmless cranks, that they are even being contacted in such obvious ways doesn’t hint at an Orwellian State about to seize power, it actually suggests that Police Intelligence is so out of its depth in terms of recognising the threat of white supremacist far right terrorists that they are running around like headless chooks before the inquiry into their incompetence highlights how blind the Police were to this threat.

It’s not just the Police of course who will be concerned about the inquiry asking how an intelligence apparatus that gets paid an estimated $300million+ a year missed this threat.

The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services), the GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau), the NSG (National Security Group), the CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee), the ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination), the SIB (Security and Intelligence Board), the CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee), the NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee) the IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate), the NRU (National Risk Unit) and the NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate) were all incompetent and all failed to detect a terrorist who plotted an atrocity on NZ soil for 2 years.

How many acronyms does it take to catch a white supremacist?



  1. Good. About time the police startdd doing their jobs

    Nil sympathy for gun nuts

    Take up macrame or stamp collecting instead

    • What constitutes a gun nut? The 12 year old kid the cops pointed their guns at?
      These people did nothing wrong except obviously being white.
      How very interesting the schism the woke left create, just like the shooter wanted.
      Racial intolerance, free speech curtailed and police clamping down on civil liberties.
      Done by the left, to law abiding kiwis.

      • People often advocate the use of state power against people they don’t like. But when state power is directed at some one who looks like yourself suddenly it’s okay to break laws. There’s a zero tolerance for any one buying automatic weapons after it was made clear not to. Now the example has been made.

        • As I understand it:
          A) the weapon was semi automatic not automatic ( big difference including license type)
          B) semi autos were not banned at the time the guy bought it (clearly or he couldn’t have bought it)
          C) if this is the guy I heard of, he thought there might be a ban on large magazines not an outright ban.not real smart or sensitive but didn’t hurt anyone did he?

          So maybe not the full bag of chips, but the guy was no gang boss threatening to keep all his illegal weapons… compare and contrast police response to that

          • Yeah, sure it makes a big difference what kind of weapon the Chch terrorist used. Especially to his 51 victims. They must really care a lot.

            • It certainly matters as to the legality of what police did, and “ probable cause”: automatic weapons being not able to be bought by the general public since forever, but limited mag semi autos still legal the day this guy bought his.
              It was 5 days until this type of semi auto was banned and this guy tried to take it back then but couldn’t.
              Even if “all guns bad” to you, the police do have laws to obey although they sure seem keen on writing their own.

              • So then at what point should the Commissioner of Police refuse a lawful order from a superior?

                Certainly refusing orders is a way to curry favor with oppositionists without having to actually commit to anything concrete, since the legal parameters of the Prime Ministers authority to order Counter terror operations have never really been established domestically.

                So prepare to be disappointed. Those who are advising the Prime Minster on counter terrorism have no right or power to be independent of the Prime Minister.

  2. You are white aren’t you Martyn? Should we drop all sympathy for your police experiences?
    Just don’t like guns?
    Of our low murder rate in NZ only 1 in 10 involves a firearm. And only 12 percent of that number were caused by firearm license holders.
    In New Zealand signifucantly more people die from getting the bash or being knifed.
    So the police aren’t “just doing their job” if they want to save lives, then get in the highway and drop our horrendous road toll which is 100 fold worse
    If you want to take civil liberties how about a knife restriction?

    There are 250 000 firearms license holders in New Zealand.
    They are white, yellow, brown and any colour in between.
    They are doctors, farmers, teachers, police, bus drivers, plumbers, and everyone in between.
    They are not one single demographic. They are currently being scapegoated and punished by police who were incompetent in licensing the shooter, and government who have been cumulatively incompetent over many years – Jacinda Arderns government apparently recently relaxed gun sales legislation before the shooting.

    Excessive force being used now is overcompensating.

    A lot of goodwill between firearm owners and police has evaporated with the behaviour of the Police Association over this. That is not a good thing , it is likely to lessen compliance and risks adding to a black market especially with regards a gun register.
    I read widely, kiwi gun owners are very upset at this tragedy, what lead to it and now being punished by those who really messed up here.
    What’s interesting is that police and ex police are said to be one of the main groups that used MSSAs, the two main groups being target shooters and military/ex military.

    • You realise don’t you how weird it looks for grown men to have this kind of morbid fascination fir guns?

      Farmers and hunters treat their guns as tools , a means to an end, but gun nuts collect them because they get some kind of perverse pleasure from them

      That in itself is chilling

      • Please explain your intolerance for other people’s civil liberties, and police over reach.
        Or don’t, it’s a woke left thing I know.
        Some people like to deal in facts (it’s not a fascination to want to know actual statistics and to inform the debate) others just get off on the hysteria of a “righteous”, facts be damned cause don’t they mjolnir.

  3. Read what Martyn is saying!

    Don’t say what he is not saying.

    Bomber is not for guns.
    But nor is bomber for police with guns when the event they attend does not warrant guns.

    Two recent south island cases make Bombers point.

    Terrifying law abiding people is not a healthy trend

  4. And even more good will will be lost when people realise that grandfathers old bolt action .22 (with the original 100 year old 15 round internal magazine) is now an illegal weapon needing to be destroyed because it has more than 10 rounds in the magazine. And the taxpayer will be even more annoyed to find that this same 15 round bolt action will be paid for by the taxpayer, and the money could be spent on something which was previously illegal but now ok under the new gun rules like this;

    Badly thought through rushed legislation on an emotional high works really well eh?

  5. When you look at what happened to protesters and activists under the last govt this is hardly new behaviour but it is deeply disturbing.

    People have a right to be left in peace and have their views respected. As to gun owners as far as I can tell these people were legitimate registered legal owners? Feel free to correct me if I missed something there?

    For myself I wont be writing this off as minor or trivial. We need to be careful and watchful of our rights or we may wake up one day and find they are gone.

  6. All i can say is ‘welcome to our world’ the NZ police have been doing this sort of shit to Maori for 150 years and now i heard our Muslims brothers and sisters have asked for culturally appropriate counselling.

  7. Big scary police people are big and scary because they want to give you the impression; “Do not fuck with us!”
    Why would any of us, who are not police, want to fuck with the big and the scary and well armed, and trained in repelling with force at the very least? If they don’t taser you, pepper spray you, punch, kick and beat you with clubs those guys can and will fucking shoot and kill you with impunity!
    Why? Is it because the people who control our lives fear that we may no longer want to be controlled and will begin to resist?
    And who, exactly, is doing the controlling of us, here in AO/NZ?
    Is it us et al, via our government? I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to control anyone to further my vested interests. I like kissing my female human and I like patting my dog. I like driving my car and I like cooked crumbed chicken flesh!? Not exactly bringing down empires stuff.
    Who is it then? If it’s not me and it’s not you? Then who?
    The police are sworn to protect our property and our lives from the likes of each other then I must have missed something. If they seem to think they need to be big, scary, intimidating and menacing, like proper Darth Vader menacing, then who’s pulling their strings if it’s not you or me?
    I mean…crime? What is it? If some junkie just ran off with your wide screen? Then, just make drugs a health issue, not a criminal justice issue. There’s that crime gone.
    Stealing clothes, food, cars, bikes etc? Well, that’s poverty related. How about taxing the rich fucks a proper amount and filter that the fuck down. Poverty related crime? There goes that one too.
    Violent crimes. When you’re crushed so hard by a system that’s bias to being pretty, pink, clean, blank and riche and all you can afford to do is get pissed or P’d up then go insane and fuck someone up? Then how about a living wage after we, who are the government, re nationalise what those rich fucks stole from us, the people? No need to live in a car and hope to fuck your boy’s not going to grow up a psycho killer after a glass barbie around the beer crates when he turns 18. Living in a car for 18 years with the whanau would turn the mind of a Saint. So? Quality state housing, apprenticeships and some good, old fashioned fucking honesty out of our sneaky, devious, lying cadre of politician scum? That’’d be nice wouldn’t it?
    Could it be that those with the most money that was once yours getting worried? And if there’s one thing we know about the very rich is that to get rich, you must take more than your fair share from others. It’s that simple. The very rich moan about paying taxes, taxes we normal people pay into our tax pot to have ourselves an all bought and paid for comfortable and secure life within the parameters of our society? But the rich took most of those things and stuff away from us, sold it off and pocketed the money then pay fuck all, if any, in tax. You can see why they’d want to capitalise on a tragic event like the Mosque killings in Ch Ch. What better argument to support their agenda? No one in their right mind would want to argue for gun ownership and also insist the police wear fluffy slippers and drive 1990 Toyota Hi Ace diesel vans.
    It’s the very rich who insist the police go in hard against a few rag tag inked up gang bangers etc. And the message is clear to the rest of us. Shut up and fuck off or you’ll fuckin’ get the bash too son.
    Are the police really just an army of enforcers for a corrupt hierarchy of old white male Boomer Kiwi-as’ers coming up against people living under the enormous stress, poverty and addictions they, the riche foisted upon us?
    I think they are.
    So. Having written that, should we not go and have a wee chat with the riche? Go to the heart of our problems? The banksters and the big fancy high fliers who literally fly over us in their private helicopters? Westpac made a six monthly PROFIT ! of $ 555 million dollars. In S.I.X. months. While the cops raid houses looking for guns polished by pasty party animals who like the frisson a gun gives their diddles? To say WTF hardly seems enough does it?
    Here’s a sobering little concept.
    We, the collective ‘We’ have no idea what to do about stuff and things. Clearly we don’t. Or we’d be doing it, right?
    But the ‘Them’s’ however. They know exactly what they’re doing. And they’re five steps ahead of us. They have to be, or their framework of lies and swindlings will fall apart and they might have to give us our money back.

    • Yeah …. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .

      There’s a smell arse stench arising.

      And it has nothing to do with the common / working people of this land and EVERYTHING to do with the wretches who usurped our govt back in 1984.

      The REAL thugs.

      The neo liberal thugs.

      WE don’t like em.

      And its time we got rid of them.

    • And a good rely from Helena , once again…. many good points raised there from the you tube clip. Striking a balance between state harassment and civil liberty’s.

      Which goes to the heart of the matter, – overzealous Police activity on behest of any govt bordering on the point of fascism. The dividing line between a democratically elected govt and that of an impartial Police Force that is paid for by the TAXPAYER.

      Very , very interesting.

    • Thanks HELENA….very interesting and quite shocking!

      …You don’t have to agree with everything this guy says, but he certainly is entitled to his opinions in a FREE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY
      ( do we still have one?)

      …and he certainly does NOT deserve to be intimidated by the police at the behest of this Labour coalition government(…he is not even a gun owner! …he is a utuber for Christs sake!)

      … are the police investigating this guys psychiatric health? … but the police are not psychiatrists and nor has this guy broken the law!…and he seems very sane to me!

      (…is New Zealand now under the control of State ‘thought police’ ?…or Stazi ?)…where is NZF on this?!

      I would suggest this guy refuses to answer questions and gets a lawyer …in fact there maybe should be a class action against intimidation, and for rights to free speech and rights to have legitimate gun licenses

      To think that all of this self flagellation and persecution of ordinary Pakeha original ‘white ‘ New Zealanders, and reverse racist intimidation of so -called, so accused ‘white supremacists’ …. has been brought about by the actions of an Australian mass murderer! ( not even a New Zealander!)

      …nor has the Australian Government apologised to New Zealanders or New Zealand!

      …and the motivations of this Australian mass murderer have been kept SECRET !

      …the mainstream media has self censored ! ( where is democracy and New Zealanders’ rights to know?)

      …and it would seem this Australian mass murderer is going to have a SECRET trial in New Zealand!

      (as a former Labour , then Green, then Mana /Internet and now NZFirst voter … I am now awaiting a new political party that stands for democracy and New Zealanders rights )

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