Sean Plunket’s Working Group with Bomber Bradbury & Damien Grant: This week – Police visits, Te Mata Peak, James Cameron, Zero Carbon Bill, Speaker Mallard , JLR latest crack at Simon Bridges


This Week – Police visits, Te Mata Peak, James Cameron, Zero Carbon Bill, Speaker Mallard , JLR latest crack at Simon Bridges


  1. Great to see police ‘cooperation’ with China…sarcasm, Lordy lord, Chinese police are not exactly known world wide as being free of corruption but now apparently co operate in police training in Auckland, possibly because our international visas to overseas criminals and exploitation of those for private profit in particular for recent migrants (aka the sweet shop migrants who then bought in other migrants for slave labour just like the many stories and now clogging up NZ justice system and jails) is doing great guns…..

    “To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the conclusion of the international friendship city relationship between Guangzhou and Auckland, and to strengthen the police cooperation between the two cities, Yang Jianghua, deputy mayor of Guangzhou and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the assistant police chief of the Auckland City Police Department of New Zealand on April 29 Lena Hassan ( Naila Hassan ) signed a “friendship and cooperation with the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau Auckland, New Zealand Police to arrange the book” in the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau. It is reported that this is the first time that the Guangzhou police and foreign police have signed a cooperation intention, which indicates that the law enforcement agencies of the two places will formally cooperate in police exchanges and police training.”

    From croaking Cassandra…

    “Police exchanges” with the Guangzhou branch of the Ministry of Public Security……….. Surely this cannot mean that MPS officers will be let loose with law enforcement powers in New Zealand? Surely…..

    I looked on the Auckland police website, I looked at the Minister of Police’s website, and I looked at the main Police news releases page, and there was nothing about this deal.

    I wonder if Police, or their Minister, were ever planning on telling New Zealand citizens and voters about their deal with the PRC domestic repression apparatus?”

  2. On the above note, about ‘co operation’ and joint exercises with Chinese police…

    remember when I predicted that the public services were next with the trade agreements to ensure that police and public services will be loosened so that they can be contracted out to ‘international firms’ bringing in international (aka cheap, free market staff) from other countries.

    The co operation is the first step for NZ police to join Chorus workers and be paid under minimum wages for formally higher paid work through intermediaries and cheap labour being bought into NZ to help ‘control’ government spending .

    Cheap foreign labour ain’t going to stop with the cafes and construction, hospitals and defence.

    Neoliberalism is keen to ensure that the cheapest possible public workers can be ‘ordered in’ from international hire firms, and who better to seize this opportunity than the canny, Chinese who are also so generous with donations to political parties and local government chiefs to pave the way and also keep the local political class sweet!

    I mean it makes a change from the US, where our politicians pay the US to participate and contract out NZ responsibility for defence to other countries like 5 eyes and use defence just as a kind of political international bribery.

    Note (for a short time only) China figures will save NZ money, but of course like road and belt initiatives, it will come at a price which is the eventual Chinese control of NZ strategic and non strategic assets and down grading of public safety in the long term. (bit like asbestos trains for NZ rail and importing in Meth and drug smugglers for residency, while wondering why social costs keep climbing).

  3. One of the worst discussions I have heard, primarily the issue of the mongrel mob at Te Mata peak. FFS, the Police didnt close the road to allow the wankers to have their stupid initiation ceremony there.

    They were already there, the Police closed the road because of traffic congestion, and perhaps to stop a breach of the peace, ie, a tourist wandering and getting the bash from this organised criminal gang.

    Once again, dammed if they do, dammed if they dont. You three stooges need to do a bit of bloody research and talk facts instead of anti Police hyperbole.

  4. Nice to not see Cleangreen post like a teenage fan girl about about how wonderful Martyn is, and how wonderful his words are on the radio or TV. At 80yrs old Cleangreen, don’t be sooooo sychophantic it does you no favours!

    • Im right, – you are so fucken crappy kid. – Grow up and learn.

      Martyn that was viewed at home today and the family said it was very entertaining thanks for that.

  5. Here is one of the police visits where the cops rock up armed to someone’s house – in this case we don’t know why, and the cops get cagey when filmed.
    Not the individual cops fault- the guy in the pink shirt does his best, but they should not be doing this in our country.
    Other people have been asked their opinions of politicians by armed police who arrive unannounced, at least one guy who owned guns legally had his house stormed and guns pointed at family members, his guns taken.
    Just remember the Christchurch shooter was an Australian, no kiwis have yet been implicated, our police are overstepping big time.
    There is a problem here.

  6. Notwithstanding the joke ‘Carbon free by 2050’ legislation, but Sean & Damien’s dismissive attitude to the threat of anthropogenic climate change was even more dispiriting given current observations.
    To criticise the scientific process for making predictions that aren’t 100% accurate indicates they know nothing about the scientific process. They made themselves appear idiots.

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