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  1. Today on our own publicly owned media – we had to be shamed again by the Australians about our “lack luster efforts to tackle climate change, when UK has already enshrined in their law that climate change is a crisis – said Peter  Garrett (of midnight oil fame) on TV one while interviewed by John Campbell breakfast show..

    NZ is slipping beneath the sea.

  2. More greenwash BS by Sage and the government, much talk, little real action:
    ‘More waste recycling needs to be done onshore in New Zealand, Government says’

    “The Government wants to re-process most of New Zealand’s recyclable waste onshore, but new paper and cardboard mills could be years away.”

    ” These include a stocktake of existing recycling facilities, standardising recycling collection and sorting, and exploring the feasibility of new onshore processing plants.”

    So a ‘stocktake’ and more studies, hah, we already know the issues, but they continue dragging their feet, possible scared of vested industry interests.

  3. Billions of money go onto vanity projects by a few, while we do far too little to address climate change and human pollution, the extinction of species and the destruction of the natural world on earth:–for-real-this-time

    Also do hundreds of millions have no clean drinking water and electricity and the likes, some are starving.

    This is total insanity, it is time for REVOLUTION and true rebellion, to attack the elite that promotes this kind of shit.

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