Open letter to Winston Peters


On 30 April pro-Zionist lobbyist Mark Jennings wrote an opinion piece on the Newsroom website in which he says:

“The new relationship comes as New Zealand and Israeli governments look close to signing an innovation agreement which will formalise the developing relationship”

We are appalled the government appears to be considering an even closer relationship with Israel despite the ongoing theft of Palestinian land, the ongoing brutal Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and the siege of Gaza while Israel continues to thumb its nose at international law and United Nations resolutions.

On top of this the recent, and ongoing, murders of young unarmed Palestinians by Israeli army snipers should surely rule out any such agreement as signalled by Mark Jennings.

We would welcome your assurance the New Zealand government will not sign up to any “innovation agreement” with the Israeli government. The Palestinian people deserve to have our support for the boycott of Israel rather than our implied support for racism and brutality as embodied in the policies and practices of Israel’s Netanyahu regime.

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  1. Same govt who want a warm relationship with the French govt who have been lambasted by the UN for their treatment of protesters. Never gets any better does it?

  2. “we are appalled”, you are not using the ‘We’ talking about NZ as a country are you John?, But the anti Israel group(s) you belong to yes?

    • Any decent person would be appalled ……….. some people have a very short memory regarding suppression of a race.

    • @ I’M RIGHT?
      FUCK off. Take your pro zionist, pro fed reserve, pro main foreign bankster, pro torture, pro greed,pro grease, pro hate and shove it up your arse. Or? I could do that for you. Up to you. That’s a choice you have that’s not available to the Palestinians.

      • And the 300-500 rockets fired by the poor oppressed peace loving Arabs living over the boarder from Israel can just be ignored….bad Israel for getting upset being attacked, Iran funding terror groups and the ‘poor Palistines’ voted them in!

        Or is that false? Israel firing the rockets themselves at themselves….no doubt the UN will pass another resolution saying that Israel can only retaliate when 1,000 rockets are fired, and can only use rubber bullets in reply?

        • “And the 300-500 rockets fired by the poor oppressed peace loving Arabs living over the boarder from Israel can just be ignored”

          Have you wondered why the Palestinian resistance is firing rockets at Israel, Im Right? Have you?

          Perhaps you should. People don’t take up arms for no good reason.

          Just read why the Jewish Ghetto in Poland rose up against their Nazi oppressors.

          Siding with an oppressive regime is NEVER a good look!

          • By the by, not believing in Israel except as a reality, peaceful protest would be better. All the way through. The West would hate Israel as a cliché by now, or, where it matters, America.

        • The rockets were in retaliation to innocent Palestinians being shot and Israel blocking relief money from Qatar.

      • Has living in the country gave you an anal fixation Country Boy? to each their own I say…as long as someone is not trying to force it on others (me)…but I’m flattered you offered but I don’t swing that way thanks.

        • It’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Israels foreign policy is a disgrace and you I’m right are a disgrace.

    • “Israeli forces have killed approximately 290 Gazans and have injured over 29,000 since Gazans began their weekly Great March of Return protests on March 30th. ”

      “Among those killed and maimed have been medics, women, children, and journalists. Approximately 126 Gazans have had legs and/or arms amputated, and others have been permanently paralyzed.”

      “During the same time period, Gazan resistance fighters have killed 6 Israelis, one of them Palestinian. It is difficult to provide a number for Israelis wounded during this time since Israeli statistics for the injured include those suffering from panic attacks.”

      And then there is the right that is recognized in international law for an invaded and occupied people to resist by means that include violence. So the Israeli State of fascists could if they dont like the Palestinians exercising their rights do as has been suggested by CB as regards yourself and also just fuck off

    • Yes David but only those who had morality which are few.

      The majority of them line their own nest and cloud that with a stream of Bullshit while their sponsors are also stuffing their coffers.

      Leaders who fought for the common people setting a moral code.

      Ghandi – India, José Mujica ( Pepe) – Uruguay, Castro – Cuba, Che Guevara – various.

      There are others lesser known who have been shot of disposed of.

      In NZ
      John a Lee, Norman Kirk

      • Very true John but I think it is getting worse. Though Piggy Muldoon was hated by many I think he had the interests of the “ordinary Bloke” genuinely at heart. All his policies so criticised at the time would look radically left wing and socialist now.
        But I don’t think most of them are evil. Just lacking in vision and lacking in inspiration. They just want to be there running things as they are not changing anything, and enjoying the kudos of the position.
        That’s what US presidents have been since John Kennedy . I thought Trump was there to implement sone of his own ideas rather than just to “Be the President of the USA” but he has been so far a disappointment (to put it mildly).
        D J S

        • My garden centre boss, also a union boss, at the time told me Muldoon was more of a Socialist than the new govt. Slightly fuddling to me then, but all the way through there were voices speaking reality — have they been disproved? Whereas the Powers-That-Be remain, without basis.

          Maybe not in America, but we here can bayonet them off their cushioned seats.

        • Muldoon deserves credit for his moves to set up constraints of the private sector and his “Think Big” initiatives that he was not supported with.

          But he did nothing to address the rapacious bleeding of NZ by foreign banks and corporations.

          He gave the enemy a wide berth when he was not working with them.

  3. Anybody who cares about repression of another race of people who have had their land stolen by an invading force and are not entitled to live freely in their own country should be protesting this relationship with the Israeli state.
    Ron Mark needs his head read as do the rest of this coalition government.
    Where are the Greens on this !!!
    This administration is starting to stink to high heaven and the longer it goes on the more it looks just like the last group of elected gangsters who governed the country.
    Thanks again John for highlighting the utter hypocrisy of this government and Mark’s total indifference to human suffering.

  4. It all just gets worse and worse. ron mark is licking netinyahoo’s arse while israel rains world class fire power down upon the people they persecute in a way that’d be the envy of hitler as that narcissistic sociopath jennings gets a stiffy over the carnage. I bet! Somewhere within the israeli war machine someone’s drawing up plans for gas chambers. And all while a limp-dick world peers on wringing its hands. ( All bought and paid for , more like. )
    I knew the reach of the rothchilds via the fed reserve was long and twisted but this is something else.
    You fucking wait? We AO/NZ’ers will be driven onto Stewart Island and go into hiding from our israeli masters taking pot shots at us from Bluff Hill.
    I like irony, but this is ridiculous.

    • Gas chambers? Maybe. My bet is the move will be under the guise of the Noahide Laws accompanied by guillotines. TDB hasn’t allowed my comments along these lines in the past..maybe now ’cause we’re running out of time to muster our defenses.
      Best for us to keep an eye on our Government’s dealings with the three players of the Belt and Road Initiative China/Israel/Russia.
      We have never had to defend our homeland, which is the problem.

      • HELENA,…?

        You are on to it.

        All we have is a ‘ look over there’ situation , yet we never get to see or hear anything about these scurrilous characters hiding in plain sight . Anyone who wonders what the real end game of these types is , – should read the Georgia Guide stones in all its glowing arrogance in reducing the global population.

        These types don’t want peace and unity , – they want domination.

        With them at the apex of the ‘triangle’.

        Its all there on the American dollar bill.

        • Japanese submarine was spotted in Wellington harbour during the Second World War….

          What are you going to do ?, paddle out there in a waka and whack em with a mere???

          Learn your history.

          • The Jap sub had people in it who came from families.

            The Jap pilot who flew over Wellington during the war many years later very humbly apologised to Barney Richards in person for scaring the people of Wellington. This happened when Barney attended Hiroshima event as New Zealand Peace Foundation Chairman.


            My point is that the troops sent to war on both sides are people with similar aspirations and human values yet we see them as killers.

            The real killers are the ones who drive them into fighting others usually with laws that make it very difficult to struggle against being conscripted.

            I give enormous credit to those who resisted becoming a part of the war machine.

            Politicians who flout with warmongers need calling out for what they are.

            Ron Marks held rank and must turn his back on what indoctrination he has accepted.

            Barney Richards can show him a more worthwhile understanding.

      • Many Maori tried defending it but lost.

        We have inherited a legacy of colonial brutality run by and elite with well trained servants living in uncertainly.

        We also collectively have invaded other lands causing widespread death and destruction that has led to inter generational tragedy for those victims families and their futures.

    • Ron Mark
      Now there is a pitiful fellow.
      Bought a couple of aeroplanes for the airforce; unilaterally declared war in China; seriously pissed out second biggest trade partner.
      Gets taken for a flight in an RNZAF and is malleable as a police minister who goes for a ride in a police car with red and blue lights and a siren.

      Who mentioned the next leaser of NZFirst?

  5. Maybe, Ron’s one of them? He is a lost sheep. Rejected by his birth parents, and rejects his whakapapa as well, he is a royalist.
    Still confused and still doesnt know where he belongs. Maybe “we” could do a permanent exchange, a one way trip to hell/Israel! ffs!

  6. On top of this the recent, and ongoing, murders of young unarmed Palestinians by Israeli army snipers should surely rule out any such agreement as signalled by Mark Jennings.

    Should do

    But also think we should be doing more and saying that we made a mistake that needs to be rectified when we gave land that wasn’t ours to give away to the bloody Zionists.

  7. IMO I’m Right should dig around in information about the Talpiot Program, especially the info gathered by Brendon O’Connell. If I’m Right were to do that, he/she/it would find that everything considered private by that commenter is know to the Israel spy network. Everything…absolutely everything run in this country using a chip is known to and monitored under the Talpiot Program. If Netanyahu tells our Government minister’s to jump the answer will be “how high Sir?”

  8. A basic rule for Israeli regime apologists, including IM RIGHT and so it seems for much of mainstream corporate media , is to NEVER NEVER NEVER report: Palestinians retaliate.

    More corporate media rules: As for Palestinians, as their lands and water resources are stolen or the case of Gaza, poisoned, their houses and mosques and churches and school demolished..too bad. It’s their own fault. Or it’s Hamas’ fault..anyway, not really newsworthy.
    Besides, “Israel has the right to defend itself!”And NEVER NEVER even suggest that maybe Palestinians have the right to defend themselves.

    As for John Minto ‘s “We are appalled..” ..Martin and I are appalled too.

  9. As reported by IAK ( If Americans Knew ). In the past Year 7000 demonstrators in Gaza have been shot with live bullets. 1700 have shattered limbs many of which will need amputations. Already 120 people have had arms / legs amputated including 20 children. In the past year 193 Gazan’s
    demonstrators have been killed . Gazan resistance groups ( Freedom Fighters) have killed 6 Israelis. The death toll of Israelis killing Israelis is much higher aprox 85 annually i.e. domestic disputes. road rages. murders, etc . So yeah maybe it would be pertinent that Israel fired a few rockets at each other.

  10. Also has anyone noticed that our very own musical star known as LORD is not seen or heard of anymore since turning down the opportunity to perform in isrehell, at last years Gramys she was the only nominee to not perform live, you just cant go upsetting the chosen ones or it will be declared “an act of war” i could go on……

    • Yes DOC, something i had been wondering about myself? At the time LORDE refused to visit, it occurred to me that what happened to her career next would bear watching??

  11. An innovation agreement is part of an economic relationship.

    We have an FTA agreement with a nation that runs concentration camps, suppresses free speech, imprisons human rights lawyers/activists, is attempting to steal the economic territory of other nations by building artificial islands – nation a lot like Israel in some of
    these things but which makes no claim to be a democracy or that principled.

    So the government is being entirely consistent, if it were to do otherwise it would be being inconsistent.

    It has at least supported resolutions at the UNSC against Israel, not any against China though.

    • John Minto’s OK by me, he has a bee in the bonnet about Israel and in the case of the Palestinians , rightly so.

      However, so to do YOU have many excellent points about china, our largest trading partner.


      We have an FTA agreement with a nation that runs concentration camps, suppresses free speech, imprisons human rights lawyers/activists, is attempting to steal the economic territory of other nations by building artificial islands – nation a lot like Israel in some of
      these things but which makes no claim to be a democracy or that principled.


  12. More and more Israel is cementing itself as the world’s most violent rogue state

    Imagine if Nth Korea did half of what Israel does in the name of security and their “god”

    Like the apartheid regime in Sth Africa, we should break diplomatic relations and implement immediate sanctions

    Well done, Jihn Minto for being that prickly conscience of our nation!!


  13. Few will care, Palestine is far away, and they are mostly Muslims, few ‘real Kiwis’ care much about them.

    And Jacinda is off to Paris shortly, to meet up with Macron, to talk about Facebook and so. All cameras will follow her. I would not be surprised if she makes a surprise visit to Prince Harry and Meghan while there, as it is only a short flight away.

    I presume she will have also organised her ‘carbon offset’ for the long trip to Europe, as it has a large carbon footprint.

        • Time for another election…not a selection, imo. We all spend time digging around on the internet and many are finally beginning to recognize the lies pouring out of Wellington…with knock on effects worldwide. (current France visit as exampled). If we vote someone in, imo, that person should stay in and not be pushed sideways. Were that person to be pushed aside, then a new election should be called.
          And new rules should apply, i.e. referendum outcomes should be honored. Too simplistic? Probably.
          Too much is going on that is too bizarre not to be “fabricated”. This current France visit by Ardern on the subject of “hate speech” is too Orwellian to be acceptable.
          If one reads the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, one can see the the Chess Plays for what they are.
          Enough is enough. Shakespeare can keep his all the world’s a stage…we need to drop the curtain on the players and boot the lot off our stage.

  14. Let us not forget that in 2016 Netanyahu threatened New Zealand not to back a UN resolution that condemned it’s settlements, saying it would be a “declaration of war”.
    Israel wants regional dominance. Netanyahu is an extremist.
    New Zealand MUST stand for the two-state solution and for our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

  15. Assad’s troops shot dead 12 unarmed protesters and he got named the “Butcher of Damascus”.

    Netanyahu’s troops shot dead 150 unarmed protesters in Gaza and he’s “rightfully defending Israel’s border”.

    Double standards much?

    • 5 to 1 it wasn’t even ASSAD troops that did it but a provocateur team sent in by USAMO and its ‘regional Ally’ to get the ball rolling….

  16. I think that immediately after WW2 even the Palestinians had some sympathy with the idea of a Jewish homeland even though they were loosing sovereignty of some of their country. The psychology of the situation must have been like they were making a space for desperate refugees in need and deserving of a safe place in the world.
    For a generation perhaps the immigrant Jewish behaved like they were grateful , and co-operative, and keen to accommodate the indigenous people.
    If that mood had been allowed to persist then Israel might have been able to develop as any another country. But the mood has changed with the generations and now gratitude has long gone and in it’s place, necessarily as it is the only alternative , is belligerence , greed and an unjustified sense of entitlement. The belligerence has of necessity to replace gratitude and co-operation because there is a complete absence of legal or moral justification for Israel’s existence in the middle of Palestine, except for the sentiment that wanted to offer a compensation for the horrors that were inflicted on the Jewish people during the war. That sentiment has now been over spent to the extent that it is now deeply in debt, and the only way Israel can continue to exist is in the mode it now projects.
    Thing there are going to get much worse before they get better.
    D J S

    • There is variation on that.

      “Prominent scholars of the international law crime of genocide and human rights authorities take the position that Israel’s policies toward the Palestinian people could constitute a form of genocide. Those policies range from the 1948 mass killing and displacement of Palestinians to a half-century of military occupation and, correspondingly, the discriminatory legal regime governing Palestinians, repeated military assaults on Gaza, and official Israeli statements expressly favoring the elimination of Palestinians. ”

      There are many other reports written at the time.

      The very basis for claiming a “Homeland” that was mythically left long ago is a much argued premise.

      Archaeological evidence is just not there it would appear.

      When you buy a car it is foolish to buy it on the information given by the seller.

      My Great Grandfather like near a million others, was driven out of Ireland by the English occupiers starving them but exporting food. I don’t have a legal right to go back and claim the family house.

    • DJS follow Finkelstein. Israel has lost the propaganda war, hence it’s shameless behaviour now. Netanyahu promising to claim sovereignty over the settlements on the West Bank . Let alone the conquered territory of Golan. They by this admit they hold the land by sword-right. And every right-thinking person is against them. No matter the rectitude of the people of the place they must have their place as a first principle. Hence the basis of post-colonial Africa.

      Israel was a colony and I’m for the people of the place as a first principle. Hence why I support the restoration of the NZ benefit cuts as a first necessary step and am angry about it 30 years on. The deepest betrayal of ‘us’ by such a callow bourgeoise. And the rest of us during those 30 years. The non-mortgage thinkers among us know our heart lies in the gutters, among the poorest of us.

    • Similarly support the USA or support peace.
      USA is Israel”s attack dog.

      Both punish anyone who criticises them.

      Don’t let that stop the truth beign called loud and clear. Fuck them and those that support their inhumanity and greed.

  17. Israel is on the move for sure. As scholarship advances on the hidden Histories, the Histories change, and so the efforts to suppress that narrative shift mount in an equal and opposite dynamic.
    Netenyahu’s [Miliekowski] 1979 JerUSAlem ‘Terror’ conference clearly outlined the program, and following publication of what is called the YINON plan[Eretz Israel] – requiring the smashing of the Arab Armies and ‘Balkanisation’ of the Middle East to Israel’s advantage – it has all become the more obvious and dangerous..
    so the reaction of international Zion to make illegal any and all contest of its purpose. 911 truthers know absolutely what 911 was and is to this present expansionist agenda.
    ///////Just now, ‘New United States Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Elan S. Carr. is [quote] “going to focus relentlessly on eradicating this false distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. The Secretary could not have been clearer. He stood before 18,000 activists at the AIPAC Policy Conference just two weeks ago and he declared, I quote, “Let me go on [the] record: Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.” That will be our rallying cry as we go forward to fight this ancient scourge that sadly is on the rise today and must be combated, and we’re very proud that this department and this administration is focused in unprecedented fashion on doing that.”
    So If you or I find the zionist ‘global initiative’ to be militaristic, threatening and sinister, and zionist behaviour toward Palestinian Tangata whenua Fascist, you and I will be regarded as an anti-semite .
    BDS will be next.

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