TV REVIEW: Goff vs Tamihere on The AM Show


Let’s get ready to fumble.

The very first one on one clash between the two of them happened on The AM Show (which is the sort of content they need to move to if they are to even try and compete with the new Breakfast under John Campbell).

Goff kicked things off, and it’s positive, positive, positive. Sees 40 000 moving to Auckland every year as a positive, talks about reliable leadership.

Tamihere says we need to go back to basics, questions the Super City promises and says they have been unfulfilled. Talks about local control for local Councils and says the current administration is arrogant.

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Goff is sensitive to the criticisms of motorway congestion, clearly knows Auckland’s hate the lack of infrastructure. Tamihere claims it’s a mess because we aren’t pushing hard enough to get round the clock infrastructure builds, hints at some new ideas on that front.

Personally I’ve never understood why we don’t build at night when people aren’t using the roads.

There are barbs between the two, but it’s friendly. Tamihere is very clear that Central Government needs to step up and start funding Auckland’s infrastructure.

Goff has the confidence, doesn’t look rattled but Tamihere is the more aggressive.

Neither sold a big vision of the city – it was too short for that, and they both need to work on that.

In terms of winner or loser? It was a draw, which sets up the fight as a two horse race, something Goff doesn’t want and Tamihere does.

The big debates will be where this is won or lost in the mind of the voters.


  1. Tamihere fighting against the Council and Auckland Transport forcing car drivers to use public transport, that was it for me, that man is living in the past, he is worse than Goof the Mayor who is a traitor also.

    Auckland is a totally unsustainable city built in a time and in an age, where fossil fuel was considered ‘the future’, i.e. cars to be driven everywhere, and sprawling suburbs and large malls like in the US being considered ‘progressive’.

  2. JT has a big job ahead of him to tidy up the mess left by the National Key Government and successive useless Auckland City Council’s who have failed to do any constructive planning for the past 40-50 years. The Goof Ball is another Neo Liberal Disaster/Train Wreck.

    Labour’s Tram Set to Auckland Airport will be a shambles, the Under Water Stadium and Goff’s New Wharf for Cruise Ships will other financial burdens on Auckland’s Rate Payers ?

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