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  1. So compare this report out now with the one the National Government had commissioned and released in 2011:

    The old one from 2011:

    Interesting reading.

    The Nats seemed more determined to implement their harsh line report and recommendations, Labour now in government with NZ First are dragging their feet on the new report they commissioned.

  2. The REALITY about the emissions gap on Planet Earth, between what needs to be done to reduce them, and what is likely to happen, given present, little changed scenarios:

    “As of December 2018, a substantial gap remains between the levels of emissions in 2025 and 2030 projected in the NDCs submitted to the UNFCCC and the lower levels that would be consistent with the temperature goal in the Paris Agreement.”

    So who has bothered to significantly change their lifestyles so far???

    ‘How each country’s share of global CO2 emissions changes over time’

    We are far off target in most countries.


    Napier truck gridlock residents call for “user pays”
    Saturday, 4 May 2019 3:15 pm | Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre Press Release
    Tags: Regional, Local Government, Transport.
    “Napier truck gridlock residents call for “user pays” for sleep disruption”. 4th May 2019. Press release by Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre. Napier Port Board executives want to increase truck freight 187% by 2027 to feed an expanded … … More >>

    • Yes Marc,

      The big oil and the road transport want to expand their activities by 10% every year now so while rail withers and road freight expands we all will burn in hell for their folly.

  4. We are heading into stormy waters, that is globally, it is getting serious. For sure, a proud nation and government such as China, will not accept the US dictating unfavourable trade terms onto them:

    Global stock exchanges are losing again, given the prospect of a worsening trade war between the US and China:

    Meanwhile the US sends warships into the South China Sea, claimed by Mainland China as their sphere of interest:

    And in the Mid East, the US are sending an aircraft carrier to the Gulf region, intending to send a ‘message’ to Iran, after already imposing a full boycott on Iranian oil, which is what keeps Iran’s already week economy ticking:

    Surely Iran will feel cornered and pressured, so they will not take this lying down.

    North Korea is now trying to play off the US against Russia and China, as Kim Jong Un realised, he can play his cards in that respect instead of simply accepting a dictate by Trump and his US government.

    The US is trying to bully ma ny players on the global stage into submission, also Russia, of course, and Venezuela, and those countries are now kinds of allies.

    If things get worse, any one player could set of a serious war, that could force allies to step up and assist them.

    We are fast heading into a scenario not dissimilar to what existed prior to WW1 and WW2, prepare perhaps to WW3, it is not far away.

    Add climate change, increasing poverty, devastation, destruction or failure of crop harvests, we will have Pandora’s Box opened not far away into the near future.

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