The Liberal Agenda: NZ Public Television – The Universal Basic Income – a good idea or not?


Can free cash hand- outs help society?

Imagine paying people no strings attached cash whether they have a job or not.

A short video on the concept of the Universal Basic Income from The Economist is now on our channel

You can find it here

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  1. Taxation rates are too low on the upper income scales.

    Growth is self destructive in the long run and we need to see negative growth happening to lower GHG emissions and a more self reliant structure to feed , care for, educate and house our society.

    As a wage earner I can recall paying over 57% of my wage at one stage to taxation and social security. No ACC debacle then either we were covered by the health system.

    Show me a corporate that pays anywhere near that rate of taxation even though it may be raking in billions.

    UBI makes sense but will require a restructuring of our overly corporate friendly free ride by off shore investor cartels many of who pay little or no tax yet engineer big dividends from NZ.

    The sooner this discussion is taken up the better.

    Its a peoples choice and nothing to do with Business NZ who will fight it all the way as usual.
    They did that successfully with GHG emission and climate change legislation.
    They work against the interest of Kiwis.

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