Paula Bennett becomes a snowflake


Micro-aggression  alert – I am rolling my eyes.

While Simon Bridges is screaming about slushies and fat shaming Grant Robertson with her harping alongside, Willie Jackson shoots back the following,  “The Māori in the National Party are useless, Paula Bennett, she doesn’t know if she’s a Māori – some days she does, some days she doesn’t.”

Bennett has gone crying to the media that is racist because it calls into question her identity.

Are you kidding me?

Jackson made it clear on Radio NZ that he wasn’t talking about her biological connection to being a Māori, he was talking about her actual political identity within the Kaupapa. She is a politician who stripped beneficiaries (many of whom are Māori) of welfare, created draconian reform that punished and dumped thousands onto the poverty trash pile, forced solo mums into contraception, forced thousands to under go needless drug tests and championed the utterly corruption State Housing meth  fiasco that cost $120million and threw thousands of beneficiaries onto the street.

Bennett uses her identity as a Māori when it’s convenient for her to do so, she has actively pursued social policy that is incredibly damaging to Māori and to have the media focus on this and not Simon’s outlandish slushy outburst smells of a double standard.

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Paula needs a trigger free safe zone with an emotional support peacock.

If Kaupapa Māori means supporting draconian welfare reforms, needlessly drug testing beneficiaries, forcing contraception and pissing $120m against the wall while throwing 1000 state tenants into the street for meth hysteria, then Paula Bennett is Maui’s sister!




  1. And her Marae is? Does she have a mihi? Whats her proper Maori name in reference to where her whakapapa leads to a “Block” of te whenua?

  2. How many times have Pākehā used blood quantum to try and negate what Māori are saying? “You’re only x percentage Māori” so you don’t count.

    And now some real horrors are supporting Mrs Bennett. She IS Māori you see. And people pointing out what a despicable person she is are just being very mean and racist.

    However she self identifies, or links to, the evidence of the harm she has done to Māori families via WINZ/MSD is well documented. In the midst of the housing crisis, with people actually living in cars; rather than personally assisting, “a staff member” in her office leaked information to a journalist about Te Puea marae chair Hurimoana Dennis. Te Puea was housing people and the Nats were embarrassed by that.

    And on it goes, when she started at WINZ she was mentored by arch neo lib Paula Rebstock and sent to the US for six weeks to learn how to really put the boot in to the vulnerable via the likes of the “Wisconsin model”. Pullya is bad news. The point Willie is making, while definitely not to all the racists satisfaction, is that “Pullyer Benefit” is an optional Māori when it suits her, and National’s purposes.

  3. If it is about Maori identity, isn’t willie in a coalition with a party that wants to abolish the Maori seats.

  4. I strongly believe Paula Bennett has become like a waxwork in a Madam Tussards museum.

    She is so self-obsessed that she should really change her surname to Kardashian.

    Either that or due to her hairstyle she needs a change of occupation to being a toilet-brush or even a muppet.

    If or rather when Simon Bridges accepts the reality that his time of being national party leader(I deliberately use lower case here)is at an end it’s likely Pulla Benefit will not be long after him in leaving her beloved(and yet she condemned in the 90s)national party.

    Be real but would one really want Paula Bennett as part of the NZ National Party after all the privacy breaches she has done over the years????!!!!!!

    If I were a barge(aka the NZ National Party) I would distance myself from that Pole(aka Paula Bennett). In fact I wouldn’t touch her with a barge-pole.

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