The Liberal Agenda – Mediating Terror


Mediating Terror

Panel and discussion
Hosted by the Journalism, Media and Democracy research centre

Date: Friday 3rd May, 2019, 12–1pm

Venue: Auckland University of Technology – WG 126

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Seven weeks after the Christchurch mosque shootings it is time to reflect upon the mediated nature of these traumatic events. To this end, the Journalism, Media and Democracy research centre has assembled a distinguished panel of speakers to discuss the interrelated themes of online white extremism, media depictions of terrorism, terror and security and representations of Islam.


Professor Wayne Hope White supremacists and the internet

Associate Professor Verica Rupar Media and terrorism

Associate Professor Vijay Devadas Media, terror and security

Khairiah Rahman Islam and the media


All are welcome to attend this event



  1. I hope the speakers watch this first.
    Noam Chomsky illustrates how cunning, exploitive fuckers manipulate our hearts and minds without us barely noticing.
    Our very own and now filthy riche and bloated with self congratulatory narcissism Kiwi-As crims started to use the above spoken of methodologies on us more than thirty years ago.
    A mass shooting can also be used as a PR firms windfall.
    The on-going, pop-star-ification here of adern is worrying for this commenter.

  2. Well I guess the best thing about the photo is some on the left might wake up to the fact we have another right wing government. This one is nicer, but only a little.

    • Because assuming people are stupid because there are many different styles to choose from is not a long term vote winning strategy.

  3. Should have people like Lloyd Geering and Jim Veitch. Think I still have a Geering ‘Listener ‘article on Islam from the 1990’s, and his main theme is expanded upon in a basic Islam book – got a few – Bernard Lewis’s “Holy War and Unholy Terror.” I can read and reread, but will never know it all.

    It’s not easy – except for dimwits – to generalise about Islam, or the history of the Muslim world,but elder- scholars like Geering, erudite and prejudice-free, can give a good over-view from completely outside.

    Pity keyboard supremacists cannot publicly speak and discuss. I know one and think it incapable of dialogue and able to only quote others.

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