GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – Terrorism is best fought Internationally


Author second from right with SLR semi auto rifle.

This week in Eastern Russia, the Russian FSB (i.e. former KGB) arrested a number of terrorists who were preparing to detonate explosive in a public place.

Last week the FSB also foiled a similar group in the Asian part of Russia.

Both groups had the intention to detonate explosives in public places and then bolt back to ISIS occupied hideaways in the North Eastern part of Syria- the sector unlawfully occupied by American troops supporting Kurdish aspiration for an independent state – being a strategy implacably opposed by NATO ally Turkey and therefore a major conundrum for America.  

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  • This is the zone of Syria that President Trump trumpeted a month ago; had been cleared of the ISSI which America created when in 2003 it unlawfully invaded Iraqi (UN definition)

Russia has had its fair share of terrorist attacks including:

* hostage taking at Stavropol 1995 143 dead;

* Moscow apartment bombing 1999 130 dead;

* 2000 Moscow subway bombing 12 dead;

* hostage taking in Moscow theatre 170 killed (includes 41 terrorists killed);

* 2004 Beslan at school hostage taking 372 dead.

However, more recent times, a pro-active strategy by FSB and other Russian security agencies, appears to have put their security apparatus, ahead of the bandits.

In 2018 for example,20 terror attacks were foiled in Russia.

But the probability of terrorist activity increasing inside its borders, has to be high.

Over 300 ISIS women and kids waiting to return to Russia following decimation of ISIS; a decimation which commenced when Russia entered the fray in 2015 and exposed 2000 tanker loads of oil per day, being moved by ISIS from northern Syria through Turkey to alleged American buyers.

As a former NZ police commander and head of Auckland police spy section; and being widely travelled in turbulent parts of Africa including Western Sahara; the Middle East including Syria; North Korea, China and Russia; I do claim to have a knowledge base in the field of terrorism which is beyond the experience of most Kiwis.

With this pedigree, I was probably the first commentator to identify that the NZ police and in particular GCSB (our spies), were remiss to the point of negligent over the Christchurch terrorist hit. 

That others have now joined the queue of asking: ‘What were our guardians doing to have failed to pick up the (growing) evidence that the Christchurch terrorist was planning his atrocity?” is encouraging.


Recently we have been exposed to media which suggests our guardians may not be wasting their time watching rugby instead of watching the monitors of terrorists, but have in fact been watching journalists and critics who dare to question the status quo!

I may well be time for our policy makers involved in strategic planning for the best security possible for New Zealand, to consider sending some of our people to complete courses in Russia – rather than send then to FBI courses and end up with raids on Dot Com being perpetrated on behalf of a foreign power.


Ross is an international businessman and entrepreneur. In 2016 Ross was appointed Honorary Consul for the Kingdom of Morocco. In New Zealand he is trustee and managing director of absentee Russian owned forestry and commercial property.

Ross has a bachelor degree in politics and management, a master’s degree in economics, statistics, law and policy and C.O.P’s in law.

From 2004 he lived and worked in Zimbabwe, Russia, Czech Republic, Thailand and the Balkans.

Since 2005 Ross has established business interests in aqua culture and fisheries development – from Morocco to Syria: U.A.E and North Korea.

In 2015 Ross was prime speaker on sustainable fisheries as guest of the Moroccan government at CRANZ Montana ‘Sustainable Resources: Africa’ conference, and an official guest at the 2017 forum.

A former Member of Parliament (1987–1996) and Member and the Executive Council of New Zealand in the National government, Ross was Under Secretary (junior minister) Agriculture & Forestry; Cabinet Committee Industry & Commerce & Chair Select Committee Fisheries.

Subsequent to parliament, he owned equestrian facilities; was elected to local government as a councilor; consulted to several major fishing companies, was engaged by parliamentary services as adviser to Rt. Hon Winston Peters and emerged as a key figure in the Scampi Affair, which falsely alleged political corruption.

Prior to entering parliament, Ross had been 21 years in the police.  Service included: detective on Regional Crime Squad and Drug Squad; 5 years Armed Offenders Squad, second in command of the infamous Red Squad, and commissioned officer in charge of police spies i.e. Criminal Intelligence Section and V.I.P. Security.



  1. Well then does any one want to militaries the police, up-arm them and have increased ID checks and so on, do we really want this? No one in there right mind who has experienced increased security measures every say they want this long term except for the people making money out of it.

    So at what point was Breton Tarrant officially a Terrorist that could have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit……, and you can Finnish that sentence.

    The way I would address that issue. Never mind that I would like it very much to force the Defence Chiefs to do punishment duties in Russia on a cold day.

    But at what point does a terrorist become a terrorist is like asking what is the difference between a bank and a new bank. Compared to the terrorism that has to go on day in day out just means things remain the way they are.

    So when we think about terrorism we think about the violent acts that interrupt the normal everyday run of life. But what about violence that have to be present in order for violence to function the way that it is now. So now the term terrorism as it is used post 3/15 is simply a reaction to a much stronger terrorism which was already here among us.

    So instead of engaging in this moralistic thing by saying ops that went wrong now all you standing over there are a fascist, and you like woman but you won’t play with trans woman or you simply don’t like trans-nationals and none of them would hurt a fly. So in this formal sense they are terrorists in need of state surveillance. So if they are national security risks then my goodness what are they who accuse those of terrorism.

    The good news that we are receiving from higher up Defence Chiefs is that they have found a problem and that they have good and bad news. The bad news is that you might have to get randomly selected and fingered in the rectum just to check, or the children and disabled may have to be strip searched so that Police and other applicable personal can feel like they are safe at work. That’s just some of the bad news. The good news is every time a terrorist is killed that will trigger increased searches at random of the rectum.

  2. Gawd Ross, you’ll be up on charges of collusion suggesting such subversive things.
    On a watch list at the very least

    • Terrorism includes infiltrating our State apparatus – which the Americans do with virtual impunity.

      Classic example was some police inspector saying to Justice Winklemann during the Dot Com trials, “I need to check with the FBI first”, to which the judge said: “This is my court officer and here you check with me,” or words to the precise effect.

      • The Russians have plenty of experience dealing with homegrown terrorists stirred up by Saudi wahabbis and encouraged and funded I suspect by certain powers interested in destabilising Russia
        Now who has a track record of that underhand strategy?
        I’m guessing we, meaning NZ , get threatened with economic warfare…making the economy scream…and the withdrawal of intelligence sharing that might alert us to an impending attack .I also wonder if that is just code for unleashing such an attack, in true mafia protection racket style.
        That makes way for the US interfering in our sovereignty with impunity.

  3. … ‘ It may well be time for our policy makers involved in strategic planning for the best security possible for New Zealand, to consider sending some of our people to complete courses in Russia – rather than send then to FBI courses and end up with raids on Dot Com being perpetrated on behalf of a foreign power ‘ …


    I would go along with that, tbh.

    And this govt should treat the Dotcom affair as they have treated Pike River. With courage and with boldness. In the Dotcom affair , – by dropping any case and presenting an apology . After that , by blocking any extradition measures by the USA permanently.

    I am not anti USA. I am not anti Russia. There are literally millions of fine and wonderful people in both country’s.

    We need to remember that and remember that lesson well. And keep reminding ourselves of it. Every day.

    Get rid of all the propaganda and see the common person as they truly are : just like yourselves with all the concerns and worry’s you have. The ‘little’ person, – just like you and me. Who wants comfort in retirement, for their children to do well, to glory in seeing heir grandchildren healthy , strong and well cared for.

    We ‘little’ people do not wish for much in this life. And such is the make up of all country’s. All we ask for is a fair deal.

    In the Dotcom case it was / is a select group comprising Warner Bros, and the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry that drew up the groundwork for the TTPA under Obomba to be ratified by Congress at that time , and included the new copyright laws that Obomba signed off on under pressure from the former , – which had threatened pulling the plug on donations to Obomba’s bid for the next elections.

    We thus see the weakness of Obomba in willing to sacrifice 5 men to spend the rest of their lives rotting in a West Virginia jail cell on spurious charges just so he might have a chance at re election.



    That version of the TTPA was rejected by Trump and is no longer a thing. The copyright laws were signed off under Obomba under pressure from the Hollywood movie industry.

    Thus the persecution of Dotcom.

    Those copyright laws did not / do not exist in NZ , and thus do not / have never applied.

    There has not been heinous activity by Dotcom and the others , lives have not been taken such as in terrorism. The raids on Dotcom were illegal as the warrant was proven invalid. So too was the spying on Dotcom ( illegal ) at the time. Dotcoms treatment once arrested also breached Human Rights. Simple things such as denying him a phone call to contact a lawyer to stall for time was illegal.

    The impounding of luxury goods ( vehicles etc ) and the freezing of assets designed to starve Dotcom of a legal defense is legendary.

    Illegality after illegality and breach after breach of the most basic of Human Rights were experienced in this country surrounding the treatment of Kim Dotcom.

    This country is sovereign and thus can overrule any extradition agreements we have with any members of the 5 eye spy nations on the grounds that it is our sovereign right to do so under our laws, – and our laws do not pertain to , – nor are superseded by the USA regards copyright. Either now or pre raid. Particularly regards any penalty that would be meted out in the USA.

    This is not how we treat our people.

    We are, or should not , – nor ever be , – obligated to ANY foreign power where such foreign legislation is non applicable to the legal status and framework within these shores.

    We do not wish to sully ourselves such as England has with its treatment of Assange. I have not met nor seen Dotcom in person barring news clip’s, – yet what happened to Dotcom is OUR VERSION OF JULIAN ASSANGE !!!


    UPDATE: Julian Assange arrest.

    Julian Assange, 47, (03.07.71) has today, Thursday 11 April, been further arrested on behalf of the United States authorities, at 10:53hrs after his arrival at a central London police station. This is an extradition warrant under Section 73 of the Extradition Act. He will appear in custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Court later today (Thursday, 11 April).

    UPDATE: Arrest of Julian Assange – Metropolitan Police


    Yet in some ways NZ’s treatment of Dotcom has been far WORSE , – because the whole raid, arrest and even the warrant was ILLEGAL on many counts from the get go , – and carried out under the auspices of a cowardly , conniving , former lapdog for the then President Obomba of the USA named John Key.

    The same John Key who LIED to the New Zealand public about the XKEYSCORE program and Operation Speargun. And who also blindly followed orders from a man who was head of the NSA James Clapper , – who narrowly missed being charged on counts of perjury before Congress when being alleged to have been spying with his organisation (NSA ) on the citizens of the USA using electronic surveillance gathering of data.

    The apology and dropping of any future possibility of extradition to the USA of Kim Dotcom and the others so accused would go a long way to publicly demonstrating ,endorsing and shoring up our sovereignty , our sense of nationhood , our democracy , our independence from and uniqueness from the USA and ALL other nations, – and countermand the invasive political / economic misplacement and misappropriation of power simply because we belong to a spy agreement.

    Two good videos , one from an interview with John Pilger regarding Assange:

    EP.737: John Pilger- Julian Assange’s Arrest an ASSAULT … – YouTube

    Another one , – (from one who is obviously a Trump supporter, – as am I,- though who also believes Sanders would be better ) , – but who also believes how Trump handles the Assange affair ,… if Assange is extradited to the USA, … will be a major defining event in his political career, …it is interesting because this one shows the DIRECT LINKS between Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom at the 8.40 mins mark…

    UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: Julian Assange & The DJT … – YouTube


    A good article, Mr Meurant.

    Keep them coming, please.

  4. It just keeps coming…

    RESERVE YOUR SEAT: The Trump-Obama Showdown . . . – YouTube

    And the relevance of all this , is that in regards international terrorism,… first we must root out those who find political power and wealth by keeping this situation going… Ike Eisenhower was quite right in his last address to the American people… in his brilliant farewell speech …

    Eisenhower Farewell Address (Full) – YouTube

    Its all there in that speech.

    Eisenhower was no perfect angel by any chalk,… he was complicit in an oblique fashion of more than a few global scandals of that era utilizing American political hegemony… but he boldly spoke about domestic corruption and the deep state , – as well as the external threats to the USA ( aka communism ) at that time.

    It is well worth a watch.

  5. Again , this woman with her peculiar southern accent speaks a lot of sense,… she’s well worth the time to study , to comprehend, and to understand…if you want to grasp whats really behind international, global terrorism.

    If you cannot see what is plainly in front of your nose , you are in denial.

    Its that simple.

    Intro To World Domination. . . – YouTube

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