The Daily Blog Open Mic – Saturday 20th April 2019


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  1. Happy Easter, I hear the alcohol fueled parties are going strong, races at Waikaraka Park in Onehunga are on, blowing more fumes into the atmosphere, tens of thousands or even more are on Easter and School holidays, by car (using fossil fuel) or airplane (creating tons of carbon emissions).

    Did anybody care to note this report, by the way?

    The MSM on TV and radio gave it a few seconds, that has passed and gone under, people are busy chatting via their gadgets and sending frivolous pics and messages, organising a date, a party or shopping spending.

    Wow, we are really ‘developed’ as a human species, are we not???

    All I note is ‘screw the environment’, ‘burn the fossil fuels’ and ‘party’ and party, who cares, screw the rest.

  2. Some may ask, is it time for an environmental guerilla war now? I wonder. Most are deluded, and get nothing, carry on as per usual, destroying their own livelihood, i.e. nature.

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