The Daily Blog Open Mic – Thursday 18th April 2019


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  1. So here we now have a TRUE and HONEST assessment of the state of affairs in NZ Aotearoa, got your ‘electric car’ yet???

    The damned hypocrisy, lies and hopelessness that that the elite, the leaders, the government, and also most of the population of this over rated country present, it is damned SHAMEFUL, and a disgrace.

    Wake up, idiots, you are destroying your own country, your own livelihood, your natural environment for damned sake, all for a few conveniences and a BS liefestyle, that you think has to be as ‘good’ as the US American ‘way of life’, at the expense of the planet called earth.

    You destroy your own fertile and diverse environment for gadgets, cars, for homes, for shit jobs and careers, that mean nothing in the end, you will ALL die one day, care perhaps one bit of a second for your offspring that you create while having sexual fun at some time in life???

    Kiwis are a total disgrace, the majority I mean.

  2. AI will change our world, not for the better, despite of this:

    There will be NO emotional reaction to mass killings and other incidents, AI will ‘rationalise’ things.

    The economic system will ‘adjust’, so no emotional clap trap will be considered, we will ALL be mere numbers in a huge and complex system.

    To stop it we will have to act NOW, burn down and destroy ALL the powers at play that want to force AI onto us, yes DESTROY them, with resolute force, as they are destroying us if we do not destroy them.

    Also, you are going to be sucked into all kinds of dependencies, and if you do not oppose it, you may as well sign off altogether.

    The world is screwed up now, better act now, join the student protestors against climate change, and overthrow the status quo, which includes the rotten government we have.

  3. Screw the middle class, wanting to live on the back of lowly paid immigrant labour, get stuffed. Petty Bourgeois shits.

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