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  1. Wheres my boat people ??? …. Kittridge and co

    John Key was saying since 2010 …. that the boat people were ‘getting closer’ to NZ.

    Part of john keys proof ??…. they are using boats ‘made of
    steel’ ….

    Did you get that ?? …. Not wood, plastic, bamboo or polystyrene ….. Friggin Steel !! , we are so f*#ked people.

    Steel doesn’t even float , so we know the boat people hoards are technologly advanced …. we’re so f#*ked 😉

    The last installment by the media … without JKs help …. was a strange story about a Steel fishing boat ,,,, that left India on the 22 of January, heading for NZ aperently.

    But instead of making this 11,500 km Journey …. This boat has dissapeared off the face of the earth.

    The Aussie spooks have also been trying to rattle Jacinda ……. with tales of turning back 4 boats bound for NZ “across the ditch” ..

    .. further research found they turned four boats back into Indonesian waters ….. about 7000 kms away ….. pretty wide ditch including a couple of oceans and seas.

    Its all part of the ‘be afraid’ narrative …. that Wayne mapp, Collins and the Nacts spread so well .

    • P.s …. what do I think of the mystry dissapeared fishing boat ….. that was supposedly sailing, or more accurately motoring, 11500 kms to NZ.

      I believe the boat probably exists

      I believe people smugglers / traffickers are criminals …. who in all probably have taken desperate Peoples money ….. Promised them the destination of Australia…. and dumped them into Indonesia.

      But its just as guess from me …..

      The fishing boat story from India …. is getting more fishy …. the longer we do not hear about what happened to the boat.

      I hope there has not been a mass drowning …..

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