GUEST BLOG: Gerard Otto – Another rogue poll


Ever since Mike Hosking raised his hands to calm down the stewing National Party wildebeests on 13th February 2019 and declared that there was no need to panic about one rogue poll, more rogue polls have confirmed the first one.

Now there are a total of four rogue polls all saying that the Coalition are soaring further and further out of reach of a 2020 National Party Victory while National continue to sink like the Titanic carrying all the world’s negativity.

This was supposed to be about the rise of Simon Bridges to glory, king of the seven provinces.

This was supposed to be about the crushing impacts of KiwiBuild, the CGT, the fist shaking fury of the broken relationship with China?

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This was supposed to be about more rehashed policies – like smaller classrooms, or shifting the tax brackets to bribe the population, or coming down hard on cannibas reform using Paula Bennett as a battering ram?

Barry Soper, Mike Hosking, Audrey Young, Claire Trevett, Tracy Watkins and friends, have all done their very best to turn these polls around but that rascally Prime Minister has gotten away with being just far too good at authentic leadership.

No matter how much negative bile was spewed out of the stomach of NZME media opinion, it was all counterproductive and a losing strategy.

Special mention must be made of the sterling work of Duncan Garner – scowling in his lounge lizard jacket at the Prime Minister every week through blood red eyes…it’s really assisted her popularity.

In fact Coalition supporters should hand these partisan media awards for the services their ridiculously negative opinions have delivered to Coalition Support.

Nobody could credibly keep believing the stinking bullshit.

Especially when our PM became an international symbol for love and peace on the world’s tallest building and nearly all international media and power brokers want to stand next to her.

China even delighted in having her visit, just a bit of shine rubbed off on them as well.

Kate reckoned the PM was too good for us and would bugger off for a big flash job pronto.

Even the conspiracy extremists are astonished and think everyone must be gullible except themselves of course.

TVNZ did it’s best to distort the poll graphics, showing more blue seats in parliament than red – despite this being the complete opposite in reality.

It’s all about accuracy and the real story apparently.

Far be it from me to gloat when every wizened up Nat supporter remembers John Key used to be popular after a National Disaster too.

However Sir John ( as he is known ) never did get his mug on the world’s tallest building and was never referred to by a wide spectrum of political leaders as an example of strong, compassionate, leadership.

Finally, let’s not forget the bigots and the snotty army of Nat Trolls on Stuff ( controlled by Nat HQ ) who have shown us all – who we never wish to be.

Racist, blind, narrow minded, fearful, loud mouths.

Together all of these elements have convinced fair minded New Zealanders to support the Coalition by it’s greatest margin yet.

Our Prime Minister deserves the support, she has earned it.


Gerard Otto is an activist and a writer.


  1. She (Jacinda) certainly does deserve all the accolades she gets and in the meantime we need to sort ourselves out after the chch terroism act now is the time for us to deal with our race relations issues. We need to talk about the hard issues constructively we will never agree on everything.
    We need to teach the true history of our country in a way that doesn’t have people blaming anyone. I am proud of all my ancestors including my English, Irish and Scottish whanau that came here for a better life and we would not be the country we are if not for them.

    • Jacinda doing Owesome…Things not looking so good for the team….When you need a distraction but you just can’t find Conway Twitty. Well folks, just wheel in the Foreshore and Seabed Race-baiter Troll.
      Please stop sending your pamphlets and take your loss medicine, or else you will make Jacinda look better by the day. Capisce.

  2. TVNZ is a Boomer channel, let them have their propaganda .. they become a braindead/brainwashed generation many years ago. As for Simon No Bridges polling 5% .. it’s pathetic keeping him as leader.

    I refuse to listen to Bridges for more than 10 seconds at a time – it’s just too painful !! Put simply, 95% on New Zealand actively avoid listing to his nails-on-a-chalkboard drivel.

    It’s amazing National are holding at 40%, then again I’ve always said 40% of electors would vote for an inflatable dummy so long as it’s blue.

    • The National Party does have that 40% core who will do just that.
      The real issue is that they still put up Bridges while they work out just what to do. I think they have a cheek offering that to NZ as their leader, as a “leader” for NZ he’s not even close to “good enough”, if that’s the best they can do no normal person would consider voting for them. Letting the most ambitious person “have the job” is what they did before, they and their policies are not remotely about NZers or the country.

  3. John Key was just the same useless leader as Simon, just a far far better lier and he had a huge neoliberal marketing/propaganda machine supporting him every step of the way.
    It was his job to get the TPPA all underway, and sell New Zealand’s sole to overseas investors. Job Done.

  4. What a shame that with all this adulation they can’t act when it really matters and bring fairness to our unfair tax system.
    This is why Sanders and Corbyn are fighting to dismantle the neo liberal disease that has killed so many.

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