If Jacinda wants to lead the International Agenda, offer Assange asylum


Pilger’s incredible critique of the Assange issues makes for fearful reading. If Jacinda wishes to stride the International stage with real purpose and mana, she should offer Assange asylum as a direct stance of independence for NZ and as a defender of journalism and free speech.

This issue reverberates through every value of democracy, to allow Assange to be legally tortured for crimes against journalism is an affront to every progressive liberal democracy.

While Assange is in British custody and the legal machinations take their time, Jacinda could offer a meaningful counterweight when global leadership is so lacking.

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  1. Ha ha ha. Priceless. This is one of the funniest blog entries I’ve read all year! Would have been a great April Fools though. You do realise that NZ would immediately be put under economic (and possibly travel) sanctions by the US? And our “allies” will all cheer that on since they will be under direct threat of same if they were to be seen in support of our “strong leadership”. We’d be lucky to retain a functioning internet, since even that is entirely under US control.
    You do remember France’s terrorist attack on New Zealand, don’t you? Our “allies” all stood up for us, and put severe economic sanctions on France, right? Oh wait.
    They’ll simply crush us like the grape we are and we’ll hand Assange over with apologies within a week.

    • The left gave former CIA agent and whistle blower John Chris Kiriakou to the right wing party under Obama in exchange for leniency on Chelsea Manning only to watch her re arrested. And now we should hand Assange over measly and mildly. I don’t think so.

      Europe is a basket case right now, Middle East also a basket case, China’s economic indicators look like recession and they’ll try and increase productivity and work there way out of it and America is pretending it’s shit don’t stink. And now journalism requires oversight because of this mess.

      Sometimes you just have to stand up for what you believe in and tell the idiots that protecting Assange’s journalistic integrity or Niki Harger or who ever, is in the best interest of every one. It’s not just in Jacinda or the Labour parties best interest to maintain a decent journalism but it’s the best interest of who ever takes over after Jacinda as well.

    • Shes not that gullible as to get involved in that scenario,political suicde and you know it,J A “should” you treat JA as if shes some sort of emotional co dependant, JA ‘s Prme Minister not a juouno go offer your reputation and offer him a bed n breakfast holliday no computor no press and give it arest

    • One who stands with just morals and principals stands stronger than one with a dollar in hand and none of the former. You may not have noticed but many in this world have had enough of the bullshit of the US and many of their allies . and that it’s not always the people of those nations that are the problem, rather the political elite with personal agendas that govern them. We need another Nuremberg .I’d Rather go hungry than be subservient to a dollar. Freedom is priceless.

  2. Saw a great sign the other day, it read:

    “First they came for the journalists…
    Then we don’t know what happened next because there was no one to report on it

  3. If only Martyn!
    Switzerland, or more accurately Geneva can offer such a thing because they know where the money’s buried.
    Lets see what happens with Dotcom shall we?

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