The Liberal Agenda MOVIE REVIEW: Us – 5 stars


Jordan Peele’s latest horror offering of ‘Us‘ suggests his skills as a movie maker and social critic have merged to a new high that manages to eclipse  his previous horror romp ‘Get out‘, which is no easy feat because ‘Get out’ was brilliant.

Peele uses symbolism and pop culture references to give voice to an American society currently as ravaged as his movie becomes. The horror that the horror is us seems so perfectly fashioned for Trump’s America it’s easy to see how and why this movie hits the cultural zeitgeist so perfectly.

The sudden uprising of the dark shadow self deep within each cave inside us is made more frightening by the elements of how capitalism has robbed the many for the privilege of the few.

Nothing scares more than the righteousness of those we invisibly keep in subjection turning on us for the payment of sins we hadn’t noticed we were causing.

Hands across America becomes the warped symbolism it always was.

I loved every second of this movie.

5 stars

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