Why Hooton is half right, Liam Heir assures the Right they can go back to being arseholes and the less said about Kate Hawkesby the better


Hooton is half right in his column calling for Jacinda to go to the polls early.

Yes, the economic outlet is far more gloomy and it will make the political landscape more difficult to traverse but to exploit an atrocity for political benefit is beneath Jacinda, those who have suffered most from this white supremacist terror attack and the people of New Zealand as a whole.

Liam Hehir is attempting to assure the Right they can go back to being arseholes once the moment of national mourning has passed by comparing the loss of Jens Stoltenberg in the wake of the Norway atrocity to Jacinda losing in 2020.

What Liam fails to highlight was that Stolenberg lost BECAUSE his Party was seen to be behind the security failures of the Police and intelligence services in the wake of the atrocity, that backlash won’t occur in NZ because neither Jacinda or Labour can be seriously held to account for a right wing Intelligence Industry and Police Force who saw journalists, Māori, Environmentalists and Muslims as the threat and not white supremacists.

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And then there is Kate Hawkesby’s premonition that this will only be a one term Government because Jacinda will walk from the job to lead the UN.

In Kate Hawkesby’s world, success and power are the driving values, she projects those onto Jacinda & concludes the PM is as selfish as she would be by walking away from leading the country to try and gain more power at the UN. It’s crystal ball gazing that shows how hollow Hawkesby’s own parameters really are.

The right wing pundits are desperate to move the debate along because Jacinda led in a way that they can’t seriously counter and so would prefer to forget her extraordinary leadership by sullying it by suggesting immoral political expedience, the political ‘gravity’ returning pettiness to the agenda or personal aggrandisement ending the Government altogether.

In each case it is the pundits true vacant relationship with power that is on display, not insight to Jacinda’s phenomenal leadership.

I pray to the little baby Jesus this all ends up behind a paywall.


    • Fuck ‘paywalls’! They’re just an exclusionist form of capitalist elitism. The poor won’t pay for information if it’s that, or the kids eat. Rebuild the state owned and run RNZ and for Christ’s sake sack kathryn ryan. Oh my God! I tried to listen to her talk about something that interested me the other day and her pompous, floofing, shooshing, S bending nearly made me gouge my ear drums out. She put me off my toast and jam. And she’s abysmally, poorly researched. Kim Hill!? Please? Pay her what ever she wants. Give her mike ‘The Wee Tike’ hosking’s Ferrari! Anything!? Just wipe the drivers seat down with bleach before it’s handed over.
      Now. TV. What TV you ask? I agree. I don’t see TV anywhere. I see a large, flat one-eyed head-fuck machine ramming pap, pulp, garbage and sewer journalism down our throats like a Frenchman rams grains down a goose.
      What macabre alien world is our Tee Vee beamed down from? Surely, that’s not our Earth? Bleached arsehole and waxed perineum aliens publicly rooting for ratings and all to elevator muzak. Surely not? What have we become??

      • The poor don’t have to pay for information because on the other side of the paywall information is so readily available and free on the Internet. Then we rely on things like bloggers and TDB to filter all that shit ton of information into something readable. We’ve got our own trusted sources, the right have there’s, the centre has there trusted sources. Don’t fear because on the segregated side of the paywall its drib and drab. On our side it’s cool as.

      • Love it. Maybe a touch tough on Ryan but love the descriptive pros. Made me laugh which doesn’t happen often.

  1. Rather than political bias motivations here, I’m more inclined to think journalists and opinion pundits in the media, regardless of political belief, like to bark at every passing car, even when there is no car passing. They get paid to come up with a certain number of opinions, and this inevitably means talking a certain degree of shite.

  2. Where are the political rats who departed the scene when John Key departed the scene, remember it was he that failed to control the weapons available in NZ, it was he who caved into the gun lobby etc. He was more interested in pull young girls hair, and kissing the backsides of both Israel and the US…and now of cause we are paying the price…the murder in Afganistan by the SAS, ordered by Key, donations to the Clinton foundation of tax payers money…but more importantly that all that crap was his totally ignorance of climate change…the Present PM makes his [Keys} attempt at leadership look like a bully boy on holiday from a home for naughty bad boys…

    • Hear hear Peter. I thought we’d seen the last of the great right hope JK but I see RNZ wheeled him out the other day to talk money (he seemed to be slurring a lot)

    • “it was he who caved into the gun lobby etc”

      Labour is not innocent in that regard either.

      “and kissing the backsides of both Israel”

      National backed a UN resolution that was very critical of Israel.

    • +1 PETER WHEELER – totally agree about the Natz and Key, although my concern is that Labour are acting along the Key lines in terms of kissing up foreigners asses by giving away water and OIA requests as a given and not noticing that the security forces were surveilling the wrong people aka domestic not visitors…

      It is all very well to encourage foreign investment in areas like high tech and so forth, but practically giving away the physical assets like water and sand and oil, while leaving the polluting and social effects and risks to the locals to suffer seems very stupid and wrong and migrants dropping off the kids and grandparents once getting permanent residency here to be supported by the Kiwis seems just as bad.

      Also Labour/Greens/NZ First also seem to suffer the Natz discourse that they can’t possibly cope with NZ Maori/Pakeha population in particular to thrive as we are all lazy drugged out losers and add racist and xenophobic for the wokies MP’s in parliament… therefore getting more middle classes from countries that are so far down the human rights lists in terms of race and gender and freedom of speech, is somehow going to help, seems to be clutching at straws?

    • You wouldn’t be from the left would you. Key responsible for the murders in Afghanistan. Please. He may have okayed the offensive but let’s keep our pants up.

  3. Yes a interesting issue there perhaps Hooten needs to write a fiction book eh?

    Parliament is so boring today I hardly raised the interest to turn to the parliament channel.

    Jacinda needs to energise her base as they are looking tired and boring as a plate of piss.

    • Sorry to say it , me old chap, but you’re wrong on two counts…

      1/ Mattew Hooten IS a fiction writer.

      2/ I LIKE BORING. A boring parliament is what ALL nations need to seek to achieve. Because if a govt is BORING, – it means a hum drum , business as usual , no major issues or ruffles situation whereby we the people can go about our daily business happily and contentedly.

      We need much MORE boring, not LESS of it !!!

      • Agree +100% need more boring good policy rather than the theatrical bullshit we have had to tolerate for the last 30-40 years ?

  4. “And then there is Kate Hawkesby’s premonition that this will only be a one term Government because Jacinda will walk from the job to lead the UN.”

    While I agree 100% with your comments on Hawkesby – or even 200% –
    this could also be a insidious ham-fisted attempt – albeit a dumb one – to sabotage a respected Prime Minister by intimating to the voting public that they cannot really count on Ardern because Arden is likely to up and abandon them for greener pastures.

    Never under-estimate the politics of greedy desperation, they can stink to high heaven.

    • … ‘ Never under-estimate the politics of greedy desperation, they can stink to high heaven ‘…

      I think most of the populace see right through it for what it is. They realize the Kate Hawky tactic of trying to knock a brick out of the solid wall that is the Adern led govt, – the politics of greedy desperation can go on stinking to high heaven,… all they will do is kick up even more stinks.

      That’s all they are good for.

      And no one cares about what they think.

      • Wild Katipo – if no-one cares about what Hawks and co think, why on earth would someone be paying them to say it ?

        I doubt if Hawkesby inflicts herself for free – like from the goodness of her heart – that assumes too many hypotheticals.

        But I could be wrong -she could be Mother Teresa deep down inside- or Saint Teresa the little flower, or wonderful Boadicea, or Marie Curie, or Harriet Beecher Stowe or some other high value woman, who knows ? Cushla Smith,Manchester mud-wrestling champ 1952 ?

        • Haha… no ,.. shes just Kate Hawky.

          Shes a try hard.

          And yeah shes a well paid try hard but try hard she is.

          Mikey and Katy… birds of a feather.

          But they are old jaded Key era chooks now,… and no ones really listening anymore.

  5. They will never go behind a paywall because then no one would bother paying to hear them, and they want to be heard more than they want to make money

  6. Perhaps I should have said that by suggesting that Jacinda Ardern might push off to the UNO after the next election, Hawkesby is sabotaging the Labour Party, because if Ardern were to leave, Labour would lose a highly effective leader, and Labour could have another leadership crisis – and maybe produce an unpopular leader like the current Nat one.

    The fact that Helen Clark left NZ for the UNO provides a ( shaky) ground for this type of mischief.

  7. I hope the Herald doesn’t pay Hawkesby for her trash talk. I read better, informed commentary on toilet walls.

    Hootonis mischief making suggesting Arden go to the polls early. He knows full well voters punish govts who call early elections. He is a provocateur. Best ignored.

    • Exactly.

      Worse to come – should Labour do not so well in the election, Hooton will say, “I said she should have gone early” – if they do well, he’ll just stay silent.

  8. The weakness in the idea that Jacinda Ardern would be attracted to a place of power at the UN, is that the UN is not a place of power – it is a place of of impotence. It looks good to be at the top of that ladder but isn’t capable of doing anything. Failure to do anything about Israel is proof of that.
    Here in NZ there is a very important job to do and it is too soon yet to be confident that she can achieve her objectives – whatever they may be.

  9. They have to fill their columns. Thanks for summarising headlines I put in the women’s magazine area of credibility, so didn’t click.

    Hawkesby seems to be trying to retain her column, maybe even the Herald has standards. Of a sort (not the sort that St Peter will accept).

    But Kate Hawkesby’s absolutely ridiculous idea wasn’t entirely with me. Still have no idea about Ardern — the combination of shallow and deep, without getting into the deep and dirty of the last. Who is she? She seems to have never encountered a difficulty, ‘life is but a cv, nothing but to dream’.

    This next decade is 1939 but many, many, many times over. So absolutely everything is wrong, and this PM riding the present completely misplaced complacence.

    Does anyone disagree with my categorisation of the crisis? If I get a convincing argument I’ll continue fiddling with my balls like everyone else. We’re at a cliff, Martyn, no more ‘progression’.

  10. Glad, glad, veritably glad to see the non-response. What can be done and what must be done are so far away from one another. For once the idealists are the realists.

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