Tom Scott and Aramoana’s Long Shadow


From Tom Scott’s collection of cartoons, “Life in New Zealand“‘ – his take on the Aramoana massacre on 13 November 1990 where a crazed gunman shot and killed thirteen people.



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  1. Frank,

    This was so close to the truth today.

    Depictions do become real. his is proof of that.

  2. Amazing politicans in this country are so naive, and have let gun proliferation expand to the current levels.

    Evidently the NZ Police are shit scared of the Gangs here IN NZ ?

  3. Those that ignore history are bound to repeat the same mistakes.
    Funny how our own callous inaction to deal with this in 1990-91
    might have prevented the next massacre on March 15th is an indictment on our ” she’l be right ” attitude to commonsense measures and actions.
    The Aussies move like lightening in 1996 after Port Arthur but then they just get on with it when it is the right thing to do.
    We haven’t matured as a nation yet.

  4. White supremacy has always been here.
    The speeches of political leaders during the 19thC wars.
    The Liberals anti Chinese immigrant rhetoric under Seddon.
    All the way up to the mid 1970’s Dawn Raids and pro South Africa under current rhetoric.

    Once we exam and own this past then we will be able to find a way beyond, but not before.

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