MEDIA WATCH: Are we sure Leighton Smith isn’t a hoax?


More news that catastrophic climate change is upon us…

Alarming trends continue in latest UN climate report
Ocean temperatures reached a record high last year, extreme weather events are exacerbating world hunger, and the world is not on track to meet emissions reduction targets, a new report says.

…now right wing broadcaster and recreational pentecostal snake-handler, Leighton Smith, denies the climate is warming due to human pollution or that it is an existential threat to our species.

I deny that someone as stupid as Leighton Smith can exist, and I argue, are we sure Leighton Smith isn’t a hoax?

We know big oil has responded to climate change by embarking upon multi-million dollar misinformation campaign…

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Top oil firms spending millions lobbying to block climate change policies, says report
The largest five stock market listed oil and gas companies spend nearly $200m (£153m) a year lobbying to delay, control or block policies to tackle climate change, according to a new report.

Chevron, BP and ExxonMobil were the main companies leading the field in direct lobbying to push against a climate policy to tackle global warming, the report said.

…which leads me to wonder if Leighton Smith is actually a big oil manufactured disinformation myth? I’ve never seen him or met him or spoken to him, maybe he’s voiced by crisis actors and played by stunt doubles who appear at events and pretend to be him?

I say until  we can definitively prove that Leighton Smith exists, we should refuse to include him in a debate as pressing as global warming.


    • Martyn,

      Climate change exists alright, we all see it happening every month effects show change, but the naysayers are paid to say no, simple as that.

      It’s all about money.

  1. I think he is the front for sinister cabal of old white guys who make up about 80 percent of climate change deniers

    • Exactly, how on earth can a dinosaur make comment on the latest iPhone’

      Smith is that dinosaur. His thoughts should have been extinguished by a meteorite long ago. Leave the science for the scientists and the ex radio jocks for, well, not much else.

    • Don’t forget the old white ladies who regurgitate the voices of these old white men, having little ability to make there own mind up.
      I say this knowing how they operate. And it is not a direct attack on them, that is the way they were raised and lived their lives.
      Especially amongst the silent generation.

  2. Latent Smith is a joke; a nobody who was never anything other than an individual who liked to listen to his own voice when he droned on and on as a talk back host on a right wing radio station. He was so boring and his musings were so bizarre that his show should have been a comedy session except for the sad fact that he actually believed in his own nonsense.

    I guess his only worth was that he appealed to the old white man establishment which as an establishment can’t think for itself and needs reassurance that the world, according to its own distorted view, still exists in its favour.

  3. Smith’s real alright. Smith writes, “The hope is that New Zealanders may find this book as a compass in a storm,” on the back cover of Nelsons’s Amy Brooke’s book in which she writes of Islam, in a chapter entitled,

    “Accelerating our social disintegration: the threat from Islam” :

    ‘ What is to be done regarding these, including Islam’s attempts to …bring down the West’ ?

    Brooke subsequently endorses Philip Ayres saying,

    ‘We will not accept into our Western societies immigrants who…
    wish to alter the fundamentals of our societies in accordance with their religious preferences. Otherwise why did they come to the west? ‘

    Brooke exhorts, ‘…summon the courage to stand, to speak out,one way or another, to repudiate the flawed doctrines of multi-culturalism and bi-culturalism, insisting on assimilation as the only basis for a stable society’.

    I think Leighton Smith must have really staunch legs because it seemed to me that I was wading through knee-high mud when reading all this.

    Smith blurbed, ‘That Amy’s book will be attacked by the ‘progressives’ will only endorse how adrift they are’, sounds awfully like Amy herself, but I don’t know as I have never listened to the man. Maybe when I’m deaf.

    So, Leighton Smith must exist because he wrote stuff on the back of a book, which he may or may not have actually read, but that’s okay, as lots of media opine about things of which they know nothing, and after all, money’s money.

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